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4 Things You Need to Know About Oracle OpenWorld - Page 2

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But come with a starter set of questions. Pick one workflow, workplace governance policy, website or document store you’d like to see managed better. Use that as a running scenario in your discussions with the booth staff you visit. This puts them into your world instead of the other way around. It helps you consider the impact of the technology you see on the business to which you will return.

But remember to have fun. Want to see a JD Edwards integration with Oracle ECM via BPM and surfaced in WebCenter? It will either be there or there will be a partner who is more than happy to spend some time with you to sketch out how it would work for you. Want to see a Flex-based social user experience for managing digital photographs stored in Oracle UCM and using DAM features? It will be there. Want to see an iPad with actual integrated apps connecting it to Oracle E20 rather than sitting in a box waiting to be raffled? Stop by.

One Parting Thought

Remember that if you ask “Can the system do X?” the answer will always be “yes”. Seriously. There is so much collective propeller-head brain power at Oracle Open World that such an answer isn’t even really wrong. It’s just not helpful.

Instead ask open ended questions: “How can we do X while only using Oracle UCM and a single staff developer?” or “Which licenses do I need to own and how many consulting hours do I need to integrate my ERP, CMS and Portal systems like you are showing here?”

I will see you at the show. Booth 3630. Stop by, we’ve got candy

About the Author

Billy Cripe is an Oracle ACE. Billy is author of the book “Two Types of Collaboration and Ten Requirements for Using Them” (2010 Smashwords) and co-author of the book “Reshaping Your Business With Web 2.0” (2008 McGraw-Hill). He is currently the Vice President of Marketing for Fishbowl Solutions. Prior to that he was the Director of Product Management for Oracle E20. You can keep up with him on Twitter at @billycripe or on his blogs and

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