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QuarkXPress Gets an XML Nip 'n' Tuck, Supports Mac

Quark Xpress

Proving that content management is just as important for creative shops as it is legal firms, Denver-based Quark Inc. announces the availability of a new and improved version of their QuarkXPress Server product. The buzz word for this release is XML .

ECM Market Hit US$ 1.6B in '06, will Double in 2012


A new report by Dublin, Ireland-based Research and Markets finds that the enterprise content management market will hit US$3.5 billion by 2012 if it continues to grow the way it has been.

Open Text Goes FirstClass With Updated Collaboration Suite


At the recent National Education Computing Conference in Atlanta, Open Text Corp announced the release of FirstClass Colaboration Suite 9.0.

This is the latest version of its integrated communications and collaboration software for businesses and learning organizations.

Compliance in a Box Makes Tidy Work of Enterprise CMS

Impact - Compliance in a Box

Less than three months after announcing the availability of their affectionately named Compliance in a Box turn-key solution, Impact Systems announces their first production deployment of the product.

Iron Mountain Reinvents Itself with Eye on Records Management

Iron Mountain Logo

Until recently we've all thought of Iron Mountain as little more than a backup tape shipping and storage business. While offsite maintenance of tapes is a necessary pain of IT existence (and has been a successful endeavor), recent acquisitions and partnerships have demonstrated that Iron Mountain is headed into quite a new arena. The high dollar records management space would appear to be the company's new calling and they've just put some serious resources behind it.

EMC and Oracle, A Match Made in Enterprise Heaven

oracle_logoooo.jpgIf you are one of the 55,000 shared customers of EMC/Documentum and Oracle, then you just might be excited about the recently announced EMC Information Infrastructure for Oracle. If you're not a customer, stick around anyway and find out what all the hubbub is about.

IBM Drops an 'e', Goes Web 2.0 with Lotus Quickr

Lotus LogoA recent Forrester Research study — involving 119 CIOs — indicated that over 60% of those surveyed showed a “strong desire” to purchase and implement Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, wikis and other light-weight collaboration tools. Manifesting a classic corporate quandary, those same CIOs also implied that they would prefer to purchase said technologies as a suite from a “large, incumbent software vendor”.

Its not music to everyone's ears, but IBM with their new Lotus Quickr product intends to deliver for just such a crowd.

CYA Revamps SmartRecovery for the Compliance-Concerned

Last week CYA Technologies released SmartRecovery 2.0 for IBM FileNet P8. This update provides live and discrete recovery for content and its associated metadata without FileNet P8 downtime.

Content Director Puts CMS in Shopping Carts


Chain Reaction Commerce, an ecommerce shopping cart maker and purveyor of CRE Loaded, a Web store application, are releasing the CRE Content Director. The Content Director is an add-on system that revs the traditional CRE Loaded with the document management features of a CMS.

And it all comes in a tidy little box.

Vignette Builds Hub of Multimedia Services

VignetteVignette, the firm responsible for refining Web Content Management for some of the worlds largest organizations, has announced the availability of the Vignette Digital Services Hub, a new technology aimed to tame the management and distribution of rich multimedia.

Skelta to Accelerate MOSS With BPM

Skelta Sharepoint  Accelerator Logo

If the lack of quality business process management (BPM) functionality is tarnishing what has otherwise been a satisfying experience with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, then look no further than Skelta's SharePoint Accelerator 2007.

MOSS Finds an IDOL in Enterprise Search

Autonomy Logo

Never one to shy away from a partnership when it improves the image of its products, Microsoft is happy to welcome Autonomy to the family of Enterprise Search Partners.

Connectivity '08 Leaps Out of Nest at June's End


Open Text has just released Connectivity 2008, out of its Hummingbird Connectivity collection.

This pretty new Hummingbird boasts a suite of ECM solutions poised to integrate heterogeneous systems, like UNIX or Mainframe, to Windows desktops.

Open Text Brings Web 2.0 to the Library


What if you could obtain an electronic version of a book that is currently checked out? What if you could listen to an interview with the author of a book to decide if you want to take it home? What if you could get digital copies of the journals and documents listed in the bibliography of a textbook?

These are just some of the questions to which Open Text hopes to guide the answer with a special version of Livelink, their enterprise content management product, customized for libraries.

M & A: Ricoh + IBM = InfoPrint

infoprint logo

Though the company was originally formed with the coupling of IBM's Printing Systems Division with Ricoh's hardware solutions has been servicing customers since January, the union is now official with the launch of InfoPrint Solutions Company.

echo Releases Swiss Army Knife for SharePoint

echo technology logo

As if enough software companies haven't already hitched their wagons to Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 (MOSS), echo Technology announces the beta release of its all-in-one MOSS administration solution.

Egnyte Explodes Onto the Knowledge Management Scene

egnyte logo

Just when you thought the knowledge management space could not possibly get anymore crowded, Egnyte bursts into the market with a hybrid storage/collaboration/content management solution.

Canon's eCopy Turns Paper to Bits

ecopy logoCanon, a familiar word in the digital imaging space, has joined forces with New Hampshire-based eCopy to bring enterprise document management to Canon India. The eCopy ShareScan Open Platform enables users to extend the capabilities of Canon's black and white or color digital multi-functional devices. With eCopy the devices can act as a bridge, converting volumes of paper to high-resolution electronic copies — bridging document workflows and creating integration points with back office systems.

Microsoft Delivers on DoD 5015.2 Cert Promise

SharePoint Logo Following through on a commitment made last November, Microsoft has announced that their darling SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) product has just received the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.2 records management certification.

Also known by the more formal and much longer: Design Criteria Standard for Electronic Records Management Software Applications, the 5015.2 certification has emerged as an industry standard for records management applications used within the United States government.

SPA: Non-Toxic Relief for SharePoint Site Admins

sharepoint_solutions.png There is nothing more tedious than a change management bottleneck that puts your plans on hold. Well, any kind of bottleneck really sort of sucks. Cognizant of this state of affairs, SharePoint Solutions — consultants and trainers focused on Microsoft's SharePoint software — have released their much anticipated Site Provisioning Assistant (SPA) for SharePoint 2007.