Cabinet NG CNG-WEB CNG-SAFE Secure Remote Access Module Cabinet NG (CNG) has recently released the CNG-Web module that enables users to remotely connect to CNG-SAFE, a solution for automated document management and workflow targeted towards small enterprises. Customers with access to the CNG-Web module are capable of searching, viewing and printing documents with nothing more than a Web browser and an Internet connection.CNG-Web operates as an extension to CNG-SAFE, which allows users to perform common document management and workflow tasks from remote locations. While the CNG-Web module lets customers connect to CNG-Safe from anywhere, it still has to provide features that are useful to the customer. Here is a quick look at what CNG-Web provides to users: * Document access from a Web browser * Fast and efficient interface * Viewing and printing documents * Searching at document and keyword levels * Extended access security of CNG-SAFE Users can search cabinets, documents and folders from within a safe and secure environment that further extends the security features built within CNG-SAFE. Furthermore, users can easily view and print documents from remote locations. Since additional software is not required on remote computers, the system is instantly accessible from any computer with Internet access. Cabinet NG CNG-WEB CNG-SAFE Secure Remote Access Module
CNG-Web in action

Jon Clark, VP of sales at Cabinet NG, provides some insight on how CNG-Web operates in a small enterprise environment: "With CNG-Web, staff based at either HQ or remote locations get the same instant and secure access to client files using a standard browser. Files and folders are only accessible by authorized users, so CNG-Web is an easy-to-use and economical online extension of a small enterprise’s document management system. The system automatically enforces security and controls access rights for all users." CNG-Web can be purchased by existing customers of Cabinet NG. More information about CNG-Web, CNG-SAFE and other products and services offered by the company can be found on the company's Web site.