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Make Jam of Apples and Oranges with DocsCorp compareDocs


For dedicated content builders who've always wanted to compare the kettle to the pot, Sydney-based DocsCorp releases compareDocs, an enhancement to the pdfDocs Solutions Suite.

Laserfiche Starts Dev-Club for Integrated Solutions


One of the benefits of a globalized world is an increased ability to draw from the expertise of strangers from far-flung corners of the universe. This also results in a more fertile environment for open source development.

As a result, everybody's got a community these days. Last week document management firm Laserfiche launched the Professional Developer Partnership (PDP) program last week.

G'Day Mate, My Name is Ektron

Ektron CMS400.NET Web CMSFresh from this month's launch of a UK-based operation, Ektron's expansion continues into the southern hemisphere with the opening of new offices in Sydney, Australia. Ektron has chosen Sydney's business hotbed, Norwest Business Park, as the location for their Asian-Pacific presence.

Vignette + HP = ILM Perfection & GRC Pleasures?

Vignette logoIn response to the twin concerns of business process efficiency and business records compliance, HP is teaming up with Vignette to deliver what they are calling the most complete Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solution available today.

ZyLAB Backs SharePoint Up, XML Style

zylab logoAs Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) continues to gain momentum in the content management space, a growing crowd of vendors is flocking to wire their products to MOSS or paper over its rough edges with MOSS-trimming programs.

Gartner Foresees Growth in ECM Lead by Big Blue

Gartner Logo

Gartner, everyone's favourite research firm, has read the ECM tea leaves and expects its global market to grow at a rate of 12 percent per year. If that growth rate holds true, by 2010 the worldwide market for content management will be valued at a whopping US$ 4.2 billion.

SaaS CMS Business Model Springs Forward

springcm logoAs more companies jostle to take advantage of the white-hot Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution space (also known as “on-demand software”), SpringCM hopes to strengthen their leadership position by releasing an updated version of their SaaS Enterprise CMS.

Altien Brings ECM Ease to Legal World

It might be safe to say most companies are only as good as the strength of their record-keeping. This cannot be more true than it is in the corporate legal industry, where the difference between government compliance and non-compliance is dependent on proper and efficient data organization and delivery.

UK-based Altien has just released Altien for Corporate Legal, an Enterprise CMS offering for legal departments that deals with the document management and workflow needs of in-house staff.

Sitefinity CMS Strives for Sweet Developer, Manager Balance

sitefinity logoWhile PHP and Java have been increasingly labeled the tech platforms of choice for Web CMS solutions, .NET remains a favorite for many ISV's. And even if the pairing of .NET and content management typically inspires thoughts to wander towards MOSS, a plethora of other options certainly exists for those looking.

One such candidate is Telerik's Sitefinity Web CMS.

Vignette Delivers Architecture of Participation

VignetteAs the desire to use Web 2.0 technologies moves inside the enterprise, content management system providers are scrambling to build solutions to meet the new demand.

Vignette is the latest to fall in line, with the release of a new version of their collaboration platform. Creatively dubbed Vignette Collaboration, the latest release promises everything that people think of when they think of Web 2.0 — online communities, simple knowledge management, user generated content and social networking.

Ektron Moves Further East

Crossing paths mid-flight with many a European CMS contender, Ektron, a New Hampshire based Web CMS vendor, has set up camp in the United Kingdom. Their new UK division will include business development, partner support, technical consulting, customer service and an in-house training center.

Nitro Makes Competitive Blast into PDF Market


If you are looking for an alternative to Adobe Acrobat for PDF creation and manipulation, look no further. Nitro PDF Software follows up the March release of Nitro PDF Express with the release of a new version of Nitro PDF Professional.

Alfresco Rings Bell for Red Hat Exchange While Rumors Swirl

rhx-red.pngJoining thirteen other open source stalwarts including MySQL, JBoss, Zimbra and Sugar CRM, Alfresco is now one of the founding members of a new online marketplace for business applications called the Red Hat Exchange (RHX).

ShareMethods Joins Office 2.0 Fray, Enter OpenSAM

sharemethods-logo.jpgJoining Zimbra, Zoho and a web based office suite from a little ole Google; ShareMethods is the latest player in the effort to move the office suite from the desktop to the web.

EMC World Hits Orlando this Month


Over 7,000 EMC experts, technologists and buyers will be gathering in Orlando for EMC World 2007, a veritable gaggle of EMC experts and enthusiasts.

EMC is a leading figure in the enterprise content management webiverse.

Cabinet NG Plugs Document Management into the Desktop

CNGA thriving and yet under served market, small and mid-size businesses will be excited to know that not every solution provider is focused solely on the enterprise. In an attempt to simplify their customers' business processes, Cabinet NG has announced an automated document management product specifically for the Peachtree accounting platform.

Better Search, Outlook Integration for MOSS 2007

Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 LogoTwo new add-ons for Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS) 2007 strive to not only make it easier and faster for users to locate their content but also enable them to store content in SharePoint directly from Outlook.

Point, Click and Go SharePoint, from Lotus Notes

Proposion LogoAs we have covered recently , content migration is a hot and serious topic for many IT managers. Migration from Lotus Notes to Microsoft SharePoint, a heretofore unfulfilled niche in the market, appears to have been filled by Proposion Software.

NextPage Grabs CODiE for Document Retention, Compliance

NextPage Document RetentionIn a bid to secure corporate information subject to regulatory compliance, enterprises the world over are questioning the effectiveness of traditional centralized records management solutions. The problem lies not as much with the technical workings as it does with the social aspects of the solution. The simple fact is that users often omit the step of actually shuffling documents off to a centralized server. For most people, this extra task is nothing more than a time consuming chore. Vendors who recognize and address this problem are bubbling to the top, and with good reason.

Upgraded EMC Products Aim to Simplify Governance

EMC LogoIn order to help customers better manage their electronically stored information while also meeting internal and external governance requirements, EMC has delivered new versions of both their email and file system archiving solutions.