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3. Provides a method to apply predefined security via security plans for designated client and matter entities. This ensures client transactions that require unique security restrictions have those applied as a default without user interaction required.

4. Based on our ECM, framework leveraged Handshake to build an understanding of the firm’s users, practices, clients, etc.

  • With this internal BI of the firm, we built a variety of pre-made smart folders targets to facilitate drag and drop content profiling and at click content retrieval.
  • Users can create custom folders of their choosing; however, many forgo that process and use the smart folders.
  • This tailored user experience ensures:
    • Attorneys only see their clients and matters along with their assigned practices, sections and committees.
    • Secretaries only see their assigned timekeepers with separate trees views for each timekeeper’s clients and matters, along with that timekeeper’s assigned practices, sections and committees.

5. Drag and drop profiling into structured smart folders

  • Frequently in training we heard, "That’s it?” We definitely hit the ball out of the park on ensuring a similar user experience as they traditionally had with their Outlook folders in the new system for drag-and-drop profiling into smart folders

6. All email content stored going forward is stamped with client and matter number, along with a wealth of other metadata to facilitate retrieval

7. Items stored within SharePoint are retrieved at the client or matter level via one click on a folder target

8. With a click on a smart folder, Power Centricity details email and document content in an Outlook-enabled portal skin that enriches the view with Accounting, Records and Docket content

9. Single-click lookups for email threads, sender and client/matters

10. Standard 180-day email retention policy for Exchange 2010

Example of “Smart Folders”:


One click, many results!

Users double-click an item to open it, or they can use context menus

Handshake Item Context Menu:


This view transitioned in a period of weeks from a document/email content list and continues to evolve. With SharePoint as the foundation of this solution, we can embed any content from any system within our environment and return matter-, user- or attorney-centric views, as we see fit. Unlike our old DM, this is only the beginning; we are now empowered to manage views, content and context ourselves.

What do we see next for this view? Contact centricity from Client Profiles CRM4Legal via MS Dynamics: Contact, industry and matter type data welded to matter content in a contextual view that makes sense to attorneys. Attorneys are thrilled they do not have to jump to numerous applications/systems and can stay in Outlook.

Handshake EMD Edit Profile Screen:


Users can re-key the client matter number if they know it, or they can click on a folder target that updates the client matter. In this example, I changed it from 26888.405 to 26888.400 with one mouse click.

Single Click Client/Matter Metadata Update:


Finding Content

There are many ways to find content within EMD. For example, the Find tab provides a sophisticated “point-and-click” (user-friendly) method to find profiled content. This in-line search allows attorneys to find content without the need to launch the content search tool, and, unknowingly to the user, leverages a wealth of metadata and native Outlook email properties.


EMD consumes the metadata stamped at save and Outlook’s native message and thread IDs


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