docmgmtrollup.jpgWe saw a lot of action in the document management world recently, with Facebook closing the door on its much ignored email service, a rebranded Web Apps from Microsoft and a new Service Pack released by AvePoint aimed at improving data governance. Accusoft kept busy with the upgrade of its Prizm document viewer, while WatchDox offered a free document editor to its users.

Facebook Quashes Email

It's been a busy couple of weeks for Facebook. With all the hoopla around the WhatsApp acquisition and the difficulties people have had getting their head around the amount of money involved, most haven’t been paying much attention to any of the other announcements from Facebook. One of those involved the end of its email service.

The announcement, which should have landed in the mail box of those that actually used the system, explained that after three years it is finally calling it a day on the service.

If the announcement only started filtering out onto the web very slowly, it's only because the service didn’t  have a huge number of users and, according to the announcement, Facebook wants to enable its account holders to keep all their mails in one place.

What will happen in the future is that emails sent to addressees will, moving forward, be sent to the OTHER address you provided when first setting up a Facebook account.

It could be, though, that trying to make a buck out of WhatsApp and developing its email service at the same time was just one social bridge too far. Facebook also told users that it is giving up the service to focus on improving mobile messaging services for everyone.

The address never gathered any traction -- I can't ever remember having received an email  from a address -- and if its launch was met with a lukewarm response initially three years ago, that was soon replaced by pure loathing after Facebook judiciously decided in 2012 to  replace default email addresses listed on users’ profiles with

That was a step too far for most and the reaction forced it to change its policy soon afterwards. The aftermath is that now it has been suppressed completely and will never come back to haunt users again. Did we say never?! Never is a very long time, so lets just say goodbye for now.  

Microsoft, Google Slug it Out

Another big announcement over the past couple of weeks came from Microsoft and the rebranding of its Web Apps under the global banner of

Realistically, there wasn’t a huge amount of IT meat to chew on here, but according to a blog post from Microsoft, many people were confused about the apps, what they are, and where they can be found. Microsoft has resolved it all by placing everything in