Tom Kelly, CEO of Moxie Software, spoke about how expectations have changed. The reality of our world today is overwhelming. With respect to that, looking for ways to simplify things and conduct business, is essential for dealing with the speed of change.

The Social Software Evolution, Not Revolution

If you're wondering what the next great innovation will be, Ross Mayfield of Socialtext has an easy answer: I don't have it.

Thankfully, he says there are ways to confidently predict. For starters, stop thinking of social media based software as a revolution. When nobody believed this was a serious category, then it was revolutionary. Today Mayfield says such things should be treated as an evolution, and the next levels, as usual, will be about innovation and adaptation.

Empire Avenue: I Built an Empire. Will You?

We've mentioned Empire Avenue in passing before, but the social media exchange is starting to make some bigger waves. In this article, Adriel Hampton reviews the system in depth, examining the meaning behind buying and selling shares with just about anyone with a Twitter or Facebook account:

At its core, Empire Avenue is about buying and selling shares in social media entities, be they people, brands or blogs. But its layers of complexity have fueled furious on-site engagement by three types of people: social sharers, influencers and gamers. And each of these types is clearly empire building, through community, activism and networking, gaming, and a mix of these behaviors.

Skype Enhances Facebook Integration, Adds Chat Features

Skype and Facebook have been playing nice for some time now, but this week the VoIP provider announced deeper integration in version 5.5 Beta for Windows. 

Skype users can now get their chat on by instant messaging Facebook friends directly from the VoIP platform via the new contacts tab, and Skype users can use the Facebook News Feed within Skype to “like” or comment on a friend's status without logging into Facebook. Other cool perks include:

  • Improved call controls
  • Improved video calling reliability
  • Changed group conversations profile area design
  • New login window design
  • Added a ability to start video calls via URI
  • Plus several bug fixes

Socialtext Integrates Project Management with Socialtasks #e2conf

Socialtext released Socialtasks this week -- a solution that aims to enable teams to visualize and manage tasks in a collaborative work environment with three main features:

  • Page Tracker: The page tracker allows you to record tasks with a status of your choosing, such as "New," "In Progress," or "Complete". The feature's widget (which can be embedded anywhere in the Socialtext platform) contains a column for each status, and displays a link to each matching page. Page links can also be drag and dropped between columns, moving a task from one status to another.
  • Page Watcher Bot: The Page Watcher Bot monitors Socialtext workspace pages for changes in tags. When a change is detected, a signal is posted as a microblog message containing a link back to that page, promoting discussion to take place around each task's progress as it happens.
  • Form Builder: The Form Builder enables you to create wiki pages based on a specific set of fields, rather than entering text onto a page. These wiki pages can provide choices for status, priority, owner, etc.