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Xerox Unveils Smart Document Management Tools

This is quite interesting. Xerox has just announced that they've come up with new classification software that is able to process electronic documents, automatically classify them, then intelligently route them for workflow, response, archival, etc. It is capable of learning new classifications on the fly and supports up to 20 languages.

Some excerpts from the article follow.

Hummingbird Partners with Venetica

Hummingbird Ltd., a provider of integrated enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, and Venetica, a provider of enterprise content integration (ECI) software, have announced a strategic technology partnership, under which Hummingbird will leverage Venetica technology to enable their business solutions to incorporate content from external systems.

As part of the announcement, Venetica will create a Content Bridge to Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 DM, so customers can incorporate Hummingbird-stored content into applications built upon the VeniceBridge platform.


IXOS delivers first e-mail management solution for MS Exchange 2003

Enterprise content management (ECM) solution provider, IXOS SOFTWARE, has announced the latest version of its e-mail management solution for Microsoft Exchange. Version 2.0A of IXOS-eCONserver for Microsoft Exchange provides enhanced support for offline users, integrated full-text search, retention management and support for Exchange Server 2003 and Outlook 2003.

With enterprise mailbox volume growing at 40% annually (Gartner) and global business e-mail growing from 9.7 billion/day in 2000 to 35 billion /day in 2005 (IDC), storage management issues for businesses continue to escalate.


The Domino Falls, What's Next for IBM Lotus

Sorry, thought I'd try my hand at catchy titles. Was that catchy? Anyhow, I've long wondered how long the Lotus Domino platform would survive. Here's a definitive answer: its being phased out and migrated towards WebSphere/Java/DB2.

The future of Lotus software is to be the user interface to IBM's software technologies.

No surprises here. But a deep install base, developer and customer loyalty, and massive pre-existing investments require slow, steady, and cost-effective migrations. The end of life for Domino is sure to be a ways out.

DAM for MS SharePoint Portal

Scene7 of Navato California has just announced their Digital Asset Management product for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 2003. They describe the product as a cost-effective digital asset management (DAM) solution for small/medium businesses to enterprise corporations using Microsoft Office 2003 Editions.

Features and additional info follow.

Hummingbird plans to build ECM software business


Hummingbird Ltd. is on the hunt for acquisitions to build its electronic content management software business, a competitive response to rival Open Text Corp.'s recent deal-making in Europe.

IBM unveils regulatory compliance retention system - IBM TotalStorage

From Computer World

IBM today unveiled an integrated storage and server system designed to help companies capture and preserve electronic documents needed to meet government and industry regulatory requirements such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The IBM TotalStorage Data Retention 450 combines storage, server and software retention components in a single, securable cabinet. The system, which will begin shipping next month, starts at $141,600 for a 3.5TB configuration and can scale up to 56TB of storage.

Read the article. Read about IBM TotalStorage.

Microsoft pulls out of Jupiter's orbit

More commentary and information on the recent announcement from Microsoft that the Discover/Jupiter project has been cancelled.

From TechWorld

Microsoft has shelved its Jupiter project that looked to combine commerce, content management and integration technology into a single suite, because customers said they had no need for it.

Stellent Universal Content Management Receives DOD 5015.2 Certification

Stellent, Inc. announced today it received U.S. DoD 5015.2 certification for its Stellent(R) Records Management solution. This certification verifies that Stellent's product complies with the DoD 5015.2 standard, which defines the basic requirements that must be met by records management application products acquired by the Department of Defense and its components based on operational, legislative and legal needs.

Read. Learn about DoD 5015.2.

DB2 Content Manager Express Edition V8.2 - At a glance

Are you familiar with the IBM Express line of products? IBM has officially launched their latest SME product and marketing initiative. The Express line of products and services are targeted specifically at the middle market.

DB2 Content Manager Express is one of the ten or so products in the current Express lineup. Here's a quick overview of the the latest rev of Content Manager.

The Future of Microsoft Content Management

There's some monkey business going on at Microsoft. I'm sure I'm not the first to notice that they are making a huge ruckus about SharePoint, which naturally ties in with the Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS), but one rarely ever hears much about MCMS. Finding collateral is not difficult. However, best of luck finding anything thats been generated in the last 8 months. What's going on Mr. Gates? …we don't have the full answer, but we've just gotten a new clue today.

FileNet Launches ECM Compliance Framework

FileNet Corporation, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has unveiled an ECM compliance management framework intended to help companies reduce the costs and risks of doing business in an era of intensified public scrutiny and regulation. Leveraging the FileNet P8 platform, FileNet's Compliance Framework is designed to manage three critical elements of compliance. First, it helps companies put in place processes to react to changing regulations. Secondly, it provides organizations with the ability to manage content. Finally, the framework can connect with various legacy systems found throughout the enterprise


Enterprise Content Management Still Hampered by Silo Mentality

From META Group & Stellent

While European companies recognize the value of enterprise content management, barriers remain to enterprise-wide adoption, according to independent survey

More than 50 percent of European companies would be unable to provide an archive of written correspondence such as letters and emails(1), while a similar number operate with significant amounts of out-of-date or obsolete data on their systems(2), according to an independent survey commissioned by Stellent, Ltd., the London-based subsidiary of Stellent, Inc. (Nasdaq:STEL), a global provider of content management solutions.

IXOS and Open Text Unveil IXOS 6

IXOS SOFTWARE AG and Open Text, leaders in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), today announced the IXOS 6 Suite, a robust ECM platform that will enable corporations to securely and compliantly manage, archive, and retrieve enterprise content — regardless of content type or format. IXOS 6 Suite, with its advanced capabilities for meeting regulatory compliance, will become a key part of both companies' ECM solution portfolios, designed to address the full spectrum of enterprise requirements, from content creation through final archival and disposition.

Because a single unified repository architecture is used, companies can significantly enhance the control and ownership of data.

“The ECM market is expected to exceed $10 Billion by 2004,” said Andrew Warzecha, vice president, META Group. “As organizations increasingly seek single-source solutions, vendors that can support the broadest set of 'content' in an integrated environment will benefit the most.”


Open-source CMS - State of the Market

James Robertson of Aussie services firm Step Two Designs recently published a nice article covering the state of the market for open-source CMS. James is a prolific publisher of papers on CMS, KM, and Intranets, and a consistenly informative voice in the CMS community. Following is the CMSWire review and commentary on this article.

Microsoft Releases MS CMS Connector for SharePoint Portal

The software connecting Microsoft Content Management Server and SharePoint technologies (portal|services) is now available for download.

The official name of the connector is “Microsoft Content Management Server (CMS) 2002 Connector for SharePoint Technologies”. Fit that into a TLA.

Content Management - State of the Market

The Jupiter Content Management Conference & Expo starts today in San Jose, California, so CMS is on the collective tech media brain. Following from this is the usual commentary on the state of the market, including where its going revenue-wise.

Here are a few excerpts:

- trends of the past year include compliance and solidifying the ECM story

- coming this year are futher vendor consolidations, with functional expansion into digital rights management and content security

Interwoven Announces WorkSite 8.0

The company, today announced the availability of WorkSite 8.0, the industry's first platform designed specifically for matter centric collaboration in law firms.

WorkSite 8.0 incorporates a new paradigm known as “matter centric collaboration,” (MCC). MCC represents a fundamental, user-centric design, which, for the first time, enables lawyers and other professional services practitioners to do in the electronic world what they have done for more than 100 years in the physical world. MCC creates the true electronic equivalent of a case file by consolidating documents, e-mails, billing, contacts, and all other relevant content for any given matter in a single integrated file that is accessible both internally and externally across departments and locations.

Vignette Acquisition of Tower, Commentary

This article provides some additional context to the recent acquisition of Australian IDM player Tower Technology by the American ECM vendor Vignette. Below are key extracts.

by Martin Veitch

Many of the mergers and acquisitions are being driven by the need to comply with regulations such as data protection rules, Basel 2, industry codes of conduct and the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act, intended to improve corporate governance. But the need to find a fit between managing data held in web sites, emails, paper and electronic documents would be pressing even without such rules.

Tower will add document capture capabilities to the skills Vignette has picked up through two other recent acquisitions - collaboration tools supplier Intraspect and portals maker Epicentric.

Stellent gets serious about records management

More on Stellent's acquisition of Optika:


…Stellent paid $10 million in cash and 4.1 million in Stellent shares for Optika, valuing the company at $59 million and creating a combined value for the two companies of approximately $100 million. The acquisition of Optika by Stellent is yet another confirmation of the aim of enterprise content management vendors to provide a full range of capabilities that support the entire document management life cycle from creation of documents to archiving and deletion.