Hippo Embraces Apache Jetspeed 2.2

The open source ECM vendor Hippo, in an effort to develop a closer relationship with the Jetspeed community, has been busy contributing to this Apache project and even released its own product and support package  for Apache Jetspeed 2.2.
Hippo seems to be on a mission to re-establish Jetspeed's position as the top choice for performance-oriented enterprise portals.
Can this be a huge comeback for Jetspeed?

Hippo and Jetspeed: It's Mutual

Hippo is quite known for its commitment to the open source industry and the Apache Software Foundation, so the news doesn’t come as a surprise. For Hippo, the benefit of working with Jetspeed is quite obvious.

What about Jetspeed you ask? Jetspeed is also on the receiving end of this mutually beneficial deal.
When was the last time you’ve heard about Jetspeed? When was the last time the interest in it spiked?
Hippo/Jetspeed relationship may be exactly what Jetspeed needs for its revival in the open source enterprise portal scene.
“It's going to be a strong comeback for Jetspeed with a range of new capabilities… It's a leap forward towards the next generation of enterprise portals," says David Sean Taylor, Apache member, founder of the Jetspeed 2 project and VP of engineering at Hippo.

Background on Apache Jetspeed 

Apache Jetspeed is an open source Enterprise Information Portal. Individual portlets Jetspeed portal can be combined to create a page, where each portlet is an independent application. Jetspeed only facilitates management and delivery of data from multiple sources.

Jetspeed is available in two APIs: Java and AJAX. The Jetspeed XML AJAX API is an XML-based API for AJAX clients to be able to make asynchronous requests to Jetspeed-2 services.
Jetspeed 2.2.0 is the first release conformant to the Java Portlet 2.0 Standard.  
Features include:
  • Security based on standards, ACLs
  • Single Point of Entry (SSO, federated)
  • Personalization (customizers, skins)

Overall, Jetspeed is one of the solutions on the portals market, if your requirements include enterprise application integration with various integration points, dynamic web components (such as portlets) and scalable architecture.

Jetspeed is available from the ASF for free under the very liberal Apache license.