NewsGator,SharePoint,social computing for the enterprise There was a time when all we heard about were social networking solutions lovingly termed "Facebook for the Enterprise". We don't hear that much anymore and there's a reason for it. Enterprises are getting smarter about how social computing solutions can be leveraged and they are much more resistant to the belief that Facebook-like participation is possible or even necessary.

CMSWire had the opportunity to speak with J.B. Holston, CEO and President of NewsGator, on the topic of enterprise social computing and how solutions like their RSS engine -- now called Social Sites Professional -- is changing the face of social computing for enterprises today.

Getting Social with RSS

Most know NewsGator for their RSS feed syndication services. They entered the enterprise space about two years ago with a server that provides content aggregation and distribution services for RSS and XML based feeds.

RSS engines are useful because they watch what everyone is consuming and push that content back out to other users who want the same information. It's a content rich view of both people's activities and the content they are consuming.

NewsGator's RSS engine can be deployed on its own providing services such as alerts, news management and message management . The engine has been deployed in Portal enhancement projects to add personal views or widgets. It can also be deployed as part of a solution the provides social computing capabilities for SharePoint.

What NewsGator started to see was that enterprises were using their RSS server as an application integration layer for social computing applications. One example NewsGator CEO J.B. Holston cited was Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed took the NewsGator RSS engine and integrated it with SharePoint building a solution they called Unity. They then added their own functionality for blogs, wikis and such. Their objective was to capture as much expertise from their constantly revolving employee base -- one quarter of their employees retire every year -- as possible.

Less Facebook, More Community

NewsGator spends a lot of time working with enterprises to understand their needs. What they have found is that the discussion no longer centers around terms like social networking, social computing or Facebook.

Instead talk has turned to more meaningful things like collaboration and communities. This has happened for a couple of reasons according to Holston. First, terms like Enterprise 2.0, social computing and social networking mean different things to different people. So you never know if you are really talking about the same thing when you bring these terms up.

Second, terms like these are more technology based and it's difficult to prove a business case on technology only. More and more enterprises want to focus on ROI, use cases and changes in behavior. This is what the conversation has become all about.

Enterprise are looking for advice and justification to use technologies like social networking to achieves very specific business objectives.

Social Sites for the Enterprise

About a year and a half ago, NewsGator was approached by Microsoft to build social computing capabilities that would integrate and extend the SharePoint platform. This became an opportunity for them to show even more how RSS can be a foundational element to social computing capabilities.