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Nuxeo vs. Alfresco, How Do You Like Your OSS?

The next time you see the phrase “open source” used in association with some software, be advised that you'll need to take that claim with a grain of salt. This was a statement made last November by ZDNet blogger David Berlind.

As the concept of Professional Open Source gains momentum and more vendors jump on this boat, its becoming increasingly important to have some reliable indicators of what a real open source effort looks like.

Oracle Drops Premium Product Post-Stellent

After purchasing Stellent and recently playing the tease about what they'd do with it, Oracle finally releases its first ECM offering since the acquisition.

Nuxeo Plays ECM Ball in Alfresco's Backyard

nuxeo logoJumping channel from FR to UK open source Enterprise CMS vendor Nuxeo has opened its latest foreign office in London.

The company aims to capitalize on the oh so rosy UK ECM market and the large number of energy and financial services companies in the UK, as well as gain some international footing as it pushes further.

Microsoft Calls E-Discovery, Records Management Inseparable Halves

microsoft_lowgow.jpgWhat's the worst that could happen when your records go unmanaged? Ask Microsoft, which spends an average of US$ 20 million for e-discovery per litigation, according to one company exec.

Open Text Swaggers After ECM User Response

Having leveraged the standard enterprise's need to archive material and manage records, Open Text is starting to see a strong response for its Livelink ECM integration for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

This also includes its solution for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, which was just released in early March.

EMC Plays Friendly with SharePoint (MOSS)

EMC / DocumentumFollowing through on an alliance announced in October, EMC has released two new products to facilitate integration of EMC Documentum with Microsoft SharePoint.

Oracle Unfolds Dramatic ECM Aspirations


After its acquisition of Stellent half a year ago, Oracle has been disturbingly mum about how it plans to use its new resources to beef up their existing Content Management offerings.

That silence has just been broken. Today Oracle released its broad intentions for assimilating Stellent offerings.

Day Updates ECM Products, Announces DAM Solution

Day SoftwareInnovation and standards compliance — with a hint of improved usability thrown in — come together as Day unwraps the latest versions of Communiqué CMS and their JCR-compliant Content Repository Extreme (CRX).

And not to be outdone by Microsoft's recent SharePoint-based Interactive Media Manager announcement, this morning the company gave us a peek under the covers of a sporting new digital asset management (DAM) solution enchantingly named Communiqué Digital Asset Management, or “CQ DAM” for those of you with less free time.

MS Builds Media Management Offering on SharePoint

SharePoint 2007Today at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas — our dearest little spot in the West — Microsoft will unwrap a new media asset management offering built on their SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 platform.

The new Interactive Media Manager product is (perhaps predictably) hailed by the company as a next-generation content management solution. It combines digital work flows and media application integration in a collaborative environment built on SharePoint's core strengths.

Enterprise CMS Implementations Double in the UK

We are a nation that lives and dies by statistics. Whether it's the latest Who's Hot and Who's Not List, the Fortune 100 or the statistics to show who is using what, when, why or how, we eat it up.

OpenDocument Makes Formatting Compliance Simpler


It is not pleasant to complete a project in your format of choice, only to discover it does not comply with a sanctioned formatting standard.

With this frustration in mind, the OpenDocument Fellowship (ODF) brings us the ODF Validator, a simple tool you can use to verify whether your document complies with its formatting standards. Yes, these days even compliance can be solved with a widget. Buys Its Way Into the CM Space has long been a major force in customer relationship management, but can the company known for automating customer contact buy its way into the realm of content management systems?

Too Pro for Just Any Gathering? Hit the CM Pro Summit


If the prospect of audio-laced content management doesn't scare you and you yawn with impatience at Open Text's every innovation, you're probably a content management pro.

And if you think this means you're too good for another immersion learning experience, we beg to differ. Because the CM Pros Summit takes place this April 13!

Interwoven Helps Business Flex Sleepy Content Muscles


The globe-spanning CMS leaders at Interwoven recently announced the availability of the enhanced Interwoven Collaborative Document Management, which promises to increase the actual agility of an enterprise. How? The real question is, how else?

O3Spaces & Xandros Further OSS SharePoint Offensive

O3 SpacesIn a match made somewhere near heaven O3Spaces, B.V. — the open source challenger to Microsoft SharePoint and provider of the O3Spaces Workplace Collaboration platform — and Linux distro vendor Xandros have announced an agreement to provide OpenDocument and MS Office document collaboration, management and retention services for the forthcoming release of Xandros Server 2.0 Standard Edition.

O3Spaces targets SharePoint, whilst Xandros chips away at Windows Server and Windows XP sales.

Beirut Market Yields Fancy New DMS Solution


When you're looking to expand your range in a target market, you don't just tiptoe quietly into the arena. You pick a group, develop something they can't refuse and announce your solution to star-studded applause at CeBIT, the largest IT fair in the world.

This is how the software solutions gurus at Digital File s.a.r.l. plan on spreading the word about the availability of its cost-effective new document management offering, E-File 4.0. Created with small and mid-sized businesses in mind, it pairs a user-friendly interface with a powerful punch.

Ektron Goes Wiki'ing and Web 2.0 Too

New Hampshire-based Ektron, a popular provider of Web CMS and Document Management solutions for the mid-market has unwrapped their latest release of CMS400.NET.

Version 7.0 of the product is tuned into the ever present Web 2.0 theme and proudly sports new Wiki functionality, better forums, enhanced blogging tools, and advanced navigation features.

5280 Solutions Soups Up SharePoint Image Capture


5280 Solutions, a renaissance-style team of developers specializing in software, consulting and systems integration organization, just released Document Management Imaging Suite for SharePoint (MOSS) 2007.

What does this mean for users? They'll now be able to automate digital image capture and data extraction from scanned paper in order to process that information, all while storing the resulting documents in their dear SharePoint repository.

OpenDocument (ODF) Enhances XML Accessibility

OASISIn more standards news the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) recently announced that their members have approved OpenDocument Format (ODF) for Office Applications version 1.1 as an official OASIS Standard.

OpenDocument is a royalty-free, XML-based file format that covers features required by text, spreadsheets, charts, and graphical documents.

This newest update provides users with important accessibility enhancements, ensuring that the OpenDocument format takes care of addressing the particular needs of people with disabilities.

Knowledge Tree DMS Adds Web 2.0 Collaboration

Knowledge Tree DMSKnowledgeTree has updated their KnowledgeTree Document Management System to version 3.4 — a more powerful take on its existing low-cost alternative to typical document management solutions. The main differences lie in a gaggle of Web 2.0 features — which have become darn near required for any sort of legitimacy these days: tagging, tag clouds, and XML data feeds.