More this week about the ongoing Google Docs -- Microsoft Office tit-for-tat with the addition of Office 2010 capabilities to Facebook. Google shrugs it off and upgrades app for Outlook migration.

Office 2010 On Facebook

With the business release of Office 2010 only a matter of weeks away, Microsoft (news, site) and Facebook have teamed up to give Facebook (news, site) users some of the functionality of Office 2010 -- and of course put Google Docs in its place.

The new release -- Docs -- from Microsoft’s FUSE Labs enables users to create and share Office documents across Facebook and comes with editing and collaboration abilities as well as rigorous privacy settings.Docs_In_Facebook.jpg
Office 2010 in Facebook

According to FUSE Labs, users will be able to upload or start docs online, have someone else edit it, incorporate feedback and then share it with the world. Docs can be viewed and edited directly within a web browser or through the Microsoft Office software on PC or Mac.

In the blog, Lili Cheng describes it as a way to “increase the value of Office ‘docs’ by giving everyone the ability to seamlessly take their friends and connections with them from Facebook to
Editing in Docs

Guess where this is going? Right in the face (book!) of Google Docs would be a good bet. She adds that “one of our FUSE Labs principles is that ‘it’s not what you say -- rather, it’s what you do, what you learn, and how you adapt.” Seems Microsoft has looked at Google Docs, adapted and decided Facebook would help with the Google problem!

The site is in beta with advisory notes that the technology will be rolling out over the next few weeks. “. . . we're gradually allowing people to create and upload their own documents”, the site says.

Google comin’ right back at ya’!

And if you find that amusing, this one continues in the same vein. Remember in March when Google Apps introduced a tool for moving from Exchange to Google apps? Well Google has just upgraded it to make your migration even easier.

Version 1.8 of the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook plug-in comes with the following features:

  • New sync-status interface. This new interface provides progress indicators for address book, contacts, calendar and email.
  • Support for sharing read-only calendars.
  • The option to cancel import.