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Latest Digital Asset Management News & Articles

DAM Lowdown: Updating Metadata, DAM on Server vs. Cloud, How to Maximize ROI, DAM Market Growth

The DAM Lowdown looks at how to define metadata for your media assets, how to decide whether DAM belongs on your server or in the cloud, five ways to maximize ROI with DAM, Harvard University's choice of DAM solution, the growing digital asset management market in India and a podcast interview with David Klee.

Video Blog: Updating Metadata in your Digital Asset Management System

Many organizations use a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to store all the various media assets used within marketing material and other applications. But putting your assets in a DAM system is the easy part, finding them can be harder if you don't have a strong taxonomy defined.

In this video blog post, I take you through the process of updating metadata in your DAM system to help find images easier.

Does Digital Asset Management Belong On Your Server or in the Cloud?

DAM_ES.jpg Digital asset management has traditionally been a premise-based solution, meaning the IT department is responsible for setting up and maintaining the hardware inside of their server room or data center. While the buzzword cloud is relatively new, the idea of letting someone else host parts of your company’s IT infrastructure is not. Hosted services have been around before the dot-com bubble, which almost everyone uses to run their websites or other IT applications. Cloud services typically differ from hosting services by using multiple computers instead of one to provide a specific service or application — in this case, Digital Asset Management.

DAM Lowdown: DAM Conferences, Video/Audio Search, New iPad Solution, Cloud Sharing

This week, the DAM Lowdown rounds up takeaways from the Digital Asset Management Conference Europe, a new solution for video and audio searches, Forrester's list of best practices, Razuna 1.4.7, Nuxeo World videos, choosing a DAM solution and a podcast interview with a DAM expert.

DAM Goes Mobile With North Plains iPad App

Toronto-based North Plains, LLC, announced an iPad app for the company's TeleScope, claiming it is the first digital asset management solution to market with a long-term mobile strategy. The new app brings tablets into the media workflow process, supporting the management of end-to-end digital asset lifecycle.  The company promises this will radically change the enterprise DAM landscape, and the iPad is just the beginning.

Forrester Releases Its Very Brief List of Digital Asset Management Best Practices

Forrester has released a new report that defines best practices for digital asset management (DAM). Surprisingly, Forrester was able to distill the behavior down to three practices. Before you get too excited at your chance to become a DAM expert in three easy steps, you might want to read this article.

DAM Lowdown: Upcoming Events, Duties of a DAM Administrator, DAM Stew

The DAM Lowdown returns with: The duties of a DAM Administrator, Upcoming Events, Introduction to Matroska and DAM Stew.

Dropbox for Teams Offers 1TB of Space, Centralized Administration, Single Billing

Dropbox has launched a service for enterprise and business users, Dropbox for Teams. The enterprise-grade cloud-based storage service offers a terabyte of space — perfect for exchanging big items like high-definition videos, encrypted State Department cables and even the kitchen sink.

DAM Lowdown: DAM as a Bridge, Myths About SharePoint, DAM Stew

The DAM Lowdown returns with CMSWire's very own Edward Smith, five myths about taxonomy and SharePoint, yet another update from Widen, a little bit of DAM Stew and more. 

Digital Asset Management: Bridging the Marketing and B2B Sales Groups

For most of the companies I’ve worked with, the Marketing Communications department is often the group to spearhead DAM within the organization. DAM is a no brainer for MarCom because staff benefits by quickly finding and reusing rich media for ads, graphic design, web, packaging and other communication projects. Some MarCom departments limit use of DAM to department staff only, but others further increase efficiency by enabling catalog access to the Sales Department.

DAM Lowdown: Latest from Widen, Box.Net Secures Funding, Daydream Offers Advice

The DAM Lowdown is back with: Latest News from Widen, Box.Net Secures Even More Funding, Taxonomies Grow in Popularity, Daydream Offers Advice on Choosing DAM Consultants, DAM Stew and the Twitter Shout-out of the Week.

DAM Lowdown: Amazon S3 Gets REST Encryption, Google Adds Native Client

The DAM Lowdown is back with: Henry Stewart Publications Calls for Articles, The Real Story Group Updates Its DAM/MAM Report, Amazon Announces Server-Side S3 REST Encryption, DAM Best Practices Everywhere, Google Adds Native Client to Chrome Beta, DAM Stew and the Return of the Twitter Shout-out of the Week.

DAM Lowdown: DAMMY Award Winners, Boosting Social Media With DAM, DAM Stew

The DAM Lowdown returns with: DAM Events, DAMMY Award Winners Announced, Widen Continues to Educate the Masses, How to Boost Social Media with DAM and DAM Stew.

5 Ways to Maximize Social Media Using Digital Asset Management

Is social taking precious time out of your already busy schedule?

DAM Lowdown: Canto Cumulus Meets E-Commerce, CNN Wins Award

The DAM Lowdown is back with news and notes from the digital asset management realm: New Partnerships for Dalet, New Educational Offerings from Widen, Canto Cumulus Meets E-Commerce, CNN Recognized at IBC2011, The Battle Between IT and End Users.

DAM Lowdown: Updates from Canto, Stock Keeper 1.0 Arrives, DAM Stew

The Labor Day holiday may have stretched into Labor Week for the DAM Lowdown, but have no fear. Everyone's favorite weekly digital asset management column returns with: Updates from Canto, Adds Video Support, SaaS is More Than a DAM Acronym, Web Content Management Sees a DAM Future, Stock Keeper 1.0 Arrives, and DAM Stew.

DAM Lowdown: How to Manage DAM Projects, Using DAM Workflow, DAM Stew

The DAM Lowdown returns with: 8 Steps to Successfully Managing DAM Projects, How to Use DAM Workflow, Wells Fargo Leverages Atempo Products to Kill Videotape, Two Unique Perspectives on Content Marketing and a fresh bowl of DAM Stew.

DAM Lowdown: DAMMY Award Nominees, IBC2011, Autonomy Acquisition Impact, DAM Stew

The DAM Lowdown is back with: DAMMY Award Nominees, IBC2011, The Impact of the Autonomy Acquisition and another helping of DAM Stew.

DAM Lowdown: Cloud Brokerage, Marketing Asset Management, DAM Stew

The DAM Lowdown returns with the latest in the world of digital asset management: Cloud Brokerage is Coming Soon, A Focus on Marketing Asset Management, DAM Events, DAM Stew and the Twitter Shout-out of the Week.

DAM Lowdown: Metadata Multiplied, Video as Documentation, More DAM Events

The DAM Lowdown is back with news and notes from the world of digital asset management: DAM Events, Adobe's Edge in DAM, Video as Project Documentation, The Relevance of Your DAM Tools, Metadata Everywhere and the debut of DAM Stew.