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Latest Digital Asset Management News & Articles

DAM Lowdown: DAM Words, TACTIC for Mac, Shakespeare Didn't Know DAM

It’s been yet another DAM week, and, in recent digital asset management news: DAM glossary, the DAM Value Chain, Windows Azure to the rescue, Shakespeare didn’t know DAM and TACTIC for Mac.

Where is your DAM Glossary?

I have heard Digital Asset Management (DAM) vendors use a lot of words to describe their technology, their components, those configurations, the possible customizations and the variable functionality of their systems. What some DAM vendors are lacking when they use these exciting (and sometimes confusing) words is a concise, glossary of terms. In writing.

DAM Lowdown: Razuna's Watermarks, Amazon's Transcoding, Museums Think 'DAM?'

DAM, this year is already 8% over, so there’s no time to waste. In recent digital asset management news — Razuna offers watermarks, Amazon goes transcoding, museums could be thinking DAM convergence and NetXposure exposes version 6.2. 

The Digital Asset Management Value Chain

This time of year is often a popular period for prospective and existing Digital Asset Management users to consider investing in a new system. Anyone who is faced with this task has a bewildering array of choices with hundreds of vendors across a whole spectrum of functionality and significant overlap between them. DAM software is getting ever more versatile and with increased sophistication comes greater complexity for buyers when it comes to comparing options.

Microsoft Releases Windows Azure Media Services - Development Platform for Video

More cloud-goodness from Microsoft, which has just announced the immediate and general availability of Windows Azure Media Services. Enterprises that don’t have the resources, or even the will to build on-demand video without having to invest in, or extend their existing infrastructure can now turn to this service to do the heavy work.

DAM Lowdown: Sizzlepig Reaches Out to the Enterprise, GLOBALedit Speeds Up with JPEGmini

It’s DAM cold here in the East. Fortunately, we have had some hot digital asset management news in the past week — sizzlepigging, intern rules, GLOBALedit goes high quality and the DAM night club.

DAM Interns: More Ground Rules

In the first part of this series "Where Can I find a Digital Asset Management Intern?" we looked at not only where you could find an intern but also what the intern can do for your organization and ground rules for having an intern. In this post we'll continue to look at the ground rules — there are many. 

DAM Lowdown: WoodWing Releases, Simian Updates, Is DAM For You

It’s a DAM New Year. In recent digital asset management news, WoodWing and Simian update, reasons to avoid DAM systems, a metadata briefer, DAM interns and salary ranking.

Here Comes an Improved Elvis - DAM! (Seriously, from WoodWing)

A new Elvis has left the building as WoodWing Software, which purchased the Elvis Digital Asset Management (DAM) software in October, has released its first update.

Make the Most of Metadata: Take Control of Access to Your Assets

These are good times for metadata. In fact, these are great times.

5 Good Reasons to Avoid DAM Software

I’ve worked in Digital Asset Management software marketing for more than 14 years. In that time, while I’ve been doing everything I can to shine a light on the benefits of DAM, I’ve heard DAM naysayers make convincing arguments to the contrary. Below are the five best arguments against DAM that I’ve ever heard.

Where Can I Find a Digital Asset Management Intern?

Someone recently asked me again about finding some DAM interns. I have received repeated emails asking where organizations can find Digital Asset Management (DAM) interns for a while now, so here is my answer in the form of a blog post openly shared with all.

A Look Back at Digital Asset Management in 2012

DAM, what a year.

CMSWire's Top Contributors 2012 - Edward Smith

If you want to make Edward Smith's day, ask him about digital asset management. No, really. He takes great pleasure in educating the unknowing masses on the hows, whats and whys of DAM when he's not busy writing poetic tributes. Find out what else Ed has to say about his field. 

In 2013 I Wish ...


I see 2013 as the year of adaptability for DAM, and by that I mean systems that easily adapt to IT environments as well as user needs.
DAM needs to seamlessly share information with other business systems and provide users the files and information they need as soon as they need it — even if they’re working in an application separate from the actual DAM system. DAM should adapt on the fly to meet user and business needs, not the other way around. — Edward Smith, Editor of DAM Learning Center and Product Marketing Manager at Extensis

The Twelve Days of a DAM/MAM Christmas

partridge_peartree_shutterstock_86038096.jpgOn the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,

  • Twelve workflow diagrams drumming
  • Eleven copyright lawyers piping
  • Ten change management requests a-leaping
  • Nine metadata fields dancing
  • Eight user-experience scenarios a-milking the design team
  • Seven servers crashing … again
  • Six search strings a-laying
  • Five golden file formats … if only
  • Four calling vendors with proposed solutions
  • Three integration plans that work (ho ho ho)
  • Two turtle dove taxonomies
  • And a DAM solution that works in our company!

Image courtesy of alison1414 (Shutterstock)

DAM Lowdown: North Plains & FocusOPEN Update, Widen & ConceptShare Integrate

It’s the last DAM Lowdown of the year. And, in digital asset management news before the ball drops, North Plains and FocusOPEN update, the DAM Survival Guide goes free, WebDAM looks for partners, Widen and ConceptShare get together, and there are DAM changes a-happening. 

REVIEW: Free DAM Survival Guide Provides Intro for Organizations

Digital asset management, according to David Diamond’s DAM Survival Guide, is “like dental floss.” If you use it every day, the “long-term benefits are significant,” even though both are inconvenient, tedious and do not display their benefits immediately. 

WebDAM Adds Network for Referral, Technology and Reseller Partners

Digital asset management provider WebDAM is launching a Partner Network with three flavors — Referral, Technology and Reseller Partners.

Widen Integrates with ConceptShare, Offers DAM Creative Markup & Review Tools

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software company, Widen has integrated with ConceptShare to make DAM software a more collaborative tool.