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Weekend Reads: The Road to Better Web Experiences, Death of SharePoint

Trying to get the most out of your web presence and your marketing automation platform? Our contributors have differing opinions on how to go about this; read and find out which path is best for your company.

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Contributor Irina Guseva (@irina_guseva) takes a step back to look at the overlap and divergences of Marketing Automation and Web Content Management Systems in her How to Get the Best of Both Worlds: Web CMS and Marketing Automation:

Some might argue that campaigns should be done from Web CMS, others will point you in the direction of a MA tool, or a Digital Marketing platform. Where they’re done will really depend on circumstances, but how they’re done is the first task you need to tackle."

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Once again throwing down the gauntlet, contributor Deb Lavoy(@deb_lavoy) challenges herself and her colleagues to face the facts in Collaboration Isn't Working: What We Have Here is a Chasm:

In the face of a mountain of evidence that something isn’t working as well as we hoped, is “try harder” a good strategy? Are we asking the hard questions of ourselves that could help us tell the difference?" 

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Wild speculation or prescience? You will have to find out for yourself by reading Chris Wright's (@partnerpulsePrediction: SharePoint Will Disappear Very Soon:

SharePoint is very much the glue in Office 365. It is the technology that ties everything together, that makes things work."

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