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Latest Digital Asset Management News & Articles

DAM Lowdown: Updates from Canto, Stock Keeper 1.0 Arrives, DAM Stew

The Labor Day holiday may have stretched into Labor Week for the DAM Lowdown, but have no fear. Everyone's favorite weekly digital asset management column returns with: Updates from Canto, Adds Video Support, SaaS is More Than a DAM Acronym, Web Content Management Sees a DAM Future, Stock Keeper 1.0 Arrives, and DAM Stew.

DAM Lowdown: How to Manage DAM Projects, Using DAM Workflow, DAM Stew

The DAM Lowdown returns with: 8 Steps to Successfully Managing DAM Projects, How to Use DAM Workflow, Wells Fargo Leverages Atempo Products to Kill Videotape, Two Unique Perspectives on Content Marketing and a fresh bowl of DAM Stew.

DAM Lowdown: DAMMY Award Nominees, IBC2011, Autonomy Acquisition Impact, DAM Stew

The DAM Lowdown is back with: DAMMY Award Nominees, IBC2011, The Impact of the Autonomy Acquisition and another helping of DAM Stew.

DAM Lowdown: Cloud Brokerage, Marketing Asset Management, DAM Stew

The DAM Lowdown returns with the latest in the world of digital asset management: Cloud Brokerage is Coming Soon, A Focus on Marketing Asset Management, DAM Events, DAM Stew and the Twitter Shout-out of the Week.

DAM Lowdown: Metadata Multiplied, Video as Documentation, More DAM Events

The DAM Lowdown is back with news and notes from the world of digital asset management: DAM Events, Adobe's Edge in DAM, Video as Project Documentation, The Relevance of Your DAM Tools, Metadata Everywhere and the debut of DAM Stew.

DAM Lowdown: Fire Sale on Kodak Patents, DAM Best Practices, More DAM Events

The DAM Lowdown returns with the following news and notes from the world of digital asset management: DAM Events, Survey Results for 2010 of DAM Best Practices, Revenues Rising for Media Storage Systems, DAM Resources from Widen, Kodak Looks to Sell 1000 Digital Imaging Patents, and Quick Hits.

DAM Lowdown: Createasphere Returns to New York, Drupal Gets a DAM Module

The DAM Lowdown needed two extra days to compile all the news from a busy week in the digital asset management world. This week we have: Createasphere Returns to New York, Extensis Unveils Portfolio Server 10, DPCI Releases EMBridge Module for Drupal, MediaValet Displayed at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Altus365 Launches Cloud-based Searchable Rich Media Platform, Knoodle Upgrades Its Social Learning Platform, Quick Hits and the Twitter Shoutout of the Week.

Altus365's Cloud Based Searchable Rich Media Platform, Take Advantage of your Videos

altus365_logo_2011.jpg Rich media is becoming an integral component of everything we do. It's used in sales presentations, conference presentations, websites, web conferences, training and more. That these assets are used everywhere is great, but it also causes issues related to searching, aggregation and just plain trying to find the information we need that may be located within it. Altus365 has the platform to help.

Knoodle Enhances Social Learning Platform With Dynamic Collaborative Functionality

Knoodle Enhances Social Learning Platform With Dynamic Collaborative FunctionalityAs companies grow and mobile workforces expand, opportunities for training and professional development can be challenging to coordinate and provide, not to mention tedious. Thanks to Knoodle, learning activities can be both accessible and social.

DAM Lowdown: Final Cut Server Gets Sunset, Changes for MyVault, Progress for NetXposure

After a well-deserved holiday, the DAM Lowdown is back with: Changes Across the Board for MyVault, Final Cut Server Says Goodbye, A New Version and Partnership for NetXposure, More DAM Events and Quick Hits.

DAM Lowdown: New Releases from Razuna, 360Works; Useful Blog Posts, More DAM Events

The DAM Lowdown is back with: New Versions of Razuna and DocuBin, Justifying ROI in DAM, a Look at Personal Digital Asset Management, More DAM Events and Quick Hits.

DAM Lowdown: DAM NY 2011, North Plains Upgrades TeleScope, New Widen Whitepaper

The DAM Lowdown returns this week with: Multiple Reports from the DAM NY 2011 Conference, an Update to the TeleScope DAM Platform from North Plains, a New Whitepaper from Widen and a New Web Module from Modula4 for Canto Cumulus.

Live From New York - Key Factors in Enterprise DAM Selection #damny

Theresa Regli, principal at The Real Story Group, spoke here at the Henry Stewart DAM event in New York, providing her in-depth insight to help companies get more out of their Digital Asset Management (DAM) initiatives. Her speech was engaging and enlightening, and provided a thorough analysis regarding the current challenges implementing an enterprise DAM strategy.

Comcast's Richard Buchanan Kicks Off Henry Stewart DAM NY #damny

Richard Buchanan, vice president of Comcast, kicked off the Henry Stewart DAM Conference (DAMNY) with a keynote speech about the changing environment of video on demand — one of Comcast's prime area of focus.

North Plains Sees DAM Ecosystems with TeleScope

North Plains Sees DAM Ecosystems with TeleScopeEric Raymond once used the metaphor of the cathedral and the bazaar to describe closed source software versus open source software. Who would have thought that one day you could apply the same metaphor to the modern-day marketing department?

DAM Lowdown: Celum News, KIT Digital News, More WCM/DAM Convergence, Quick Hits

The Memorial Day holiday here in the States stretched into a week for the DAM Lowdown, but have no fear. We are back with: Two News Items Apiece for DAM Lowdown Regulars celum and KIT Digital, an Update to the DAM Vendor Tracking Spreadsheet, an Introduction to XMP, the Lines Between WCM and DAM Continue to Blur and Quick Hits.

Extensis Updates Universal Type Server Font Manager to Prevent Violation Issues

Extensis_logo_2010.jpg If you don't know where your fonts are being used, and fonts are part of your intellectual property, then you are in the market for the latest version of Universal Type Server.

SeeFile 5.0 Offers Browser-Based DAM for Photographers

seefile_logo_2011.jpgSeeFile offers digital photographers or artists a lightweight service to help manage and market their photos and images.

DAM Lowdown: DAM Conference in New York, Tape Stock Shortage Survey Results, Quick Hits

After celebrating Memorial Day a little too early and too often, the DAM Lowdown arrives with: an Agenda for Henry Stewart's DAM NY, Consolidated Graphics' Debut of WorkSmart Suite, a Handbook for Image Metadata, Some Alarming Results from a Survey on Tape Stock Availability and Quick Hits.

Granicus Advances Government Transparency with Daystar

Granicus Advances Government Transparency with Daystar Granicus (news, site) announced the acquisition of Daystar Computer Systems this week, resulting in the combination of cloud-based government transparency tools and agenda management products. Together, the companies hope to boost innovation and enrich transparency, legislative workflows, and citizen collaboration.