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Five Reasons to Choose Vignette (or Not...)

It's hard to know what the deal is with Vignette. Poor financial results and some unflattering press throughout the summer suggest all's not well with this aristocratic web and enterprise content management brand. But awards aplenty and an enduring client-base chock-full of marquee names suggests the opposite.

The company has been kicked around a little bit lately in the press. And so, cutting a long story short, we got in contact with Dave Dutch, senior VP for products and marketing, to give him the chance to craft some arguments for why our readers should pick Vignette ahead of its competitors. Wedged inline we also offer our own observations on these views. Pass the jump to burrow yourself in.

Prizm Viewer v8 Boasts Enhanced Imaging Capabilities

Prizm Viewer v8

Pegasus Imaging Corporation, a digital imaging vendor, released a new version of Prizm Viewer — the browser-based image viewer.

With Prizm Viewer v8 users can navigate, view, annotate and share images, CAD and PDF files residing in document management or Enterprise CMS's via a web browser.

ColumbiaSoft Addresses Enterprise Email Compliance

ColumbiaSoft Email Archive Document Locator EDiscovery Solution

ColumbiaSoft has released Email Archive — a new email research, retrieval and compliance application. While heavily utilizing ColumbiaSoft's Document Locator — an enterprise document management solution — Email Archive has a helping hand in the area of email management, which makes this package even more valuable.

Liquid Machines Aims to Protect Your SharePoint Files


Liquid Machines, an Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions provider, released the Liquid Machines Gateway for SharePoint. The new solution aims to protect documents and eliminate the risk of data loss beyond the SharePoint collaboration and document management environment.

It is all about protecting corporate intellectual property and other forms of highly-sensitive data. Plus, who doesn’t cater to SharePoint users nowadays? Especially, since it gets all kinds off accolades every so often.

Go Paperless, Save Money and the Planet

It's no secret that businesses waste a lot of paper. No matter how effective one's content and knowledge management is — the need to print files and documents is still inevitable. Out of necessity, storage costs and time spent searching and organizing has increased.

As the world makes a more concerted effort to go “green,” the push for e-document management has been gaining momentum. Not only is digital storage cheaper than paper, ink, physical space and the manpower required to assist in taking care of piles of paper, implementing an automated electronic document management system can make business operations run more efficiently.

Adlib Integrates G-docs, Enhances Document Management

Adlib Integrates G-docs

Adlib Software, a producer of server-based document conversion, recognition and publishing software, and Good Products, a provider of Enterprise CMS solutions for Life Science sectors, have reached an OEM partnership, as they continue to address the importance of business efficiency through enterprise content management.

The new partnership will facilitate regulatory submissions in the pharmaceutical industry and will include the integration of Good Products' electronic document management system g-docs with Adlib Software's Express Server centralized PDF rendering tool.

eCapture Express Aims to Simplify ECM Document Capture

Daybreak ICS eCapture Express

Daybreak ICS, Inc., a provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software and services, recently announced the release of eCapture Express, a new addition to its eCapture Suite of distributed document capture and delivery solutions.

eCapture Express is designed for workgroup or departmental deployments and establishes “a new level of simplicity” with its client-only architecture and subscription pricing model.

AIIM Email and eDiscovery Webinars Coming Soon

AIIM Email Management eDiscovery Webinars

Webinars, in general, are interesting and jam-packed with useful information — the folks at AIIM want to share that experience with users. Two hot topics are up for discussion come October: email management and eDiscovery standardization.

United Planet Gets Groovy With Intrexx Xtreme 4.5

United Planet Intrexx Xtreme 4.5 Enterprise Portal Software

United Planet, a developer of enterprise portal software, has recently launched Intrexx Xtreme 4.5. The new version offers increased flexibility and interoperability, improved user management, MS Office Business Adapter and integration of the dynamic Groovy scripting language.

Document Management on the Go With Xerox

Xerox Digital Scanning Technology Travel Scanner 100

Xerox Corporation, a vendor of document management solutions, has recently announced a new scanner that sticks with bigger doesn't always necessarily mean better mentality.

The Xerox Travel Scanner 100 is a small, powerful mobile scanner aimed primarily at business travelers and will allow even the busiest of travelers to scan their documents with familiar tools.

Attorneys Struggle to Prepare for Legal Discovery

The prominence of eDiscovery in the last few weeks certainly highlights the growing need for all kinds of companies to prepare efficiently and sufficiently for legal discovery.

We first reported that legal costs were rising, because organizations were ill-prepared to manage the massive amounts of content being searched and analyzed.

Now, as it turns out, law firms are also pointing fingers at their unorganized clients — saying that not only are they unprepared, they don't have any system is place to manage records or track documents.

Pilgrim Eases Regulatory Submissions Process

Pilgrim Eases Regulatory Submissions Process

Pilgrim Software, a provider of Enterprise Compliance and Quality Management (ECQM) software solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Virtify, a producer of web-based software solutions for the Life Sciences industry.

Together, they will provide an Electronic Regulatory Submissions solution to reduce the complexities and accelerate the submissions process lifecycle.

SharePoint Connector for E-Learning Platform Released

Luminosity Content Server Offers Microsoft SharePoint Integration for eLearning

CM Group, a provider of e-learning software and services, has recently announced a new component to Luminosity Content Server that will allow for integration into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

This integration will give enterprises more personalized options for educating employees with virtual learning material.

A Case for eDiscovery (Part 1)

A while back, we wrote about how companies are not in the habit of retaining and organizing their documents in a logical structure — which, in turn, is driving up their legal costs. The article fueled a frenzy of feedback from companies in the eDiscovery business.

They wanted to offer information about their services, and we saw it as an opportunity to pick their brains about what goes into the process, the challenges facing the industry and where the future of eDiscovery will take us.

SpringCM Launches Solution to Help CPAs

SpringCM Launches Solution to Help CPAs

SpringCM, an enterprise document management and workflow vendor, released its Accounts Payable Automation Solution in integration with Intacct’s on-demand financial management and accounting applications.

The new document management solution aims to improve productivity and reduce expenses by making paper-based processes obsolete in the accounting and financial industries.

MindTouch Partners to Bring Collaboration to CRM

MindTouch Deki for CRM

We know MindTouch for their open-source social enterprise collaboration platform Kilen Woods — the latest release just coming out late July. Now, they have come out with a new solution Deki for CRM, partnering with SnapLogic, a SaaS integration company.

MindTouch claims their new offering eases some of the issues related to using CRM applications by bringing better collaboration and additional intelligence.

Westbrook Improves Its Document Management Solution

Westbrook Releases Improved FortisDocument Management Solution

Westbrook Technologies, developer of Fortis enterprise document management software, announced that it has added several new features and product enhancements to improve Fortis.

Fortis 2.4.1 now includes enhanced AutoCAD format support, export to PDF, CDExpress, eCopy ShareScan OP and Kofax Capture.

ASG Aims to Solve Data Preservation Problems

ASG Software Solutions Enterprise Archiving Records Management

ASG Software Solutions, a provider of enterprise archiving and records management solutions, recently announced the integration of its ASG-ViewDirect product with Hitachi Data Systems' Hitachi Content Archive Platform.

This deal came together as a result of ASG's desire to address the challenges involved with managing enterprise content, while allowing users to easily interact with it. The partnership with Hitcachi Data Systems (HDS) helps ASG achieve these goals.

Reduce Paper Overload at eCopy Discovery Day

eCopy Discovery Day - Learn to Reduce Paper Overhead

At a time when events are happening almost every week on the subject of enterprise content management, it's not surprising to see eCopy welcoming you to spend the day on October 9, 2008 learning about turning your paper into digital assets and how to extend SharePoint to include paper-based information.

eDiscovery Drives Legal Costs Up

As it turns out, companies don't usually understand the importance of knowledge and document management, until they are legally required to find and hand over all documents. The process of ediscovery is usually complicated by the fact that companies don't know where their information lives.

Or so says a recent study by the American College of Trial Lawyers and the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System.