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SAPís StreamWork Goes GA, Fills Gap In Google Wave?

SAP_logo_2010.jpg After two months in beta SAP (news, site) has made their real-time business collaboration application StreamWork — known as 12Sprints in beta — generally available enabling up to 30 users to get together virtually to analyze data from across the enterprise and from different applications.

StreamWork gathers and analyzes information in the same environment, but unlike Google Wave where information is available for all to see, it only allows invited users to analyze and collaborate on that information.

Google Wave-like, But Not Google Wave

StreamWork is similar to Google Wave in that it is intended as an open cloud computing environment, but while Google Wave is very definitely a social application, StreamWork is a business application that focuses on specific business activities.

Described by SAP as a “virtual [business] war room”, StreamWorks seems to have hit the business target that Google Wave is still short in shooting. Only this week Wave launched three more gadgets called Pollo, Likey and Waffle that have customizable options to gather feedback from participants, but do little for business collaboration.

SAP_Streamwork_Activity Page.jpg
StreamWork: Business activity page

In this respect StreamWork is better set to corner this market than Google Wave with tools that should get the attention of the business. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Agenda creation
  • Meeting planning
  • Creation of complete product files and portfolios
  • Pros v Cons application
  • SWOT matrix for competition analysis

SAP_Streamwork_SWOT screen.jpg
StreamWork:SWOT tool

On top of that it can also pull data from associated enterprise applications such as purchase order approval from enterprise resource planning applications or project analysis from business intelligence tools.

It’s Just Business!

The thinking behind it is that rather than try to capture information from individual business process applications and then try to pull the information together, it would be better to capture it using a single collaboration application that can access those other applications and pull all the data together into the same location.

And while StreamWorks captures the information that emerges from a business process, SAP says, it also captures all the base information that was used in the business processes in the first place, saves that information and makes it available for current and future business activities.

SAP_Streamwork_Decsion Method.jpg
StreamWork: Enabling business decision making

At the time of the beta launch, SAP said that they would be making it generally available — which they have — but that they would in a sense always be in beta with it as they intend to keep adding to it as the needs of users changed.

New Release, New Solutions

One of the differences with the beta is that as a result of its open architecture, Evernote and Scribd have already developed solutions that work out of StreamWork.

New to the general release is integration with (news, site) which provides cloud-based document management and collaboration services. Integration means that any content stored in’s content management system can be accessed directly from StreamWork.

Data stored there can be brought directly into StreamWork business activities, while content that is created in those activities can be placed in Box folders for management and future uses.


Evernote is a capture tool that takes data, automatically processes it, indexes it and makes it searchable.


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