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Comindware Automates, Centralizes Multiple Workflow Processes with Tracker

Collaborative task management software provider Comindware is now offering Tracker, a solution designed to coordinate, automate and track multiple processes from multiple workflows in a unified manner.

Google Drive Releases Real Time Collaborative API

The Google Drive cloud storage service now offers a real-time API designed to allow developers to place Google Drive’s real-time collaboration capabilities into their apps. These capabilities include network communication, storage, presence and conflict resolution.

Accellion Creates Secure Mobile Workflow for Enterprise Content Management Systems

Mobile file sharing technology provider Accellion is extending its kitepoint external file sharing tool to provide mobile users with secure access to content in enterprise content management (ECM) systems.

Syncplicity Introduces Enterprise Edition - Good for the User, Good for IT

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) managers typically struggle between two important imperatives — delighting users and keeping corporate information assets safe and in compliance. Trying to do both at the same time has proven to be a frustrating experience, especially in a world where more and more work is being done collaboratively from anywhere, at any time, via any one of many devices (be they iPads, iPhones, tablets or Droids…). 

Document Mgt Roll-up: SpringCM Secures Mobile Content, Alfresco Outlines Hybrid Strategy

This week in document management we heard how SpringCM has upgraded its content security to enable safer mobile computing. OpenText was also busy this week with not one, or two, but four different upgrades and releases, while Ademero upgraded Content Central to v6.5. Meanwhile, we sat down with Alfresco to find out about the future of cloud computing.

KnowledgeLake Offers Accounting Automation Tool for SharePoint

Accounting departments have an updated SharePoint tool for automating accounts payable billing thanks to a release from KnowledgeLake.

Mailbox and Dropbox Merge, Thinking Inside the Box

 mailbox_logo.jpgNewly launched, mobile-focused, email manager and productivity boosting service Mailbox has joined forces with Dropbox to provide a more rounded, yet somehow boxier, service. Expect the move to help improve and scale the Mailbox side of the offering. 

Mobile App of the Week: Task Management with Adobe LiveCycle

This week for the mobile app of the week we’re continuing our search for tools that aid employee engagement with a look at Adobe LiveCycle Mobile ES4, which gives users a mobile environment to work on documents and tasks.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Resolving Problems, Metalogix's Big SharePoint Files

This week has been a busy one for Microsoft. went down because of overheating in data centers while there have been a couple of releases for SharePoint including Metalogix for big files and ShareVault’s document transfer for SharePoint. Kofax has also upgraded is capture capabilities.

Dropbox Updates Desktop Version with Added Menu Features

Content storage and sharing provider, Dropbox has announced updates to the menu feature of its desktop client designed to improve the service’s functionality.

Box Upgrades Windows 8, Windows Phone App, Adds Powerful Previews, Office Support

Box is going to very busy over the next year or so as it prepares for its IPO. In the meantime it needs to keep users happy — after all, happy users generally means happy investors. Last October Box launched Box for Windows 8. This week it is tweaking that and adding some more.

Microsoft Backs Down on Office 2013 Licensing Transfer Rule

You can say what you want about Microsoft, but one thing you can’t accuse it of is not listening. You may recall the storm of protest across the Web a couple of weeks ago when it became clear that the licensing agreement on the new Office 2013 release limited each license to a single machine. Well, according to a blog post from Microsoft, it has caved in to consumer pressure.

Document Mgt Roll-up: The Best Office 365 Enhancements, Metalogix StoragePoint

Office 365 and the release of three new business SKUs dominated this week in document management news, with the ripples of the release being felt with complementary solutions launched by MetaVis and KnowledgeLake. In other news, Metalogix announced some new developments around StoragePoint, Office 2013 got a new touchscreen guide and Version One rebranded.

IntraLinks Releases IntraLinks VIA, Secure File Sharing with Administrative Controls

SaaS provider IntraLinks Holding Inc. has released IntraLinks VIA, an enterprise collaboration solution. With the solution, users will be able to work safely and efficiently in their network platform and business community knowing that their files are managed and shared through a secure system.

Document Mgt Roll-up: OpenText Enterprise Docs and CXM, Xerox Offers ConnectKey

There have been a number of new releases this week in document management, including OpenText’s customer communication management system that offers tight Microsoft integration. Xerox has also been busy with the release of ConnectKey, Novell securer’s document with new security measures, and the German national postal service enters the world of mobile apps.

Microsoft Nearly Clarifies Office 2013 Licensing, Still Dithering Over Cloud Computing

Way back when, in the days when Microsoft starting talking up Office 2013 critics of the Redmond giant made some pretty pointed comments about slow-coach Microsoft and the cloud. There may have been reasons to suggest that the company was behind the times with a desktop office suite, but the recent issues around licensing of Office 2013 shows exactly where it is putting its money.

Socialtext Adds Three Integration Points for SharePoint

In another SharePoint related announcement this week, Socialtext announced three new points of integration between SharePoint and Socialtext, as more companies start preparing their product portfolios for the release of SharePoint 2013, expected for this quarter.

Attachment.Me Releases Attachments Everywhere - Social, Mobile or in the Cloud

Email attachment assistance company, Attachment.Me has announced Attachments Everywhere, a new collection of tools to improve the file sharing experience.

Barracuda Networks Releases Copy, a File Storage Tool

IT solutions provider Barracuda Networks has released Copy, a cloud- based file storage and sharing tool. With Copy, users are able to share, view and sync files from any device, at any time.

KnowledgeLake Capture for SharePoint Debuts Native iOS App

Apple's App Store is ready to dispense some new document management fun with the KnowlegeLake Capture for SharePoint ECM app. iOS users can share documents and images right into their workflows with the free app, and SharePoint devotees are now that much closer to a deskfree workspace.