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SpringCM Offers Free Records Management

SpringCM Free Document Records Management Solution 4.4 Enterprise

There is one word everyone loves to hear, and that word is “free.” SpringCM has decided to appeal to customers who love that word — the company is giving away its records management solution to existing customers who are already taking advantage of SpringCM's document management and workflow platform capabilities. The catch: well, this offer only lasts until 2011 comes around.

Take Control of Content with New IBM Solutions

Never one to be left behind when it comes to offering solutions for the most prevalent issues facing enterprises today, IBM has come out with a whole new slew of solutions designed to help get your content under control.

Pick just one product or mix and match to suit your business needs.

Federate your Records with PathBuilder

Vital Path PathBuilder Content Integration Migration Federated Search Records Management

Vital Path, a developer of content integration and migration software, recently announced enhanced federated records management capabilities for PathBuilder. PathBuilder now enables organizations to efficiently perform records management tasks with multiple repositories without requiring them to abandon existing records management investments.

Create PDF Docs with TX Text Control

Text Control can create PDF documents

The Imaging Source, a Microsoft partner focusing on solutions for Visual Studio, has come out with an update to their product TX Text Control that enables developers to add functionality to their applications for creating PDF/A documents.

RWD Offers EMC Document Sciences Integration Services

RWD Offers EMC Document Sciences Integration Services to pharmaceutical, manufacturing and energy sector

EMC appears to have developed a good relationship with RWD Technologies, providers of Performance Management Services and Solutions. RWD has recently announced that it will offer EMC Document Sciences Integration Services to its customers in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and energy sectors. This is the continuation of a long standing relationship with EMC.

EMC Document Sciences xPression 3 is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that automates the creation of customized and personalized business documents.

RWD has over 20 years experience is developing and integrating CRM and content management systems. Some of their own solutions include: uPerform, a performance support system, and uBenchmark, a solution that helps organizations understand how their employees interact with business applications. Along with their EMC partnership, they also offer services for SAP and Oracle.

Want to understand more about the EMC Integration Services or how you can improve the performance of your contact center? Attend RWD's webinar on October 21 called “Empowering the Contact Center: Leveraging Dynamic Communications to Improve Response Time and Satisfaction”.

Captaris Connects Alchemy to Windows Drives


From the makers of the RightFax Connector for SharePoint — among other products — Captaris offers up a new version of Alchemy, their digital document filing system. The biggest enhancement to the product? The Alchemy File Connector — able to map a Windows drive directly to the Alchemy repository.

Managing your documents just got a little bit easier.

Interact 4G Intranet Web 2.0 in New Clothes

Odyssey Offers the First 4th Generation Intranet called Interact 4.0

Odyssey Interactive is offering up a new term to add to the many we already seem to be confused about. It's called a 4G (fourth generation) Intranet and it's the next generation of intranets inspired by social networking sites like Facebook, Amazon and Google. They claim to have created the first one.

Documentum-Based Solutions for the Little Guy

Impact Systems Offers Solutions for Small to Mid-Sized Companies based on Documentum

So you like Documentum, but you don't like the price tag associated with developing an enterprise content management solution on it? You're in luck then because Impact Systems has developed a couple of solutions just for you, especially if you have those annoying compliance g-men hanging out in the office.

Kodak Wants to Scan to SharePoint

Kodak Connects with SharePoint using Atalasoft, Inc.ís
Vizit Scan-to-SharePoint

It's not just Web CMS vendors who want in on the SharePoint craze that is expected to continue for a while to come. Other technology vendors see the benefits of SharePoint integration, including Kodak and Atalasoft, providers of scanning and imaging technologies.

Paragonís Five Stages of Records Management Maturity

Paragon Develops a Records Management Maturity Model

With eDiscovery such a hot topic these days, one of the more important things that enterprises need to do is ensure their information is stored in an accurate and easy to find manner. IT Consultancy firm Paragon Solutions has created a Records Management Maturity Model that will help you determine where you are in the process of doing just that and what you can do to move from one stage of the model to the next.

Horizon CMS Released, Healthcare Sector Rejoices

Horizon CMS Released

While many of the Content Enabled Vertical Applications (CEVAs) on the market today have been focused on the Enterprise CMS platform, McKesson — a provider of healthcare software — has released a series of content management integrations to their existing applications. To do this, McKesson has built its own Enterprise CMS platform to bring library services to the healthcare market.

CaseCentral Controls eDiscovery With v3 Release

CaseCentral Controls eDiscovery With Latest Release

CaseCentral, an eDiscovery software provider, who was recently selected as KMWorld Magazine's 2008 Trendsetter, has announced the release of its third version of the CaseCentral eDiscovery review platform — the first multi-case, multi-party eDiscovery review platform with process analytics.

UK Firms Increasingly Outsource Records Management

According to a document management study that was commissioned by Iron Mountain, UK firms are more likely to trust others with the task of records management than German and French firms. Interestingly, most firms decide to keep active records stored on-site. Is our information safe?

eCopy Aims to Simplify Document Management

eCopy Document Management Software Provider PaperWorks Plus

Document management software provider eCopy has announced eCopy PaperWorks Plus. This product allows users to convert paper documents into electronic Portable Document Format (PDF) files that can be edited, searched, managed and organized. There are also some additions that make this application better suited for users looking to improve their workflows.

CA Releases IT Solutions to Improve Tech Economy


CA, an independent IT management company, has got our backs during this economic crunch. Recently, they released a new Information Governance Suite with an array of new Enterprise IT Management and Governance solutions, each designed to help organizations improve the economics of IT and provide greater business value.

RSD Announces Data2Doc to Handle Data Aggregation

RSD Announces Data2Doc to Handle Data Aggregation

What is a major problem when trying to rope data into a content management system? Trying to contain, organize and aggregate unstructured and non-standardized data is likely one of the issues on the top of any content manager's list.

This is why RSD has announced a new product called Data2Doc that aims to bring some structure and standardization to PDF documents and other data sources. The new offering will enable customers to quickly deliver business-critical, data-rich documents quickly and easily.

MadCap Enhances Screen Capture and Graphics Editing


MadCap Software, known for their integrated applications that provide workflow solutions for publishing multilingual print and online content, has announced the launch of MadCap Capture 3.0.

Capture 3.0 is MadCap's screen capture and graphics editing software, designed specifically to address the needs of documentation professionals.

Five Reasons to Choose Vignette (or Not...)

It's hard to know what the deal is with Vignette. Poor financial results and some unflattering press throughout the summer suggest all's not well with this aristocratic web and enterprise content management brand. But awards aplenty and an enduring client-base chock-full of marquee names suggests the opposite.

The company has been kicked around a little bit lately in the press. And so, cutting a long story short, we got in contact with Dave Dutch, senior VP for products and marketing, to give him the chance to craft some arguments for why our readers should pick Vignette ahead of its competitors. Wedged inline we also offer our own observations on these views. Pass the jump to burrow yourself in.

Prizm Viewer v8 Boasts Enhanced Imaging Capabilities

Prizm Viewer v8

Pegasus Imaging Corporation, a digital imaging vendor, released a new version of Prizm Viewer — the browser-based image viewer.

With Prizm Viewer v8 users can navigate, view, annotate and share images, CAD and PDF files residing in document management or Enterprise CMS's via a web browser.

ColumbiaSoft Addresses Enterprise Email Compliance

ColumbiaSoft Email Archive Document Locator EDiscovery Solution

ColumbiaSoft has released Email Archive — a new email research, retrieval and compliance application. While heavily utilizing ColumbiaSoft's Document Locator — an enterprise document management solution — Email Archive has a helping hand in the area of email management, which makes this package even more valuable.