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WWDC Keynote Sees Apple's iOS Future Going Live

wwdc_logo.png Here we go then, another fun joyride through the highs (if you're a developer) and lows (if you expect magical-device unveiling miracles) of an Apple Keynote, with the expected focus on new features in OS X and iOS.

WWDC Keynote Updates

Latest updates at the top:

Looks like there is quite a rebellion going on over the Mac Pro Desktop line updates. Is this the end of the line for Apple-desktop based computers?

Anandtech has taken an in-depth look at the reina-equipped next gen MacBook Pro

Apple has now posted the keynote video on the Apple site.

And here's the new TV spot for the next-gen MacBook Pro:

And there you have it, pretty much every box ticked from the previews with lots of extra polish, as you'd expect from Apple. Beta out today for developers, time to bolt all those APIs into their apps in time for the next big launch.

Here comes Maps, the big feature of the day? Claimed to be a new solution (powered by TomTom data according to reports), with 3D and info cards to find out more about places. It will come with full navigation, traffic data and works with Siri (remember those car makers?) and from the lock screen.Turn-by-turn navigation looks smart, wonder what that'll do to sales of regular GPS nagivation apps?

Never get lost, never surrender!

Guided Access is an app that appeals to those in the video shown at the start of the keynote, it can help an iPhone or iPad become a useful tool for the autistic, those with learning problems, by limiting iOS functions to keep them on track.

New Passbook feature will store all your passes, boarding passes, loyalty cards, shopping coupons and other digital subscriber information in one place. From hotels to coffee shops, should make it easier to get around.

pass book.jpg
Passbook brings your digital tickets, coupons and passes together

VIP is a new option in your Mail app, allowing you to choose contacts that are really important. Like the Do Not Disturb feature, it will let their messages through when you're busy. You can also add images and video in the mail creation area.

New features when receiving calls, you can choose to respond to a call with a message, or get a reminder to call them back. Do Not Disturb mode will let you ignore unwanted distractions, while letting essential contacts remain in touch.

FaceTime now works over a cellular connection. The updated iOS Safari meshes with the new features seen in the OS X version (see below).

Finally, iOS 6.0 will integrate properly with Facebook, you can narrate your updates vita Siri, link events and calendars, and post things from apps and the web directly to the social network.

Finally, our first look at iOS 6.0, there are over 365 million iOS devices, with over 80% on iOS 5, Apple says. Among a herd of cool facts is that 47% of photos shared on Twitter come from iOS 5 devices.

Siri is the first feature to be new or improved. With more information resources, better understanding of questions, access to sports information, TV listings and so on. It can launch apps too! Questions about restaurants will be answered with OpenTable integration, allowing you to make reservations.

Many car makers including the likes of Audi, Toyota, GM, Mercedes, BMW, Honda will integrate Siri within the next year, allowing word-only access to the phone while driving. New languages being added, local search too, and it will work in full on the iPad.

That seems to be the excitement over. Back to more prosaic matters, there are now 66 million Mac users, OS X Lion is on 26 million machines, so around 40% are using the latest version. Mountain Lion will come with 200 new features, most of which have been seen before.

It comes with iCloud support, integrated reminders with iOS devices, with Messages, Reminders and Notes apps (which seems rather overkill). Apple is also bringing the iPad's Dictation app to OS X. A new Safari has an ultrafast JavaScript engine and iCloud tab support. Power Nap mode will update your Mac while it is in sleep mode.


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