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Latest Digital Asset Management News & Articles

Brightcove Gets $12M in Funding, Plans EMEA Expansion


Brightcove (news, site) is the latest company looking across the Atlantic as it secures further investment for expansion of its online video management service.

ADAM Releases New Web CMS Studio, Workflow Solutions

ADAM Releases New Web CMS Studio, Workflow SolutionsADAM Software (news, site), with help from Belgian partner Stylelabs, unveils its CMS Studio for templated, modular design and third-party support for existing code or information.

Cumulus Sites DAM Manager Helps Get Digital Assets to the Web

canto_logo_2010.jpgCanto's (news, site) new Cumulus Sites DAM manager helps companies get their assets to specific people, groups or the whole world, quickly and efficiently.

Nuxeo Reports Growth, Plans Big for Open Source ECM in 2010


Nuxeo (news, site) has rounded up 2009 with reports of triple-digit growth in revenue and subscriber base numbers, as well as a look at how the open source Enterprise CMS vendor plans to tackle the overcrowded and mature ECM market.

Virtual Moment Rebrands as WebDAM, Focuses on DAM

WebDAM_logo_2010.jpg Maybe it’s because of the growing popularity of SaaS, but Virtual Moment, LLC has announced that it is changing its ‘Doing Business As. . ‘(DBA) name from Spitfire Photo Pro to WebDAM, and said it will concentrate its resources on SaaS digital asset management (DAM).

Escenic Community Engine Goes RESTful, Adds Dashboard

Escenic Community Engine 3.3-1 Goes RESTful, Adds Dashboard

Offering web publishing and strategic content management, Escenic packs in 140 fixes and improvements into its latest updates of Escenic Community Engine 3.3-1 platform.

Open Text to Cash Out CDN $35 Million for Nstein

open text_logo_2009.jpg

Hey, look, it took no time at all. As we predicted a little while ago, Open Text (news, site) is getting ready to make yet another acquisition in the Web CMS space.

This time around, it’s their Canadian neighbor Nstein Technologies Inc. (news, site) — the makers of TME (Text Mining Engine). Data mining and analysis, and not necessarily WCM or DAM, is likely the main focus of this deal.

Poll Results: Usability is Top Digital Asset Management (DAM) Challenge

We recently wrapped up a poll exploring our readership's Digital Asset Management challenges. The question was: What's your biggest Digital Asset Management challenge? The top response? Usability. Are you surprised?

We discussed the poll results with a few DAM specialists, including CMS Watch analyst Theresa Regli. Here are the highlights and take-aways.

SAP Teams with Open Text for Digital Asset Management (DAM)

SAP to Resell Open Text Digital Asset ManagementAnd for the third course, SAP will also be serving Open Text’s (news, site) Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. Announced today, SAP and OTEX enter the third wave of the existing 20-year-long relationship by offering DAM as part of the global reseller agreement.

EMC Replaces their WCM with FatWire's Web Experience Management

EMCFatWire_logo.jpg EMC (news, site) says they can't own and be experts in everything, so strategic partners are a critical element to their business strategy. Which is why EMC has just announced a strategic partnership that will see the replacement of their WCM capabilities with FatWire's Web Experience Management platform. Of course, FatWire (news, site) customers get a little something too.

The 6 Hidden Costs of Running a DAM System

Paul Boag wrote an article a while back entitled "The 5 hidden costs of running a CMS" over on Vitamin/Carsonified and I really thought it was a useful item to ponder over as a CMS user. Then I thought, "This totally applies to digital asset management software as well, somebody should write up the same thing for DAM." So here goes (with all due respect to Mr. Boag).

Nuxeo DAM Goes GA, Touts CMIS Compliance

Nuxeo DAM Goes GA, Touts CMIS Compliance

As promised late last year, and after weeks of public beta, Nuxeo (news, site) has released the GA version of its new Digital Asset Management (DAM) product.

In addition to extensible architecture and a decent feature set, one of the main selling points seems to be Nuxeo DAM’s compliance with the CMIS spec.

Day CQ 5.3 Aims to Brighten the Days of Techies and Marketers Alike

Day Software CQ 5.3

Continuing to build up on the bright developments that we saw in CQ 5.1 and 5.2, Day Software (news, site) released the newest version of their Communiqué Web CMS/DAM/Social Collaboration product.

Day’s CTO David Nüscheler and CMO Kevin Cochrane gave us a tour of the top new features in CQ 5.3.

Poll: What's Your Biggest Digital Asset Management Challenge?

The topic of digital asset management (DAM) is increasingly coming to the foreground as we information age types make greater use of video, images and audio. The use of digital assets on our websites opens the door to a larger, more engaged audience. But it also causes some trouble, if the related systems are not managed well.

Are you struggling with a DAM system, or in the process of selecting and implementing one? Tell us what your most pressing challenge currently is.

Nuxeo Adds SaaS Visual Developer Tools to Enterprise CMS

Nuxeo Enhances Support and Maintenance ValueOpen source Enterprise CMS and Document Management vendor Nuxeo (news, site) is extending the value of its Nuxeo Connect support and maintenance service with a new product named Nuxeo Studio.

EU CMS Vendor VYRE Shines - Record Revenues in 2009

VYRE Breaks Revenue Records for 2009London-based Content management platform vendor, VYRE (news, site), has continued its run, producing record figures in 2009. The company offers a solution which blends  content management, digital asset management and marketing operations. Here are the crisis defying details.

Effective DAM Process Integration Requires Smart Metadata

Most of us apply various forms of metadata when we create or manage content. This metadata helps make our brilliant creations findable. But text-based content has life easy — search engines can also accurately index it. So findability is not so big of a challenge for text assets and parsable documents.

But the content we manage is not all text-based or parsable. We use a lot of opaque assets like video, audio and images. Indexing technologies cannot (yet) effectively crawl these items directly — they must rely on the explicit application of metadata in order to derive the semantics and context which make the assets findable.

Choosing a great DAM solution is fine, but it's not going to solve all your findability and reuse problems. Thoughtful taxonomy development and the practical application of metadata is critical for such success. Towards this end, Earley & Associates are holding a free webinar — part of their Digital Asset Management Jumpstart Series — this Thursday.

Running on January 28 at 2pm ET the Practical Asset Reuse – The Role of Taxonomy and Metadata webinar will walk you through the ins and outs of taxonomies and metadata for digital assets. Stephanie Lemieux, Taxonomy Practice Lead at Earley and Associates and Diane Burley, Industry Specialist working with Nstein Technologies are two of the speakers in this session.

If making DAM work better is a priority in your organization, then head on over and register now.

Nuxeo Updates Its Apache Chemistry CMIS Implementation

Nuxeo Updates Its Apache Chemistry CMIS Implementation

Apache Chemistry (we introduced you to some time ago) is progressing under the watchful eye of Enterprise CMS vendor Nuxeo (news, site) and other contributors. The latest news — updated Nuxeo Chemistry bindings to allow for better support for CMIS.

Digital Asset Reuse: Making Assets Work Harder with Metadata and Taxonomy

With ever shrinking budgets, many organizations are finding digital asset reuse a growing organization imperative. Effective use of metadata and taxonomies in the context of a DAM solution can facilitate great reuse patterns. Here's a start down that path.

ADAM Secures Capital to Continue Development of DAM Solutions

ADAM Secures Capital to Continue Development of DAM SolutionsADAM (news, site) raises private capital to expand its growth and develop new markets, including the opening of a US office.