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SharePoint360 Launches Basic Hosted SharePoint Solution

SharePoint360 Provides Hosted Websites with SharePoint

Microsoft isn't the only game in town if you want to build your website in a hosted SharePoint environment. SharePoint360, a SharePoint hosting and consulting firm located in San Diego, has launched a new SaaS offering — SharePoint360 Web.

Ovidius Acquires Web Publishing Division from EasyBrowse

Ovidius Acquires EasyBrowse

Ovidius GmbH, one of the leading suppliers of XML-based Content Management Systems on the European Market, recently acquired EasyBrowse EP-Service GmbH. An established developer of solutions for electronic publishing, which aims to meet the special needs of publishing houses and the publishing industry, EasyBrowse is poised to expand Ovidius' portfolio as supplier of end-to-end solutions for creating, managing and publishing technical documentation.

ImageTag Makes the List for MS Partner of the Year

ImageTag A Finalist for MS Partner of Year

Microsoft is starting to dole out its 2008 Partner Awards. One excited vendor is happy announce they have been selected as one of two finalists for Microsoft's Partner of the Year in ISV/Software Solutions, Innovation.

Iron Mountain Names Brennan CEO, Proposes US$300m Debt Offering

ironm.png Boston-based Records Management specialist Iron Mountain has named Bob Brennan as its new CEO. Brennan was unveiled in his new position on June 5th, and succeeds long-standing Chief Richard Reece.

Ease Privacy Concerns with Redact-It Enterprise

Informative Graphics Releases Redact-It Enterprise

With the amount of information flowing through content management systems these days and the ease at which organizations are now able to upload, scan and otherwise get documents in their CMS, privacy has become a big concern. The last thing an organization needs is to have sensitive information about their customers released to the public.

Most CMS's see this problem and some have resolved it by partnering with a company that provides redaction technology - Informative Graphics. Today, Informative Graphics have announced the latest release of their Redact-It Enterprise Server Software.

SpringCM Smooths Business Document Flows with v4.3

SpringCM document management 4.3

SpringCM, on-demand document management and workflow extraordinaire, has announced SpringCM Version 4.3, the latest version of their SaaS document management and workflow platform. It features numerous new features and enhancements meant to improve business performance and to help automate document-centric processes like contract and proposal management, accounts payable and professional services engagement management.

Oracle Skins All CM Cats with One Cut

oracle's online Archive

Archiving has become a huge deal for organizations large and small as rules and regulations dictate how easily information needs to be available for compliance and legal purposes. So it's no surprise that enterprise content management vendors are incorporating these requirements into their solution offerings.

Oracle, being no exception, has developed the Oracle Online Archive that uses their database as a storage repository for all types of content, including email, files, etc. Seems like they have been down this road before though. Does a “single solution for all content types” work in the real world?

JustSystems Recruiting Value-Add Partners

JustSystems Expands Partner Program

JustSystems is continuing its growth strategy to expand across North America and Europe by designing new partnership levels designed to recruit more value-add partners to sell and integrate their software into organizations.

Their focus is to recruit experienced vendors and system integrators in the areas of structured authoring and dynamic publishing. JustSystems, as you know, is a provider of document management solutions that implement DITA. So it only makes sense they would be looking for new partnerships with companies experienced in this area.

They have defined three new partner participation levels that will enable potential partners to grow their relationship with JustSystems slowly. These include:

  • Associate - initial commitment and basic support
  • Authorized - More formalized and predictable sales of JustSystems products
  • Premier - Designed for system integrators who want to build a solution offering around their technology

The higher up you go in the partnership levels, the more marketing, sales and technical support you get. In addition JustSystems will product discounts and sales opportunities to higher level partnerships.

If think you have what it takes to become a value-add partner for JustSystems, go to their site and read more details.

Documentum's Future: A Concise Summary

EMC Enterprise Content Management

The EMC World 2008 event just wrapped up in wholesome Las Vegas and the content management industry eyes were ogling both the table top dancers and the (not so?) seductive CM story EMC was peddling.

EMCs Latest Roadmap for Content Management

EMC enterprise content management XML store

At the EMC World conference in Vegas, EMC unveiled their latest plans and roadmap for content management and collaboration including tighter integration of new products with the Documentum platform and a new SaaS model designed for SMBs. It sounds like a very busy year ahead for these folks, almost too busy.

Nuxeo Launches Newest Version of Rich Client ECM


It's been a little while since Nuxeo released the last version of its Enterprise Content Management Platform: Nuxeo Enterprise Platform 5.1, but they haven't been sitting idle since then.

They have just announced the release of Nuxeo Rich Client Platform (RCP) 2.0, a rich client platform for developing ECM applications.

Quick Take Review: Xythos On Demand Document Management

xythos quick take review for saas document management

Xythos is a provider of on-premise and hosted (SaaS) document management solutions for organizations both large and small. Their hosted product has a somewhat unique history in that is was designed and developed from the very beginning as a web-based service.

The SaaS version of their document management product, launched in December 2006, is the software we've got in our sights today. Xythos on Demand (XOD) is a full featured enterprise document management solution, and true to its name, it is delivered as a hosted service. Join us as we poke around in the binary guts of XOD.

Deacom Mixes ERP and Document Management


Deacom, a North American producer of integrated accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has added a document linker to their DEACOM Integrated Accounting and ERP Software System. The document linker is an extension to the DEACOM electronic document management system, allowing manufacturers to link an indefinite number of transactional documents to their respective transactions for easy access in a single ERP system.

EMC Provides OEM Developers with a new Toolset

EMC enterprise content management,OEM solutions

EMC Corporation has announced a new set of OEM software products that will help developers include rich content management, capture and information rights management into their software solutions. Whether they are developing products or SaaS services, the EMC OEM product portfolio has everything a developer needs to build content rich software.

Alfresco Quietly Releases Latest Enterprise Edition

Alfresco 2.2, enterprise content management

There were no fireworks, no fanfare or screams of “It's Here!, come and get it!”. Last week, Alfresco very quietly released the newest version of their enterprise content management system. We here at CMSWire thought that was strange for such a well-known popular ECM.

So we contacted the folks over there. They told us that in a few weeks, Alfresco will officially, formally launch the release of Alfresco Enterprise Edition 2.2. Then they allowed us to grace the presence of their Chief Marketing Officer, Ian Howells, who taught us a few things about the impetus behind the release.

Cabinet NG Provides CNG-Books for QuickBooks

CNG-Books for QuickBooks, CabinetNG

Cabinet NG, a company that specializes in automated document management and workflow solutions for small enterprise businesses, has launched CNG-Books 6.0 document management software for Intuit's QuickBooks. Built on the .NET platform, CNG-Books 6.0 incorporates Microsoft SQL database features recently added to CNG-SAFE 6.0.

The end result: SMBs can replace pesky piles of paper with automated electronic workflows that streamline QuickBooks-centric accounting tasks in an easier, less hair-greying manner.

GroupDrive 5.0 Powers Basic Content Services

Group Drive

Today, South River Technologies edges Basic Content Services into the mainstream with the latest release of their secure document management and collaboration solution GroupDrive 5.0. This version has a strong focus on security across the network and the internet.

Google at Gilbane Conference: Quality Search is Critical

Gilbane Conference,Google

For those attending the upcoming Gilbane conference who are more on the geeky side of the spectrum, get stoked: Udi Manber, a Google Vice President of Engineering, will start off the annual San Francisco conference on June 18th at 8:30am with a discussion on Google's search quality and continued innovation.

While Google's success is generally thought of as being a result of their use of link activity and PageRank to supplement keyword search, this is in fact just one of many signals that help provide users with most relevant results. Udi Manber will share valuable info on improving search that should be relevant to everyone in the tech industry.

“Udi Manber is the engineering vice president in charge of this ongoing, and necessarily secret effort (on improving searches). What Udi is able to share about improving search will be interesting to all, but especially valuable to knowledge workers whose need for quality search is critical,” said Gilbane Group CEO Frank Gilbane.

The Gilbane Conference, now in its fourth year, has gained a reputation as a forum for bringing together vendor-neutral industry pros that share and debate the latest information technology experiences, research, trends and insights. Topics to be covered in depth will include enterprise search, text analytics and content globalization and location.

Details on the Google keynote session as well as other keynotes and conference breakout sessions can be found here.

Transactional Content Management in the Enterprise

Open Text, Transactional Content Processing Solution

Enterprise Content Management provider Open Text is diving deeper into content transactions by announcing a new solution called Transactional Content Processing (TCP). This new solution takes the company further into the world of business process management — a place where content and transactions are tightly intertwined.

Newmerix Provides SharePoint Workflow for PeopleSoft, Oracle


Newmerix, a provider of comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management solutions, has introduced new versions of Automate!Control and Automate!Change, part of their Automate! suite designed to reduce high costs and effort required to maintain packaged applications like SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite.

These programs now offer workflow, document management, improved data reporting and enhanced security for PeopleSoft and Oracle E-Business Suite customers. They also integrate with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, letting customers benefit from increased collaboration, information sharing and productivity.