2014-23-July-Kevin-Spacey.jpgOn June 25, Aereo lost a huge battle in the Supreme Court which pitted established broadcast networks against the online streaming start-up.

A quick recap: Aereo is a company that lets consumers stream live TV over the internet. The Supreme Court shut them down for copyright infringement, saying Aereo antennas were redistributing private content without permission. The media is calling it the death of technological innovation in the television industry.

But here’s the thing: they're wrong.

Take a look at Netflix, which provides subscribers on-demand, commercial free access to an enormous database of content (TV shows, movies, documentaries, you name it). Netflix seized an opportunity to innovate in a changing industry -- and it’s working. Netflix reported 31.7 million US subscribers at the end of 2013, a major jump from its 27.1 million in 2012. And last year, the Netflix series “House of Cards” earned itself an Emmy and made history as the first online program to be recognized among network and cable dramas.

What’s the point? Digital is changing the media and entertainment industry, and those who are able to evolve (like Netflix) are emerging as winners. Companies in every industry can learn some important lessons from the failures and successes of companies navigating digital disruption in entertainment.

Prepare for the Masses

More than half of Americans watch streaming video on a weekly basis. Just this past month, the World Cup broke all kinds of records for online streaming, even causing ESPN to crash due to the massive influx in traffic. LeBron James’s recent exclusive announcement on SI.com overwhelmed the internet. Paul Fichtenbaum, sports group editor for Time Inc. told USA Today: “I’ve never seen a spike like that in the 10 years I’ve been attached to the website.” The announcement was a surprise, and most sites buckled under the traffic -- including Lebron James’s personal site.

The lesson? Flawless scalability is essential for any website -- a breaking news story might bring the world to your site. This new generation of digital-first consumers are highly active online, whether it’s watching TV, following breaking news or interacting with your brand.