Just like a subway train in Singapore, the DAM Lowdown arrives on time this week with: Enterprise Demand for DAM Solutions Driving Growth at ADAM Software, Nuxeo's DAM Platform Gets an Upgrade to Version 1.3, 13 Cost Areas of DAM Systems, EMC and Box.net Announce Partnership and Quick Hits.

Enterprise Demand Drives Growth at ADAM Software

As the complexity of managing digital assets goes up for enterprise customers, so too does the amount of revenue that ADAM Software (news, site) brings in the door. How much revenue are we talking about? Try 72% annual growth over the past two years.

How would you like a few more numbers?

  • In 2010, ADAM Software increased its turnover to US$ 6.1 million from US$ 4.0 million in 2009, and revenue has risen 3x since 2008.
  • Profitability grew by 175% year on year to over US$ 1.0 million EBITDA in 2010 -- representing over 16% of turnover.
  • Reference customers include companies such as Stanley, Microsoft, Eidos, LEGO and adidas -- okay, those aren't numbers but they are impressive nonetheless.

What is ADAM Software going to do with all this money? The short and near-term answer is to grow the team. ADAM Software will recruit 18 people in 2011 with a focus on quality assurance and business development.

You can add ADAM Software to the growing list of DAM software companies to watch.

Nuxeo Revs DAM Platform to 1.3

The R&D group at Nuxeo (news, site) -- everyone's favorite open source ECM vendor that's not Alfresco --  released an update to the Nuxeo DAM platform last week. Along with the obligatory bug fixes and stability updates, there are three key enhancements in this version:

  1. An Installation Wizard -- We are nothing if not creatures of habit, and when we install a piece of software, we want to see a wizard. Nuxeo obliges this innate desire while command-line cowboys shake their head at the point-and-click masses. But enough drama. The newly added installation wizard for Nuxeo DAM helps administrators configure often-used parameters such as database and email while offering the ability to sign up for Nuxeo Connect.
  2. A Java Based Launcher with Embedded Shell -- To go along with the fancy new installer wizard, there is a now a controller GUI that gives administrators the ability to start and stop the server, monitor server log files and gain access to the "Automation Shell."
  3. A Shared Repository -- Gone are the days when a user has to have one repository for Nuxeo document management and a separate repository for Nuxeo digital asset management. With Nuxeo DAM 1.3, users can now set up one repository and share it for documents and digital assets -- I wonder why it mattered in previous versions?

Enough words, here's a screencast of the new platform:

Interested in more?

13 Cost Areas of DAM Systems

Following up last week's debut in the DAM Lowdown, North Plains's Joshua Duhl posts on the DAM Insider Blog about the "The 13 Areas of Cost for a DAM System." I will post just the 13 cost areas here, but I encourage you to read the piece for yourself because Duhl covers each point in detail along with providing context about the genesis of the list.