Even with the vacations, there is still some notable news in the document management space — and not all of it is good.

Docurated this week discovered that enterprises are still drowning in content and documents despite the large number of vendors that have introduced apps to manage both.

And both Kodak and Parascript released or upgraded new capture solutions and M-Files upgraded its mobile apps. 

Document Management Problems

Feels like document management groundhog day today. No matter what research is done, technologies developed, or discussions launched across the document management industry, little is changing — we are still drowning in our own documents.

The "new" findings are contained in research that has just been released by knowledge management vendor Docuarated on the basis of research done across 116 anonymous senior IT executives. We say new here only in the sense that the report has just been released.

The findings, though are familiar and are repeated on a yearly basis in the AIIM State of the Industry report on ECM, which has consistently flagged the state of chaos that reigns around document management in many enterprises.

2014-7-25 docurated document management problems.jpg

In this, the first  study of the industry by Docurated, the findings are almost a copycat of the AIIM findings. It showed first of all, that most companies are operating in a world “awash with content and documents.”

Surprise, surprise, it also found that knowledge workers are still, to a large extent, unable to find the content they need to do their jobs. It also noted a proliferation of information siloes, file-servers as the main document storage application, with cloud solutions doing little, or nothing, to improve the situation.

Even still, if document management is a key pain point and priority, nearly two thirds of IT executives are investing in Document Management initiatives.

Well at least someone is trying to do something about, right? Yes, if you actually believe them.

They’ve been saying this for years and the results are clear from the findings in this report. We will be taking a deeper look at the findings of this report next, but they’re not pretty, if you’re a CEO that thinks he , or she, is finally getting on top of the document management problem.

M-Files Upgrades Mobile Apps

So what is the problem? Again, it has been shown that one of the biggest problems is lack of strategy or planning. After all, there are numerous document management providers that have excellent solutions for tackling this problem so the technology to help is available.

One of those vendors is M-Files, which has been building out its enterprise information and document management solution for years with constant updates and tweaking to optimize the users’ experiences.