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Life Sciences Gets Its Own Document Management Solution

TAKE Solutions Offers PharmaReady 4.1 - Document Mgt for Life Sciences

Sometime it takes too much effort to implement a horizontal document management solution when you have very specific requirements. In this case, a vertical solution makes more sense. Luckily for the Life Sciences vertical, TAKE Solutions has PharmaReady 4.1.

Version One Wins E-mail Product of 2008 Award

Version One Wins E-mail Product of 2008 Award

Version One, a provider of document management and imaging software solutions, was named E-mail Product of the Year 2008 (for the second year in a row) at the Document Manager (DM) Awards 2008. DbMail, an automated e-mail delivery service, was the product that helped win the award for Version One.

Open Text Announces New ERP Product Plans, New Hires

Open Text Captaris Announce New ERP Product Plans, New Hires

Now that the acquisition of Captaris by Open Text is no longer an intention but a fact, what does the Enterprise CMS giant plan to do with this Washington-based provider of document management and delivery solutions?

CNG-Web: Secure Document Management via Browser

Cabinet NG CNG-WEB CNG-SAFE Secure Remote Access Module

Cabinet NG (CNG) has recently released the CNG-Web module that enables users to remotely connect to CNG-SAFE, a solution for automated document management and workflow targeted towards small enterprises.

Customers with access to the CNG-Web module are capable of searching, viewing and printing documents with nothing more than a Web browser and an Internet connection.

Expose Your Oracle Content Via EntropySoft

EntropySoft Releases A New Oracle UCM Bidirectional Connector

For organizations who have invested in Oracle Universal Content Management and want to expose its content to other systems and applications, EntropySoft has created a connector just for you. And it's bidirectional to boot.

Document Management Comes to the Average Joe

DocLanding Document Management

Don’t need the complexities of enterprise-level document management, but still want some of that functionality? You’re not alone, and you have quite a few solutions to choose from.

The latest on the document management solutions market is DOCCENTER’s DocLanding — a new Document Management System built on Microsoft's .NET framework, offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and designed for an “average user.”

Ricoh Cleans Up With SaaS Solution DocumentMall

documentmall SaaS solution for

The diversified office automation equipment and electronics provider, Ricoh Americus Corporation, recently announced the internal deployment of their document storage and management SaaS solution — DocumentMall for

Microsoft Poised to Offer SharePoint 2007 SP2

sharepoint moss wss 2007 sp2

Microsoft Office SharePoint, the company's enterprise content and document management system, is poised to receive its second service pack in the coming months.

Microsoft plans to ship Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP2 in early 2009 and will focus on improving the end-user experience, rather than being aimed at improving the internal operations of the complex software product, which was an area of focus for SharePoint SP1.

Alfresco Enterprise 3 - Collaborative Enterprise Content Management

Alfresco Enterprise 3 Officially Released

Alfresco has just announced the third incarnation of its Enterprise Content Management System. Alfresco Enterprise 3 is what Alfresco CTO John Newton refers to as the completion of the Product Suite that had been envisioned since the company began.

IBM Unveils New Enterprise Content Management Offerings

iIBM Offers new ECM portfolio

Doubt anyone is bored at the IBM Information on Demand Conference. Yesterday at the conference IBM announced a new agile ECM portfolio — we got dizzy just reviewing the enhancements, trying to keep them all straight. The new portfolio takes on a new format bringing together content, process and compliance capabilities in a neat little composite application framework.

The new Enterprise CMS portfolio is, again, the continuing saga of IBM's vision of InformationOnDemand.

ARMO Releases Beefed-Up Document Management System

ARMO Document Management System

ARMO solutions, a young company dedicated to providing enterprise consulting, recently announced an eDiscovery Business Intelligence Document Management System and managed to catch the attention of global trading partners through secured funding. Go ARMO!

Data Backup, Recovery for SharePoint (MOSS)

SharePoint MOSS 2007 and Data Protection Manager 2007

It is possible that SharePoint (MOSS) could go down in history as one of the most popular enterprise content management systems ever (note: we aren't saying the best, just the most popular).

This may happen even though out of the box the platform lacks some critical enterprise features. MOSS backup and recovery functionality is one good example of this.

Thanks to the partner community and other Microsoft technology teams, some of these crucial enterprise features are provided as add-ons and integrated services for MOSS.

In the case of backup and recovery, Microsoft, themselves, provide a viable solution, namely the System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 (DPM). With this doozy, your worst disaster recovery nightmares just might not come true.

ControlPoint Adds eDiscovery Capabilities to MOSS

Autonomy Corp Information Compliance ControlPoint MOSS Integration eDiscovery Governance Control

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server has a new friend in Autonomy Corp. The information compliance vendor has recently unveiled ControlPoint, enabling real-time, policy-driven control over SharePoint content. This SharePoint extension, while allowing organizations to comply with corporate, legal and regulatory standards, can and will assist enterprises with maintaining eDiscovery requirements — a critical task in today's world.

Recommind Aims to Shift Legal Hold Paradigms

Insite Legal Hold from Recommind

As we’ve previously reported, legal hold processes (or the lack thereof) may be the ones to blame for eDiscovery risks. But there’s a solution, and not just one.

The newest one — Insite Legal Hold — comes from Recommind, a provider of enterprise search, email management and eDiscovery systems for enterprises. The company claims Insite is the “industry’s first practical solution.”

Callas Software to Release pdfToolbox Server 4

callas releases pdfToolbox Server 4

Callas software, specialists in software for the analysis and processing of PDF files, released an update for their pdfToolbox 4 plug-in that will make pdfToolbox Server 4 available for purchase on October 27th.

Thankfully, the all-in-one PDF production tool pdfToolbox Server 4 is no longer tailored for prepress users. That means you can know almost nothing and still be able to complete common to eclectic tasks in next to no time!

SpringCM Offers Free Records Management

SpringCM Free Document Records Management Solution 4.4 Enterprise

There is one word everyone loves to hear, and that word is “free.” SpringCM has decided to appeal to customers who love that word — the company is giving away its records management solution to existing customers who are already taking advantage of SpringCM's document management and workflow platform capabilities. The catch: well, this offer only lasts until 2011 comes around.

Take Control of Content with New IBM Solutions

Never one to be left behind when it comes to offering solutions for the most prevalent issues facing enterprises today, IBM has come out with a whole new slew of solutions designed to help get your content under control.

Pick just one product or mix and match to suit your business needs.

Federate your Records with PathBuilder

Vital Path PathBuilder Content Integration Migration Federated Search Records Management

Vital Path, a developer of content integration and migration software, recently announced enhanced federated records management capabilities for PathBuilder. PathBuilder now enables organizations to efficiently perform records management tasks with multiple repositories without requiring them to abandon existing records management investments.

Create PDF Docs with TX Text Control

Text Control can create PDF documents

The Imaging Source, a Microsoft partner focusing on solutions for Visual Studio, has come out with an update to their product TX Text Control that enables developers to add functionality to their applications for creating PDF/A documents.

RWD Offers EMC Document Sciences Integration Services

RWD Offers EMC Document Sciences Integration Services to pharmaceutical, manufacturing and energy sector

EMC appears to have developed a good relationship with RWD Technologies, providers of Performance Management Services and Solutions. RWD has recently announced that it will offer EMC Document Sciences Integration Services to its customers in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and energy sectors. This is the continuation of a long standing relationship with EMC.

EMC Document Sciences xPression 3 is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that automates the creation of customized and personalized business documents.

RWD has over 20 years experience is developing and integrating CRM and content management systems. Some of their own solutions include: uPerform, a performance support system, and uBenchmark, a solution that helps organizations understand how their employees interact with business applications. Along with their EMC partnership, they also offer services for SAP and Oracle.

Want to understand more about the EMC Integration Services or how you can improve the performance of your contact center? Attend RWD's webinar on October 21 called “Empowering the Contact Center: Leveraging Dynamic Communications to Improve Response Time and Satisfaction”.