Atlassian Confluence releases Office, MOSS connectors Atlassian has released the latest version of their Confluence enterprise wiki software, officially releasing their SharePoint Connector and a new Connector that will make many MS Office and Open Office users happy.Version 2.9 of the Atlassian Confluence wiki comes with a number of new features, a ton of fixes -- 140 to be exact -- and two new Connectors: * SharePoint Connector * Office Connector

New Features for Confluence

* Search: A simplified search that now searches across all spaces and object types and Filters Results * Charting: Updated charting capabilities includes a number of new formats and chart types that are even prettier than ever * Auto-Save: A last saved timestamp hangs out by the save button * Demonstration Space: An updated demonstration space includes "simple, straightforward demonstrations of Confluence's capabilities and an easy to follow tutorial for newbies" * Gallery: An improved macro lets you display picture sets visually on a page As for the 140 fixes and other improvements, well, we won't go into these -- take a look for yourself.

Confluence Office Connector

Another new feature that is free to all Confluence customers is the Office Connector. AC_WordEdit.jpg
MS Word Integration

This is something Atlassian seems particularly proud of as it lets anyone contribute to the Confluence wiki directly from MS Word or OpenOffice. AC_OpenOFfice.jpg
OpenOffice Integration

They also claim some cool functionality using Excel and PowerPoint and say you can build a SlideShare using this connector and Confluence. AlCon_Slideshare.jpg
PowerPoint and SlideShare Integration

This new Connector comes as a result of a recent acquisition -- plugin developer Benryan Software -- last month.

Confluence SharePoint Connector

We covered the SharePoint Connector in June when Atlassian announced it at the Enterprise 2.0 conference. The Connector enables several things: * Searching across SharePoint and Confluence wiki sites * Embed SharePoint content into the wiki * Embed wiki pages into SharePoint via a couple of web parts Unlike the Office Connector, the SharePoint Connector is not free. A commercial license will run you US$ 5,000 and includes 12 months of maintenance updates and support.

Connector Heaven for Confluence

According to the vendor, there are over 300 free and commercial plugins for the Confluence wiki -- now that's a lot of extra goodness. With the addition of the Office and SharePoint Connectors, there will probably be an increased use of the product in the enterprise. A very smart move for Atlassian. Take a free trial and judge for yourself if the solution is all they claim it to be.