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7+ Social Software Platforms for Enterprise Collaboration

Well kids, the month has come to an end, and thus, so has our extra-focused focus on enterprise collaboration. Hopefully you've garnered enough information over the last few weeks to make a decision that's right for you, but, just in case you  need it, here's a last look at a few platforms that specialize in the social side of things: 

Jive Software

Jive (news, site) has been growing steadily since 2001, and is now one of the most sought-after software solution companies in the market. Aimed at medium to large organizations, Jive's social business software works to keep communication flowing between both the inside and the outside of the enterprise:

The system's newest additions (for version 4.5) include microblogging, instant messaging, and support for OpenSocial, which allows developers to create custom tools based on company data, and widgets for enterprise-exclusive tools and apps.

Further, 2009 was a record year for Jive, with highlights such as:

  • Adding social media monitoring via the Filtrbox acquisition
  • Adding support for both mobile devices and Microsoft Office
  • Integrating with the Infamous SharePoint
  • Integrating with SAP for Business Intelligence

Presently, the company is looking at a fairly awesome 2010, which includes an IPO that will enable it to expand even faster and invest more into its software and products. 


Since June of last year, Telligent (news, site) has been one of a small handful of companies that comes with a double dose of collaboration. After undergoing a heavy rebranding session, Telligent offers users Telligent Community and Telligent Enterprise. Telligent Community is an externally facing community solution that supports partners and customers, while Telligent Enterprise is an internal collaboration solution that focuses on enterprise integration in addition to community capabilities.

The latest version of Telligent Community allows users to add, order and customize fields, while interface enhancements shorten the number of required clicks. New content pages are also available, as well as modifiable navigation and the ability to create blog and file mashups. 

Meanwhile, Telligent Enterprise offers extensible security options which include setting access rights to content, sharing video content from internal and external sources, and creating employee dashboards.

SharePoint 2010 + NewsGator

NewsGator's Social Sites (news, site) solution is built on top of SharePoint, and aims to fill in SharePoint's social gaps, especially the sense of community for COP’s and COI’s (via declared membership, aggregating events in the activity stream, and a selection of admin tools). 

Social Sites also expands the activity streams area by directly integrating into the SharePoint 2010 activity store, gathering more events, including document additions, wiki creation, people joining communities, discussions, microblogging, votes and comments, etc. Social Sites also gathers events that come from communities without requiring users to add each member as a colleague.

Check out a total list of the features Social Sites adds to SharePoint vs. what SP2010 offers out of the box: 





In need of some social CMS? Check out Drupal (news, site). The platform has quietly managed to win over tens of millions of users interested in a more social content management experience. Specifically, Drupal has ramped up traditional CMS with Drupal Commons, a free and open source business software solution. As a platform for building community sites, Drupal Commons enables users to:


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