The big news, if it really is news, this week will be the business launch of Microsoft Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. Everyone will be watching in the coming weeks to see what happens with Google Docs, while IBM adds text analytics for social media to SPSS’ Modeler.

Office 2010 Launch And Google Docs

Not exactly news, but something that still needs to be marked is the launch of Office 2010 tomorrow for business users. So we all know the score on the Microsoft v Google, Office v Docs thing, but take the sniping out of the equation and Office 2010 is a serious application.

While all the folks in Microsoft (news, site), along with an assortment of Microsoft offspring, are celebrating in New York tomorrow, businesses across the US will get their first look at the final, official version, with home users having to wait until next month for the general release.

That said, probably the most interesting features in the new release won’t be on the shelves anyway because you can only get them online. That is, of course, Office WebApps' slimmed down versions of Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

And it is this feature that Microsoft is hoping to attract users away from Google Docs or -- even better -- stop them going there in the first place. With Office Web Apps, users have all the major document capabilities online and can download files to work locally.

With Google, recent upgrades included, users can’t download them and play with them in any Google desktop software.

While Microsoft may be publicizing this difference in a big way at the moment, it really remains to be seen in the future whether anyone actually cares once they get used to working on and storing documents in the cloud.

Google Adds Apps Improvements

Speaking of Google, work on improving Google Apps continues with the recent announcement that new improvements to the document and spreadsheet editors, themselves only recent releases, are coming on stream.

It’s only a small addition, but one that shows just one of the directions Google is taking with Apps. Last week, Google added the ability to copy sheets across spreadsheets without having to duplicate an entire spreadsheet by just pressing the “Copy to...” option in the sheet options menu.

Along with this improvement, Google also announced that a whole load of applications are on the way later this year that are focused on businesses, schools and organizations using Google Apps.