New EMC Council Provides Guidance on Turning Information Into AssetsIf you are one of the many organizations today struggling to not only get control of your information, but also get it to the right people at the right time, EMC (news, site) wants to help you. The enterprise content management vendor has assembled a council of IT leaders that are working to offer best practices and expert guidance on how to use your information to gain competitive advantage.

Information Challenged

Everyone struggles to get control of the information flowing through their organizations today. It comes in just about every format you can think of, structured and unstructured, and shows no sign of slowing down. But getting control of that information is only the first step in the process. How do you then use that information to your advantage?

Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something right is to learn from others who have been in your shoes and are likely still walking the information highway. EMC has assembled a council of IT leaders, including CIOs and VPs of some large organizations that are working over the next year to provide best practices and guidance on how to get control of your information and turn it into assets that can be used to your advantage.

CMSWire spoke with Whitney Tidmarsh, Chief Marketing Officer, Content Management and Archiving Division for EMC about the council and its first paper.

Council for Information Advantage

The Council for Information Advantage (CIA) currently includes 9 IT leaders, but the door is still open for more to get involved. The plan is for the council to put out a number of papers over the course of the year on various aspects of information advantage. At the AIIM conference today, EMC released the first paper in the series, "Creating Winning Strategies for Information Advantage".

The paper outlines the problem many organizations struggle with, that being that many are still struggling to know what they have and manage it so that it's available for knowledge workers. But it's also not just about proper management, it's about leveraging it for business advantage.

The council has made three recommendations on how your organization can become an "information-advantaged company."

Transform information liabilities into business assets through information governance

Think about your information as a potential liability and how you can turn it into an asset. The best the way to do this is by creating an enterprise wide information governance policy. This policy will control how information is "preserved, secured, accessed, and used across the enterprise." This is the foundation you will need to allow you to turn your information into assets.