attivo_logo_2009.jpgA company getting a lot of attention these days is Attivio. And not just because it's packed with former FAST search executives, but because it offers a solution that will provide you a 360 degree view of your customer by bringing together enterprise search and business intelligence/data warehousing information. It's called Unified Information Access and it helps you understand exactly what your customer is saying. 

CMSWire spoke with Andrew McKay, Senior Vice President and MaryAnne Sinville, VP Marketing at Attivio to get a view into the world of Unified Information Access and a look at the Active Intelligence Engine.

Needing to Know Your Customer

The world of enterprise search has been changing for a while now. It use to be about indexing webpages and documents to return search results based on keyword queries. But organizations need more now because there's more to understanding and building a relationship with your customer than basic search can provide.

Attivio: Information Access

Attivio's goal is to solve one basic problem, understanding what the customer is saying. To do that they bring together the worlds of business intelligence, data warehousing and enterprise search (also called information access). Their tool? The Active Intelligence Engine.

The Active Intelligence Engine

The AIE is a platform that combines structured and unstructured content. It provides a single API/view into that content without compromising analytics and search functionality.

All content is brought into a single repository. The AIE can ingest and index pretty much anything. In fact, it supports 400-500 different document types (didn't know there were that many), web content, twitter feeds, media (videos, instant messaging), data using JDBC and most of the top 20-25 Document Management and Content Management Systems.

Attivio - Active Intelligence Engine (AIE)

Altogether, the repository offers a 360 degree view of content. What kinds of things can you do with this repository? Build prototypes, portals and dashboards fast.

Uses Cases for AIE

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine supports a number of use cases including:

Let's take a look at two of these a bit more:

General Information Portal

These types of portals are designed to support media publishers and/or consumers and can be very personalized to make the experience relevant to the user. Using AIE you can create dynamic relevancy profiles and perform sentiment analysis. An example is building their view of the portal based on their location.