This week in document management we heard how SpringCM has upgraded its content security to enable safer mobile computing. OpenText was also busy this week with not one, or two, but four different upgrades and releases, while Ademero upgraded Content Central to v6.5. Meanwhile, we sat down with Alfresco to find out about the future of cloud computing.

SpringCM Secures Mobile Content

As vendors push their products onto the cloud and out to an increasingly mobile workforce, content security has never been more important. While always important, the increase in mobile device use has made it become a key issue for enterprises. The latest company to tackle this is SpringCM.

SpringCM is an old hand in the content and document management game and with the development of its cloud content capabilities, mobile security and the ability to synchronize content from any mobile device became essential.

Enhancements to security in its Content Cloud Services is the result. With the enhancements, SpringCM offers a flexible security mode built around granular security settings for all content that enables users to chose their own security settings rather than being forced to take an all or nothing approach.

Its new Mobile Device Management lets enterprises decide what content can be stored on what device, revoke permissions for a device or all devices if security requires it. They can also see what activity mobile users are carrying out in SpringCM.

SpringCM now gives enterprises greater control over which content can and cannot be synced based on file, folder or attribute value with the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) enhancement that arms enterprises with the leading internal controls and audits to reduce the risk of data leakage.

There is a lot more on this worth looking at if you’re going mobile with SpringCM so check out the website.

OpenText For BPM, Archiving

The last seven days have been very busy for OpenText with no less than four upgrades and releases in as many days.

Last Tuesday it announced the release of BPM Smart Process Applications and OpenText SecureiX, while on Wednesday we saw the launch of OpenText InfoFusion and OpenText Archive.

Why OpenText should launch all four in the same week is not known, but it does send out a very positive message to clients and investors that this is a company with real drive and a vision of where it wants to go.