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Does Your Document Management Solution Address Regulatory Compliance?

eFileCabinet version 4.0 gives secure document managementMany companies have turned to document management solutions to aid in keeping information organized. But does your document management solution address changing security protocols or regulatory compliances? eFileCabinet version 4.0, released this week, includes key upgrades to address these strict demands.

Ex Microsoft All-Stars Give Google Docs a Nudge

docverse enables online syncing of documents

Shan Sinha and Alex DeNeui are two former Microsoft employees with a mission: to do something with documents that Microsoft has not. Their startup company DocVerse aims to simplify how users share documents on the web by transforming Microsoft Office into an online collaboration suite.

In doing so, DocVerse climbs into the ring with several other collaboration software solutions, including Google Docs. Any guesses as to who will come out victorious?

How To: Connecting SharePoint (MOSS) to a CMIS Repository

SharePoint MOSS Web Content Management and CMIS Integration Microsoft has played a major role in the development of the Content Management Interoperability Specification (CMIS) that is currently in the hands of the OASIS working group. Committed as the team has been, they (including Microsoft) have not provided much information or examples of how CMIS will work with Microsoft's SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS). Until now.

A new MSDN article has arrived that demonstrates how one can integrate an external document repository with MOSS (or the free version of SharePoint, WSS) — which is exactly what the CMIS spec is all about. Our interest piqued, we took a look and in the following article, we share what we found.

LiveContent Delivers Your XML Content to Any Device or Website

LiveContent Provides XML Based Information Management and DeliveryXyEnterprise, the creator of the Contenta Content Management System, recently took a bold step and changed the name of their flagship XML product ContentaView. They spoke of concerns centered around a misleading brand title. With the new name of LiveContent, will this XML based information management and delivery system also have new features or enhanced functionality? Or did XyEnterprise simply decide that after nearly three years the name of their product no longer fit with the changing industry?

Automating the Life Cycle of SharePoint Sites

Open Text Seminar on Using SharePointAbout three years ago, Open Text made a big decision. It was what, Ed Durst — Portfolio Manager for the company's Microsoft Solutions Group — called "a big bet on Microsoft SharePoint". Three years later, nearly every transaction they do with a customer has some SharePoint (MOSS) element to it. That big bet seems to have paid off. Let's see how.

EntropySoft Updates SharePoint Connector with Lists Capabilities

EntropySoft Releases A SharePoint Connector

Connecting to the content stored inside a SharePoint repository is something every wants to be able to do. EntropySoft, a provider of Enterprise Content Integration technologies, is among those who offers a solution. And the good news is they have just updated their SharePoint Connector to provide even more of the integration requirements organizations are demanding.

XyEnterprise Rebrands Flagship Product

ContentaView Becomes LiveContentXyEnterprise, provider of XML and content management solutions, has announced a major change in the development of their flagship product. The companies main XML based delivery product, ContentaView, will now be known as LiveContent.

Next Version of SharePoint, Search Gets FAST

They have been mum on the details of the SharePoint roadmap. But with a SharePoint 14 Conference planned for October it was only a matter of time before they started giving us tidbits on the road ahead.

Not the first SharePoint 14 announcement, but certainly one of the most interesting so far is that Microsoft's FAST Search will be integrated with SharePoint 14.

Survey Finds Continuing Disconnect Between IT and Legal

Recommind Survey Find Continuing Disconnect Between IT and LegalRecommind, a leader in search-powered information risk management (IRM) software, has released results from a new survey about collaboration (or lack thereof) between enterprise IT and legal departments.

The survey of senior IT managers at enterprises averaging more than 17,000 employees examined the importance of eDiscovery to the enterprise as a whole, the coordination of eDiscovery efforts between IT and legal departments and the roles that each department plays in setting corporate policies and making technology buying decisions.

The results? Disparaging.

SpringCM's Privia Now Supports FireFox, Safari

SpringCM Releases Privia Upgrade

Privia, a bid and proposal lifecycle management software solution, has been refined according to SpringCM, provider of enterprise-class, on-demand content management products.  This version of Privia includes support for additional content sources and newly integrated support for Firefox and Safari browsers. This browser support enhances users ability for anytime, anywhere access to secure opportunity and proposal information. With the Fed busy printing another trillion dollars for the stimulus plan, proposal development is likely experiencing furious growth. Adds Social Features to Storage Product


Web-based sharing and storage provider has released a more socially-minded version of its storage and collaboration product. The new interface allows users to utilize activity streams and user profiles to view a participant's file history. These new features will very likely appeal to small teams and work groups looking for a more intelligent centralized file store for team collaboration.

MOSS Based OneView Revamped for 2009

XMLAW Updates OneView Product based on MOSS The beginning of 2009 is proving to be a time for product updates. XMLAW, provider of information and knowledge management solutions for the legal industry has some product updates of their own to share. OneView is XMLAW's suite of applications that provide a framework for intranet, extranet and search solutions built on the SharePoint Server 2007 and it has had a major overhaul for 2009.

ColumbiaSoft Certifies Document Locator Green

Document Locator Goes GreenColumbiaSoft™, a provider of document management software for a variety of customers, announced approval of Document Locator® for listing in the Construction Specification Institute’s (CSI’s) GreenFormat. Greenformat is a search engine firms can use to find green-certified products for construction. It also charges a thousand dollars a year for this listing. Apparently, it takes some green to certify a product as green. It is unclear whether any product backed by the thousand dollar payment is rejected for inclusion by Greenformat.

Jahia Web CMS Launches GPL Community Edition

Jahia Adds Community Edition under GPLAnother enterprise class content management system adopts open source GPL licensing. It is no surprise. A platform is only as good as its adopters, and offering an open source version in today's competitive CMS market is one path to deployment growth. Building a committed community of third party developers who daily deploy, interact and tinker with a CMS platform can only enhance both the feature offerings and sustainability of that platform.

CMIS First Technical Committee Meeting Notes

Last week was the first face-to-face meeting of the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee (TC). From my perspective, it was a very productive gathering and allowed for a number of highly constructive discussions. In the following write-up I do my best to retrace the gist of the conversations around the topics I found most interesting, which in some cases were conversations I had with just one or two people.

The outlook from these discussions, and from the scope of the spec itself, is very positive. I believe that within a year CMIS will start to actively redefine the world of content management systems, which will be an opportunity both for big vendors who will see easier adoption of their solutions by customers concerned by lock-in or interoperability issues, and for smaller vendors whose products will be able to take advantage of a much broader spectrum of connectors to third-party systems.

Clearwell Mobile Solves Global eDiscovery Challenges

Clearwell Solves Global eDiscovery ChallengesToday is the day for eDiscovery releases. As companies flock to Legal Tech in New York City this week, the conference that boasts itself the "largest and most important legal technology event of the year" for law office technology, you can bet that eDiscovery is a hot topic. Capitalizing on the attention and enthusiasm of a captive audience, many are revealing new releases and enhanced capabilities of their products, hopeful to have the lawyers leaping out of their seats!

Such is the case with Clearwell Systems. The same folks that offered us their insights for the Top Ten Trends for eDiscovery in 2009 are boasting new functionalities that prove to "solve the global eDiscovery challenge."

CaseCentral Releases v4, Heads for the Cloud

CaseCentral Release v4; Heads for the Clouds Since its third release in October, CaseCentral has been working hard to implement additional features into its eDiscovery review platform. Today, they announce the fourth version of their first multi-case, multi-party eDiscovery review platform with process analytics.

We had an opportunity to talk with Steven d'Alencon, Chief Marketing Officer of CaseCentral about the release and the future of eDiscovery.

Content Circles: Collaboration on Server-Free Diet

Content Circles Offers Collaborative Work Without The Server

It’s not uncommon these days for a team of workers to be distributed across cities, states — even countries. In fact, thanks to technology, worldwide team member distribution is becoming the norm.

In order to work collaboratively across time zones, most companies turn to Web-based content management solutions. Solutions that, while eliminating IT resource issues, still often require expensive training. In an effort to remedy this issue, Content Circles has released a server-free and easy to use collaborative content management tool called Content Circles 1.0.

Redact-It Gains Support for OCR and Microsoft Office

Informative Graphics Releases Redact-It Enterprise

Next week, Informative Graphics Corporation will unveil a significant product update for their Redact-It Desktop software. Version 1.1 will include key optical character recognition (OCR) software that will remove sensitive information from scanned documents.

Examples of these types of data elements include social security numbers, names, phone numbers, account numbers and so on.

A second major feature of Redact-It Desktop 1.1 is the software's new ability to apply redaction functions to Microsoft Office files including MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.

Redact-It Desktop, as CMSWire readers are already aware, is a software package that simplifies the process of redacting, reviewing, and disseminating documents to the public and for eDiscovery. Redaction is an important technology in today's world. With data breaches and eDiscovery in the news constantly, tools like Redact-It aide in avoiding sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

The base version of Redact-It Desktop is avaialble for US $195 with the OCR add-on costing US $49 from Redact-It's website.

CMIS Update: A Public Review Expected Late Spring

The OASIS CMIS Technical Committee just wrapped up their first face to face meeting at Redmond yesterday. Was it a good session? Has the scope changed? Did all those ECM guys get along? With some insight from Alfresco CTO John Newton, we got an update and help him share that update with you.