A variety of IT vendors debuted add-on solutions that bring functionality including mobile, cloud and collaboration features to SharePoint at last week’s SharePoint Conference held in Las Vegas, NV. Solution providers making noteworthy announcements included Workshare, Colligo, Nintex and Axceler.

Workshare Solutions Improve SharePoint Protection, Comparison, Collaboration

During the SharePoint 2012 Conference, secure document collaboration software provider Workshare demoed four solutions designed to ease the secure sharing and tracking of SharePoint documents outside an organization’s firewall. The four solutions are:

  • Workshare Point – This solution allows direct exchange of documents between Microsoft Office and SharePoint, allowing users to perform both Office and SharePoint document tasks with a single platform.
  • Workshare Professional 7 – Direct integration of Office document sharing and review capabilities including comparisons, version controls and metadata management with SharePoint enhances their effectiveness.
  • Workshare Protect 7 – This solution integrates SharePoint with Microsoft Outlook to automate real-time removal of, or warning about, email attachments of SharePoint documents that include sensitive or unnecessary data such as tracked changes, speaker notes, author names and last time of editing.
  • Workshare Compare 7 – This comparison tool is designed to streamline the review of SharePoint documents and PDFs and ease the identification of changes.

Colligo Enables Mobile SharePoint Content Management

SharePoint app provider Colligo introduced Colligo Briefcase, a mobile app for secure SharePoint content management that runs on the Android, Mac OS X and Apple iOS platforms.  Targeting organizations with BYOD policies, Colligo Briefcase enables secure access to SharePoint on Apple iOS, Mac OS X, and Android, including full offline access to all features.

Thumbnail image for colligo-portal.JPG

In addition, the app offers centrally-configured and managed SharePoint access across user devices and integrates email and metadata management across devices.


Nintex Provides Mobile, Social, Cloud Capabilities

SharePoint workflow solutions provider Nintex is offering mobile, social media and cloud computing capabilities via its new Nintex Workflow 2013 and Nintex Forms 2013 modules which are aligned with the release of SharePoint 2013. Following are brief overviews of how the new applications will deliver functionality in each of these three areas.