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Latest Digital Asset Management News & Articles

Digital Asset Reuse: Making Assets Work Harder with Metadata and Taxonomy

With ever shrinking budgets, many organizations are finding digital asset reuse a growing organization imperative. Effective use of metadata and taxonomies in the context of a DAM solution can facilitate great reuse patterns. Here's a start down that path.

ADAM Secures Capital to Continue Development of DAM Solutions

ADAM Secures Capital to Continue Development of DAM SolutionsADAM (news, site) raises private capital to expand its growth and develop new markets, including the opening of a US office.

What's the Business Value of a DAM Solution?

What's the chance that your digital assets — images, videos, music, etc. — are spread across multiple desktops, file shares, websites and more? If you are in this situation then you are at best likely duplicating your assets and at worst losing them.

A modern digital asset management strategy is becoming increasingly essential. But it's not as simple as going out and picking the first DAM product you see. Things you need to consider include:

  • Building a business case
  • The role of taxonomy and metadata
  • If you need a marketing resource management system (a specialized flavor of DAM)

Once you define your strategy and your needs, you must to examine the DAM market closely to see what tools and technologies are appropriate.

If this sounds like just your can of worms, then the upcoming (and free) Digital Asset Management Jumpstart series from Earley and Associates can help. Starting tomorrow January 14, this series will provide you with some key info and tools needed for an intelligent approach to DAM.

There are 4 webinars in the series with the fourth being a CMS Watch review of DAM software options. You can sign up here, just in time for part one tomorrow afternoon.

6 Things to Consider When Selecting A Digital Asset Management Solution

Becoming aware of an issue is one thing. Choosing a solution is another. Once you're aware of how crucial Digital Asset Management, or DAM, is to your organization, you have the fun of trying to sort out which software offerings on the market really are DAM solutions and which suit your particular needs.

Digital Asset Management Defined

You can't afford to ignore the issue of Digital Asset Management, or DAM. It's more than a fun acronym. Solid DAM can make your business more efficient. Poor DAM can result in waste, confusion and many lost opportunities.

WoodWing Adds DAM Capabilities to Web Publishing

WoodWing Publishing System Adds DAM Capabilities via Integration

Some web publishing and content management vendors choose to develop their native DAM products, others acquire DAM companies, and some choose to integrate.

WoodWing Software (news, site) followed the latter path and partnered with celum to add some Digital Asset Management capabilities to its web publishing platform Content Station.

MediaBeacon Uses Google Web Toolkit to Enhance Rich Media Solution

mediabeacon_logo.jpg Many of us these days are Google lovers, including MediaBeacon (news, site), who just announced that the next release of their Digital Asset Management suite will utilize the latest version of the Google Web Toolkit.

The Google Web Toolkit aims to do handy things like make it easier for developers to build faster apps and to speed up the overall development cycle. For MediaBeacon, the incorporation aims at four specific areas:

  • User Experience: This one is stock. With the kit customers to change their environments in a reported 30 minutes.
  • Portability: Thanks to Google's popularity, the solution will be supported by all major operating systems and internet browers.
  • Open and Easy: MediaBeacon customer can now plug-and-play into a widget environment. For example, a user can now add Google Docs as a widget into a MediaBeacon environment.
  • Scalability: MediaBeacon reports better server scalability and network efficiencies because of how Google Web Toolkit serves up the widgets in a client's workspace.

"Google Web Tooklit radically improves the web experience for users by allowing developers to create exactly what MediaBeacon has done in the next release of their product," said Andrew Bowers, Product Manager for GWT for Google. "We are pleased about MediaBeacon using our web framework in an enterprise solution with such a rich user experience."

MediaBeacon DAM 3.0 is scheduled to ship at the end of this year, but if you're dying to get more information before then, hit up the webcast about the implementation on December 17th.

Nuxeo Enters Open Source Digital Asset Management Market


Open source Enterprise CMS provider Nuxeo (news, site) continues to grow its product suite by adding DAM (Digital Asset Management) to the existing ECM and DM (Document Management) capabilities.

This announcement came out at the just wrapped Gilbane Boston conference (see our coverage here, check Twitter activity).

Equilibrium Automates Media Related Tasks in Extensis Portfolio

Equilibrium MediaRich Provides Automated Media Workflows to ExtensisEquilibrium (news, site), a digital asset and media manager, has introduced MediaRich for Extensis Portfolio NetMediaMAX. Through a strategic technology partnership with Extensis, Extensis will integrate Equilibrium’s MediaRich into the release of Extensis Portfolio Server and associated products.

ADAM 4.5: Focus on Interoperability, Developer Support

ADAM 4.5: Focus on Interoperability, Developer SupportThe latest edition of ADAM Software's (news, site) digital asset management suite aims to remove the drudgery of managing assets and improve how it plays with other software.

SalesForce Adds Unlimited Document Management with S-Drive

SalesForce Adds Unlimited Document Management with S-Drive Competition to provide document management in the cloud is always fairly stiff, but with the addition of CyanGate’s S-Dive to’s (news, site) AppExchange, it’s likely to get even stiffer.

What this new partnership will do is to give companies that sign up for a single company account with AppExchange unlimited space in the Amazon cloud to store content of any kind and share it by simply downloading it from within the platform.

Reality Digital Shines Its Spotlight on Video Distribution

Reality Digital Shines its Spotlight on Video DistributionOffering a white-label service to video content publishers, now any business can get on-board the online video train thanks to Reality Digital's (news, site) Spotlight.

ADAM Beefs Up DAM Management Team in Response High Growth

 	  ADAM Software Beefs Up DAM Management Team in Response High GrowthDigital Asset Management expert ADAM Software (news, site), who has enjoyed major growth recently, adds further expertise to help into move into new markets and marketplaces.

MediaBeacon Hires Ex IBMer as VP Marketing and Business Development

mediabeacon_logo.jpgEnterprise MediaBeacon does digital asset management and distribution in a big way but is looking to keep expanding with the addition of a new Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

MediaBeacon has been doing DAM for ages but that hasn't stopped the company from looking to keep innovating. To that end, it has hired Tom Rieger, ex-IBM, Informix and FileNet director with years of business development experience to take up the reins and move things along.

He says, “I look forward to shaping a dynamic and aggressive enterprise software marketing function to successfully build a brand and market presence to advance the company's revenue growth strategies and to expand market share throughout the world.”

With MediaBeacon Enterprise DAM already 15 years in the market and a SaaS version (hosted or on-site), it will be interesting to see what Rieger comes up with to push the company forward. 

Given the number of up and coming DAM outfits, such as Tradeclips and DAM solutions like Equilibrium for SharePoint, Rieger may have his work cut out for him.

Soft Xpansion's Print to Document 7.2 Supports Windows 7

soft Xpansion's Print to Document 7.2 Supports Windows 7 Windows 7 is now compatible with Soft Xpansion's (news, site) Print to Document SDK, the company's technology that allows the installation of virtual printers. "Virtual" because they don't exist and, because they don't exist, don't actually print anything.

WebNative DAM Updated, Adds New GUI, Enhanced Workflow and Video Support

WebNative DAM Suite Updated, Adds New GUI, Enhanced Workflow and Video Support The folks at Xinet have been busy. They have announced the simultaneous release of their WebNative Suite 16.0 and the 3.0 version of their Video support module. The developers behind the popular DAM products have been listening intently to their clients. The new releases address a laundry list of requested features and concerns raised on their forums, and in the technical press.

Meaning, DAM Meaning, Statistics and ROI

In this guest article Widen Enterprises CEO, Matthew Gonnering, argues that customers have a lot to learn from (and demand of) SaaS software vendors.

SaaS providers have access to metrics that validate current Digital Asset Management (DAM) strategies in addition to identifying areas for increasing the return on the investment in the technology. If you're not getting this data or if you've not being paying attention to it, it's time to sit up in your chair.

Canto Cumulus 8.0.2: Digital Asset Management for All

Canto Cumulus 8.0.2: Digital Asset Management for All Canto, a digital asset management solutions provider that operates out of both San Francisco and Berlin, released the second scheduled update to their Cumulus 8 product line as promised.

Canto Cumulus is a cross-platform that enables users to organize and track their digital files. Arguably the coolest part of Canto 8.0.2, the newest version, is its compatibility with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the forthcoming Microsoft Windows 7.

Cloud Based Video Asset Management and Syndication

studionowlogo_2009.jpgContent to syndication service StudioNow takes its video system to the cloud to offer companies a complete package for selling video online.

Day's Customer Summit to Ignite in Europe and US

Day's Customer Summit to Ignite in Europe and U.S.

Day's customer? Evaluating Day CQ5 CMS? CMS geek generally curious about the present and the future of web content management? Check out Day’s (news, site) Ignite 2009 customer summit scheduled to take place in Zürich (October 14-15, 2009) and Chicago (October 28-29, 2009).

Day’s plan for this event is, mainly, to share strategies and customer stories around CQ5 Web CMS that was released in November 2008. CQ5.2 that came out earlier this year included new DAM and Social Collaboration features.

There are several tracks planned at the summit, including business and technical. The business track is focused on CMS project objectives, CQ5 selection and criteria, and CQ5 business results. In the technical track, attendees will look into CMS project objectives and implementation plan, CQ5 deployment details, and lessons learned in best leveraging Day’s CQ5.

Very often, it’s best to get right into the vendor’s camp if you want to get more insight into what’s going on with the company and where it is going. While, as we reported, Day has had many good days lately, nothing beats a chance of being able to talk to the actual customer who had already put a check mark next to that line that says “CMS implementation.” Getting direct access to Day’s management and technical teams wouldn’t hurt either.

A bit of gazing into the crystal ball is also on the menu with one of Gartner’s analysts leading a discussion on where Day and the content management industry are headed in 2010.

Don't miss:

  • Unveiling of CRX 2.0: the JCR 2.0 (JSR-283) content repository

  • Day's 2010 roadmap

Cherry on top: Day’s CTO David Nüscheler will give a sneak peek of the upcoming CQ5.3. Now, that should be interesting.