2014-15-July-Ace-Frehly-Platforms.jpgThink of how many ways a customer can interact with a company with just one mobile device. Text messages, phone calls, social channels, web browsing, e-commerce -- the list goes on. Whether phones, tablets, wearables, connected devices, etc., each offers an opportunity to deliver an experience based on the context.

The need for consistent experiences across these digital mediums leads to opportunities and challenges in delivering a consistent, seamless and compelling user experience across channels.

Digital transformation is about identifying the opportunities that these digital mediums offer for sales or service delivery in a well-orchestrated manner. This enables the user to naturally progress from one stage to the next, whether that transition is between digital mediums, between home and store or between self-service to rep-assisted service, without having to compromise on the experience at any stage of the transaction.

Why Digital Transformation?

Five factors are driving the push for companies to transform: