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CaseCentral Releases v4, Heads for the Cloud

CaseCentral Release v4; Heads for the Clouds Since its third release in October, CaseCentral has been working hard to implement additional features into its eDiscovery review platform. Today, they announce the fourth version of their first multi-case, multi-party eDiscovery review platform with process analytics.

We had an opportunity to talk with Steven d'Alencon, Chief Marketing Officer of CaseCentral about the release and the future of eDiscovery.

Content Circles: Collaboration on Server-Free Diet

Content Circles Offers Collaborative Work Without The Server

It’s not uncommon these days for a team of workers to be distributed across cities, states — even countries. In fact, thanks to technology, worldwide team member distribution is becoming the norm.

In order to work collaboratively across time zones, most companies turn to Web-based content management solutions. Solutions that, while eliminating IT resource issues, still often require expensive training. In an effort to remedy this issue, Content Circles has released a server-free and easy to use collaborative content management tool called Content Circles 1.0.

Redact-It Gains Support for OCR and Microsoft Office

Informative Graphics Releases Redact-It Enterprise

Next week, Informative Graphics Corporation will unveil a significant product update for their Redact-It Desktop software. Version 1.1 will include key optical character recognition (OCR) software that will remove sensitive information from scanned documents.

Examples of these types of data elements include social security numbers, names, phone numbers, account numbers and so on.

A second major feature of Redact-It Desktop 1.1 is the software's new ability to apply redaction functions to Microsoft Office files including MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.

Redact-It Desktop, as CMSWire readers are already aware, is a software package that simplifies the process of redacting, reviewing, and disseminating documents to the public and for eDiscovery. Redaction is an important technology in today's world. With data breaches and eDiscovery in the news constantly, tools like Redact-It aide in avoiding sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

The base version of Redact-It Desktop is avaialble for US $195 with the OCR add-on costing US $49 from Redact-It's website.

CMIS Update: A Public Review Expected Late Spring

The OASIS CMIS Technical Committee just wrapped up their first face to face meeting at Redmond yesterday. Was it a good session? Has the scope changed? Did all those ECM guys get along? With some insight from Alfresco CTO John Newton, we got an update and help him share that update with you.

Social Networking and Collaboration with Bitrix

Enterprise Collaboration from BitrixIn a busy global world such as the one we live in, enterprise business collaboration can be a tricky thing. Even in-house collaboration can be a chore when working in buildings that are 30 stories tall and half a city block wide. Bitrix, a developer of content management and portal solutions has announced the release of Bitrix Intranet Portal in an effort to help alleviate business collaboration headaches with social networking tools.

Why Obama Loves Enterprise Content Management

Ever think about global warming, air pollution and dying out populations of polar bears? Or whether your grandchildren will be able to leave the house without an oxygen mask?

Yes, we are back onto the environment-friendly, green track. There’s a lot that can be done both at home (think recycling) and at work (not surprisingly, think content management).

Conferences: Content Management, (A)DAM and User Experience

There are just too many conferences for one person to attend. We are overcome with options on our favorite subjects. What to do, what to do…

Here are a few more coming up to make your decision that much harder.

AIIM Essentials: Elearning for Web Content Management

AIIM and CMS Watch unveil AIIM Essentials Can't get enough information on SharePoint? Web Content Management? A little in the dark about DAM? Are you interested in learning? AIIM and CMS Watch have announced a new series of technology-based education programs covering topics such as web content management, SharePoint, eDiscovery and digital asset management.

PaperHost Wants To Make Data Capture Easy

PaperHost Aims To Make Data Capture Easy

One of the major hurdles for those investigating document management systems is the method for populating the system with data. As we all know, data entry is both time-consuming and costly.

PaperHost, the Software-as-a-Service document management system provider, has announced a product that aims to streamline data capture. phUPLOAD allows remote offices or employees to easily transmit scanned documents into the document management system.

A New Administration of Knowledge Management

US President Obama faces many challenges as he enters the executive office. His new administration is set to tackle the economy and many in the document management industry are looking to them for signs of increased regulation when it comes to records management and retention.

While such a topic may not seem like it would be a priority for the new president, those immersed in the industry know that good knowledge management is key to solving some of the biggest problems facing the country. Like the economic crisis.

Mainsoft Updates MOSS Integrator for Notes 8.5

mainsoft.jpgAt the Lotusphere conference this week you may have been among the lucky ones to see a demo of the latest Mainsoft SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes. This latest version includes integration to Lotus Notes 8.5.

DocuLex Adds Content Control and Compliance

DocuLex Adds Content Control and Compliance Building upon Archive Studio, DocuLex has added content control and compliance enhancements to WebSearch, a component of their SaaS-based content management product.

WebSearch adds elements of  HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. And whenever we see Sarbanes-Oxley don't we immediately breathe a sigh of relief that legislation exists to serve as such an effective deterrent to major corporate and accounting misdeeds?

Webinar: Proactive E-Discovery Best Practices

Proactive E-Discovery Best Practices from HPIn a down economy businesses need to be more concerned than ever about potential litigation costs and risks. Next week HP brings you a webinar covering best practices for proactive e-discovery (electronic discovery) by utilizing good records management. Aimed at lowering litigation costs and mitigating risks, this webinar is a must for legal teams, upper management or any business concerned about potential electronic discovery issues.

Open Text Fuels Its Content Viewing and Markup Solutions

Open Text Desktop Viewer and Open Text Thin Client Viewer

Open Text recently announced the latest versions of Open Text Desktop Viewer and Open Text Thin Client Viewer with expanded support for new file formats. What’s in it for you?

Datawatch/Oracle Partnership Promises Paperwork Panacea

Datawatch logoEvery day, every hour, every minute — more information is flowing in, ad infinitum. A constant deluge. Each item must be addressed, classified, tagged, stored, secured, and made available for real-time recall. It’s enough to make a grown IT manager take up social drinking and ballroom dancing — only without all that dancing.

Ricoh Improves Archiving for DocumentMall

Ricoh Announces Archiving Improvements for DocumentMall Attention Ricoh Americas Corporation fans. We've got another update on the digital office equipment provider. (Updates for two weeks in a row! We know, it's like Christmas never ended, right?) This time around the corporation announced the availability of an improved Dataworks3 ARCHIVE with seamless integration into the previously reviewed on-line document sharing and management solution, DocumentMall. 

ZyLAB Tops List of E-Discovery Vendors

Zylabs Gets Top Recognition from Gartner

With e-Discovery a top priority for most enterprise organizations, the decision on which software vendor product to use can be difficult. There are many products and solutions on the market today that claim to help you organize and keep track of your data. For many, research reports from the top analysts are a tool to help in the decision making process.

This is a good thing for ZyLAB, an information access solutions vendor. They have just received the highest rating possible in analyst firm Gartner's MarketScope for E-Discovery Software Product Vendors, 2008. 

5 Delicious Webinars for 5 Wednesdays in Q1

AIIM Wednesday Webinars

Need a cure for those middle of the week blues? There is nothing like a quality webinar to get you through the work week.

Ricoh and IBM Create Global Strategic Alliance

Ricoh and IBM Create a Global Alliance More good things are coming from old partnerships, the latest being a global strategic alliance between Ricoh Americas Corporation and the ever-popular IBM, spearheaded by Ricoh's new offering - Document Security and Management Services.

Top 10 eDiscovery Trends for 2009

The folks at Clearwell Systems, whose platform works to streamline the eDiscovery process, have looked into their crystal ball and have offered a few predictions for the new year. Among them, trends that respond to financial and legal stresses as well as a need for more collaboration. The most compelling of their predictions lay within the realm of compliance and technology.