It was a big week in the document management and Enterprise CMS space. While SharePoint 2013 was the focus of the Las Vegas SharePoint conference, EMC was also keeping busy in Vienna. Meanwhile, Jahia released Wise and Kofax partnered with Cornerstone.

SharePoint 2013 for ECM?

One of the big subjects that gets tossed around like confetti every three years when Microsoft starts the build up to its next SharePoint release is the potential for the new release to act as an Enterprise CMS.

With the SharePoint 2010 release, we saw this conversation start gaining traction almost as soon as it was released, and although many enterprises are still trying to get to grips with 2010 till this day, the buzz is already starting for the upcoming release of SharePoint 2013.

The hype around this release is growing already, especially in light of the SharePoint conference which finishes today. Microsoft is a Gartner MQ ECM Leader, so it must continue to innovate in this space to keep up with the other ECM leaders.

Mike Ferrara was one of several contributors giving us a bird's eye view from the conference. He attended a session covering Microsoft’s efforts to increase their clout in ECM with SharePoint 2013, and this is what he found out.

KnowledgeLake SharePoint Capture Enhanced

Also around this year’s conference in the document management space, KnowledgeLake announced a number of enhancements to KnowledgeLake Capture, its solution for scanning and capturing information from documents and bringing  into the SharePoint environment.

Among the new enhancements in this release is the ability to scan and index documents faster and in multiple batches at the same time, along with new language support and advanced prioritization functionality.

It has the usual Office ‘look and feel’ about it so the learning curve here is quite low as users can work off a familiar ribbon bar application menu that they will be familiar with from standard Office user interfaces. Capture is easy to install and configure, KnowledgeLake says, so users should be able to get up and running quickly.

Capture is one of the key features that we will be looking for in the next version of SharePoint, and from SharePoint partners, so watch this space for more on this.

Qorus Document Automation For SharePoint

Finally, from the document management space and the SharePoint conference, there is a new release of the Qorus document automation solution for SharePoint
Called DocGeneration it enables enterprises to access document automation functionality natively from within SharePoint, Word and PowerPoint, and enables users to design and build templates that pull together all the live data stored in the SharePoint lists, CRM systems, or just about any other enterprise system, Qorus says.