Someone recently asked me again about finding some DAM interns. I have received repeated emails asking where organizations can find Digital Asset Management (DAM) interns for a while now, so here is my answer in the form of a blog post openly shared with all.

First, let us look at the question from the organization's perspective. An organization wants an intern (or a few) to help them do some work with their DAM.

What will the intern do for your organization specifically?


An organization commonly wants an intern to upload assets and/or apply metadata to those assets in their DAM. Sometimes, an employer wants interns to do the work they do not want to do.

On occasion, interns may do the work the organization does not know how to do themselves, but that is rare (good luck guiding the intern to do that and still understand what they are doing... good or otherwise for the organization. Note the switch in roles of teacher and student).

The organization may also need someone to organize, sort and structure their folders and files.

This could involve working on a taxonomy and expanding it. We need to understand the needs of the organization to find who best fits this situation. An intern is an intern is an intern, right?

Not really. If a marketing department of an organization needs some help managing information and metadata with some files, that does not call for another marketing intern. Why? That it is not their core competency. What is the competency of the intern? Hopefully, you are seeking an intern that is more than just a pair of hands and eyes to the organization.

Ground Rules for having an intern

It seems important to set some ground rules when getting an intern to work with you -- some of these rules may seem the opposite of what you think, depending on what your expectations are and what you have heard of about interns in the past.