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Interwoven Divorces Law Firms from Frumpy Filing Systems

Of late, law is getting a lot of help from the enterprise CMS side of the fence.

Interwoven has just announced the availability of a solution for the legal world, which just today also earned a committed pledge from Open Text and Microsoft.

But while OT and Microsoft focus on the document management and collaborative aspects of the lawful entanglement, Interwoven has devoted its energies to search. The new suite improves indexing for email, contracts and other documents, thereby simplifying the process for finding what you need.

Icing on the cake? Hierarchical access privileges enable use of the platform on mobile phones. (We're going to blame the iPhone for this one.)

EMC Adds XHive to the Trophy Case

X-Hive Logo

EMC provides a glimpse into the future of structured data storage with its acquisition of X-Hive Corporation, an industry leader in the XML-based data management arena.

Hyperwave: ECM + Web 2.0 (May) Equal CIM


To what degree can web 2.0 be applied to the world of enterprise information management? To push its latest whitepaper and collaborative info management solution, Hyperwave begs the question.

Content Central: the Latest New Kid on the DMS Block

Ademero Logo

There is a new player in the document management game, and it goes by the name of Ademero, Inc. The latest release of its document management solution (DMS), Content Central version 3.5, intends to simplify the process of document capture, retrieval, and management.

Nuxeo Scores with Upcoming Point Release

Nuxeo Logo

Although slightly behind schedule, Nuxeo is otherwise on-track to deliver the next the full point release of its open source enterprise content management system this week.

EMC Documentum Rolls the Dice with D6

EMC Logo

Anytime a software company announces a complete revision of its flagship product, its a momentous occasion for existing customers. When that company is EMC and the product in question is Documentum, then the entire industry stands up to take notice.

Before everyone gets swept up in the pomp and circumstance, however, let's keep a few things in mind.

Tridion, Fatwire and Interwoven Lead External Web Content Management

Forrester Wave

After evaluating 11 web content management vendors and providers across 190 content management and delivery criteria specific to external sites, Forrester ranked Tridion, Fatwire and Interwoven as leaders in the recently released Web Content Management for External Sites report.

And Tata said, Let There Be Learning


After building 30 custom learning management systems, Tata Interactive Systems realized there just might be a market for a product in the e-learning space. On the heels of that realization comes the announcement of Learning Planet, an offering that is being called an enterprise learning content management system or LCMS.

Knowledge Tree 'Open Sources' More Than Just Code

Knowledge Tree Logo

The idea of “open sourcing” a company's intellectual property has traditionally been applied to the source code that makes up a particular application. Yet in a surprising move, Knowledge Tree - which already offers its document management system under an open source license - is releasing all of its documentation, developer guides, and marketing materials under a Creative Commons contribution license.

SpringCM 3.9 Puts the 'Force' in SalesForce

SpringCM, a leader in on-demand document management and workflow, announces the availability of SpringCM 3.9.

Intended for products designed to improve the ability of users to manage documents, streamline collaboration, accelerate revenue, and maintain greater efficiency throughout the sales process, v3.9 promises to add more grease to an already well-oiled machine.

M & A: Hyland Software is Off the Market

Hyland Logo

An attractive acquisition target for the bigger players in the enterprise content management space because of their success in both the healthcare and banking industries, the purveyors of the OnBase document management solution have gone in a different direction and agreed to be acquired by a private equity firm.

Lowering Enterprise CMS Barriers with a Compliance Appliance

EMC Logo

Everyone's favorite self-proclaimed world leader in Enterprise CMS and information infrastructure, EMC Corp, just announced the EMC Rainfinity File Management Appliance (FMA). The new offering aims to provide lower storage costs and automated archiving and compliance policies across server and network attached storage (NAS) environments. And with a name like Rainfinity, how it could it possibly fail?

What is an Ontology? And Why We Need Them

Here at the 10th International Protégé Conference in Budapest, Hungary the word of the day is 'ontology'.

Most folks inside these walls know exactly what that means. Most people outside these walls do not. And those of us in the content management space should have a clear idea. Certainly, as the CM and Web technologies around us evolve, we will be left behind if we don't.

Xythos Adds Zip to Web Document Management

Seeking to add panache to the seemingly slow world of document management, Xythos has just updated Xythos on Demand 1.6, a SaaS document management service.

Google Addresses Compliance Concerns with Postini Acquisition


This week Google announced the acquisition of Postini, a communications security and compliance company, for US$ 625 million.

Google has made inroads into the enterprise and higher education markets with notable additions to their Google Apps offering. But Postini's capabilities are an entirely different value proposition, making the search giant into a contender for the long, arduous battle with legal and corporate compliance concerns.

Xythos Bridges Gap Between Blackboard and Web


The clever folk at Northwestern University have developed an open source application able to manage the exchange of content between the Xythos basic content services product and the popular Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS).

Who Needs SOA? Alfresco Gives it a REST

Alfresco Enterprise CMS

“Innovation is taking ECM out the 1990's”

With these words and the immediate availability of Alfresco Community Edition version 2.1, CTO John Newton hopes to position Alfresco as not just an innovator in the enterprise content management space but also in the enterprise architecture community.

Free Publication Management Webinar, Wednesday

Mary Laplante of The Gilbane Group will discuss state-of-the-art content practices for technical publications during a free, interactive one-hour webinar.

The event, sponsored by Idiom Technologies and EMC, will feature interviews by Bill Rabkin, Globalization Evangelist at Idiom and EMC Senior Product Marketing Manager Greg Dierickse.

Better Search Helps Tame the MOSS-Ridden Beast

Search vendor Mondosoft announced the release of Ontolica Search version 3.1 for Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) 2007. While the 3.0 release, covered here in May, had people on the edge of their seats, the 3.1 version is less dramatic and yet no slouch — offering a number of helpful new features.

Autonomy Acquires Zantaz for Risk Management Solutions


Autonomy, an enterprise infrastructure software purveyor, has just announced its purchase of ZANTAZ, which specializes in content archiving and e-discovery solutions software.

The pairing is expected to “redefine” information risk management by combining e-discovery, analytics, real-time policy management and consolidated archiving into one system.