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eDocXL: The Ultimate Paperless Office Software for Everyone

eDocXL Offers The Ultimate Paperless Office Software To Everyone

We're running out of kinder, more creative ways to say this, so this time we're just going to go with: If we don't all go as green as possible, we won't be able to save the world! And that's the honest truth.

Joining several other companies in league to save trees is eDocXL software. eDocXL products are designed to eliminate paper from the workplace entirely and promote "putting the humble scanner to excellent use as an environmentally friendly, time-saving tool."

Mimosa Offers Retention and Classification for eDiscovery

Mimosa Systems Retention and Classification

Earlier this fall Mimosa released a new solution — email archiving — as an addition to its NearPoint product. Tomorrow, they'll announce another new addition, aimed at classifying and tagging archived content.

Mimosa NearPoint Retention and Classification Option (RCO) is an add-on module to the Mimosa NearPoint platform that can help organizations lower storage costs and expedite eDiscovery by enabling automated management of user-generated content based on policy.

Secure Document Firm IGC Reports Drastic Growth

Secure Document Firm Reports Drastic Growth

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), a company whose products help add secure document viewing capabilities to enterprises, reported a drastic increase in sales of their products. In the period between November 2007 and November 2008, the company reports a 50% year-over year growth in demand for its secure viewing and collaboration products worldwide.

Enterprise content management has been a hot growth spot over the past few years, and as sensitivity about information security remains in today's news, secure document storage and retrieval has also surged at the forefront of Information Technology manager's minds.

CaseCentral and CommVault Join eDiscovery Forces

CaseCentral Allies with CommVault for eDiscovery

eDiscovery powerhouse CaseCentral has teamed up with CommVault, a provider of high-performance data protection and data storage to deliver an end-to-end eDiscovery solution.  

The goal is to combine the indexing, search and retrieval capabilities of CommVault Simpana Archive and Search software, with CaseCentral’s eDiscovery Review Platform. Together, they will be able to offer a suite of solutions that cover the entire EDRM model.  

Scan Docs into MOSS for Document Management


If you still deal with a lot of paper documents, you are probably not alone. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions in the market to help you manage those documents by scanning them into document management systems, like SharePoint. Callisto Managed Scan is one solution that crossed our path. It is designed to use the latest embedding technology on MFDs (Multi Functional Devices) to help you organize your scanned documents easily.

Content-Centric SaaS Apps the Next Generation?

SpringCM 5.0

SpringCM Inc., a known SaaS Enterprise CMS player, has released the newest version of its SpringCM product — v5.0. It is touted as the “first SaaS platform that allows companies to easily deploy multiple content-centric applications” across different enterprise workgroups, making it easier for value added resellers (VARs) to build repeatable and cost-effective applications for their customers.

The yummiest part of the new release is SpringCM’s integration with 22 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technologies spanning imaging, document capture, business process automation, e-mail and records management, etc. – catering to such audiences as accounts payable, logistics, contract, proposal and records management and compliance.

DocuLex: Document Capture and Collaboration

DocuLex Releases SaaS-Based Solution for Remote DMS

There seems to be a much greater focus these days on the capture and management of paper documents. But it doesn't end there. Organizations also need to be able to collaborate on these types of stored documents. DocuLex's Archive Studio content management software is one option to help organizations do this efficiently.

SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes Gets An Upgrade

Mainsoft Updates SharePoint Integration Further into Lotus Notes

We know it's true that Microsoft leads the way on office productivity with MS Office and Outlook/Exchange. But we also know that Lotus Notes still has a solid market share for e-mail as well. And it wouldn't be a stretch to believe that even organizations with Lotus Notes also have at least one SharePoint implementation.

All good news for Mainsoft as they release the latest version of their SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes.

Webinars: Design, Social Media, Content Management

We may want to slow down and start to enjoy the holiday season, but that may not necessarily be our reality. The webinars included here include a range of topics designed to help you do business better. From managing your paper documents and records, to implementing social media practices, to getting people to sign up for your newsletter — there's a little something for all.

Financial Planners Need Better Management

Financial Planning

You can bet that the economic recession has financial planners in a tizzy. While the current economic climate is bound to increase the likelihood that demand for independent financial advisors will soar over the coming year, the need for client relationship management tools are increasing as well.

A recent software survey by Financial Planning revealed that its constituents are interested in learning how to leverage existing staff through improved technology and better practice management techniques, but are limited by what they think they know about the software available.

KMWorld: SpringCM Makes Good on Its Privia Promise

SpringCM is a Finalist in KMWorld Promise Award

SpringCM, like many other content management providers, makes a lot of promises about how their software will help businesses become more efficient. KMWorld is acknowledging that SpingCM is making good on one of those promises. Privia, SpringCM's bid and proposal lifecycle management software, is a finalist in the KMWorld Promise Awards.

Microsoft Doles-out 5GB Free Online Storage

Here's a way to get your own little piece of the cloud for free. Microsoft is now offering 5GB of free online storage through Windows Live Skydrive. Are we sensing a little bit of the Christmas giving spirit?

UpComing Conferences: Drupal, Social Networking, CMS and More

With the holiday officially upon us now — did someone say Advent Calendar? — you may be saving all your money to buy an Xbox or a WII. But if you aren't, or you are one of the fortunate few to have tons of money to spend, we have a few conferences that might be tempting.

Old Data in MOSS? Try C2C Archive One

C2C Has Archive One for SharePoint

C2C builds email, data and file management solutions. SharePoint can store a massive amount of content which includes emails, data and other documents. Want a way to easily archive and manage that content in MOSS? Try C2C Archive One for SharePoint.

StoredIQ Adds Archived Media to eDiscovery Solution

StoredIQ Adds Legacy Archived Media to eDiscovery Solution

StoredIQ Inc., a leading provider of information management and eDiscovery technologies, announced that it's going beyond their basic eDiscovery solutions to include data stored on backup tapes and other legacy archived media.

The aptly named, StoredIQ Solution for Legacy Archived Media, is built to leverage their eDiscovery solution for the enterprise by addressing and capturing data from all sources, both on- and off-line.

Rational JAZZ Gets MOSS Document Collaboration

Mainsoft Extends Rational Jazz with SharePoint Integration

Mainsoft continues to bridge the divide between Java and .Net. Today they announced the Beta release of Mainsoft Document Collaboration for Rational Jazz, SharePoint Edition.

SharePoint Security Concerns Simply a Lack of Governance?

SharePoint 2007

Many of today's corporate environments are embracing enterprise CMS solutions as a way to disseminate and share information amongst workers and workgroups. Microsoft SharePoint is a popular choice because it aligns well with an existing Microsoft-powered network and project groupsí workflow. However, according to new research from Courion, companies who are deploying SharePoint are doing so in a manner that might be putting crucial data at risk.

Content Migration is as Easy as Drag-and-Drop

Vital Path PathBuilder Studio Content Integration Migration

If you have ever seen “content migration” go from being a single line in a project plan to being a never-ending saga of tedious database scripting and failed migration attempts, then take heed: there is a tool available.

Spend Money on Conferences, Not Xmas

Yes it's true. We are suggesting you forget about that diamond necklace or that life subscription to GQ magazine and spend your money on a conference or two. Forget about Christmas. It's highly overrated anyway.

Now conferences, that's the ticket. Need to get some good networking done, learn some new tips and tricks for content management, Web 2.0, social media, maybe cloud computing. After all, we spend three quarters of our lives working. Here are a few that might tempt you…

Kazeon Offers Agent-less Analysis for eDiscovery

Kazeon eDiscovery

Kazeon Systems, who we introduced to you not too long ago, has been hard at work increasing the functionality and capabilities of their eDiscovery solutions. They've garnered the attention of new companies as a result. Despite financial chaos, the eDiscovery industry is proving to be recession proof.