Intranet Connections v11 Improves Collaboration With Application BuilderEmployee engagement is best fostered online with collaborative software that enables the team members to communicate and exchange knowledge. Intranet Connections (news, site) has announced the release of version 11 of its social intranet software, which makes collaboration easier with customizable applications.

Flexibility With Application Builder

Application Builder allows organizations that use Intranet Connections flexibility in designing and developing their applications. This new feature gives users control over forms, fields and layouts. The system uses dynamic HTML markup in ensuring the application-building experience is made intuitive through drag-and-drop. Once running, apps are social in nature, allowing users to tag, post comments, add ratings and use widgets.

Intranet Connections App Builder
Intranet Connections App Builder

Functional Eye Candy With Site Themes, Photo Albums

This version of Intranet Connections also comes with an improved theme builder. Intranet Connections highlights the use of new theme options, fixed-width layouts and other options. These are included out-of-the-box and users can create and maintain their corporate intranet without the need to have extensive knowledge in web design.

Intranet Connections Photo Albums
Intranet Connections Photo Albums

Version 11 also supports photo albums, which team members can use to share photos that can help foster the corporate culture, such as team-building events, field photos, project photos and profile pictures. The photo album feature can also be used to run photo contests and create slideshows. In line with the software's social aspect, users can "like" and comment on photos.

Better Interaction Through Widgets

Aside from Application Builder, Photo Albums and Themes, this version of Intranet Connections comes with new features that can help enhance the social experience:

  • Quick polls for measuring employee opinions
  • Weather widget
  • Content widgets that can cycle through tips, feedbacks and quotes
  • Birthdays and anniversaries widgets
  • Employee photos widget with quick links to chat

Intranet Connections Widgets
Intranet Connections Widgets

Carolyn Douglas, Intranet Connections CEO, says these new features will help foster an environment ideal for for knowledge sharing and collaboration, which leads to a productive company culture.

We added dynamic tools such as our new Application Builder, allowing you to easily create any type of application you need for your intranet. We want to provide tools that help improve your business, through your employees and the intranet."

Intranet Connections is a self-hosted solution that runs over Windows Server and IIS. The software runs over ColdFusion, which is bundled with the product. The software is available via an unlimited license, license + support and an optional analytics package extra.