Welcome to the June 2012 installment of our what's coming from the open source projects in the next month. If you feel that your project was left out, we invite you to email us at pr@cmswire.com to have a project representative added to the list of people we contact for updates.

Composite C1

In June, the folks at Composite C1 (news, site) moved their documentation, community and tutorial sites to the Microsoft Windows Azure (news, site) cloud. They also launched an add-on tracker to help users keep abreast of the latest Composite C1 add-ons.

June also brought more than 20 new guides to their documentation, including how to find and fix broken links with the Legacy URL Handler add-on, and how to get a Composite C1 website online. Finally, they announced a new community hero, Swedish developer Emelie Mikaelsson from Invinn.se. Not only was she one of their first certified developers, she also translated Composite C1 into Swedish.


In June, the Drupal (news, site) project Angela "webchick" Byron as a Drupal 8 core maintainer. Project founder Dries Buytaert also shared designs for responsive layouts aimed at the Spark distribution.

Drupal company Acquia (news, site) completed its service auditor's review for its Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE 16) Service Organization Controls (SOC1) Examination. Also, Drupal founder, Acquia Co-founder and CTO Dries Buytaert was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 for the New England region of the U.S. This global program honors "men and women who create the products, services and jobs that help our economy and communities grow."

Acquia also released migration code and best practices for importing WordPress blogs into Drupal through their Migration practice team.

In July, the Drupal project will hold its first ever governance sprint. Sprint participants will build a proposal for community discussion around topics such as creating and maintaining processes and policies, resolving conflicts, etc in Portland, OR, on July 16 and 17.


In July, the folks at Entando plan to release the final version of Entando 3.0. This release includes new features such as:

  • The MyEntando App, a mobile application to access and organize content through Android tablets and smartphones.
  • The Entando Sales Analytics module, available only in the Enterprise Edition, which combines CRM with sales analytics to produce Business Intelligence.
  • The Crowdsourcing plug-in, which allows users to collect, vote, share ideas and offer feedback through the portal.
  • The REST API for easy integration.
  • OAUTH authentication for secure authorization.
  • Accessibility support for the Stanca Act, Section 508, and PAS 78, allowing the dialled and partially sighted people to become content administrators.

The community beta for this release is available for download.


In June, the folks at Hippo (news, site) added the Amazon Web Services cloud to its certified solutions stack. The company was also named as a national finalist for the Netherlands in the 2012/2013 European Business Awards.

Hippo also added two new implementation partners: Incentro and Objet Direct.


In June, the Joomla! (news, site) project released Joomla 2.5.5 and 2.5.6. Version 2.5.5 offers eleven new features, including:

  • The ability to copy a template.
  • The option to disable changing the username in the profile.
  • A counter for the redirect component.
  • A new read more feature for feed items.
  • A show preview Media form field.
  • The ability to limit the number of password resets within a specified time period.
  • The ability to upload multiple files at once.

Version 2.5.6 offered enhancements to the features released in 2.5.5. On June 10, the first Joomla! Day China attracted 110 delegates and more than 80 attendees. Coming in July are Joomla User Group Meetings in Atlanta (GA), Austin (TX), Chicago (IL), Cologne (Germany), Milwaukee (WI) and Portland (OR).


In June, the folks at Liferay (news, site) opened registration for the Liferay North American Symposium, which will take place in San Francisco October 8 and 9. Coming in July, Liferay will be SourceForge's Project of the Month, and the company will appear at OSCON (July 16 - 20) in Portland, OR, to demo Liferay Portal 6.1.