When I saw the headline of the Forrester article proclaiming the death of the enterprise CMS suite, I couldn't help but both be pleased with myself, and feel a little sorry for the analysts. After all, I scooped them and proclaimed the exact same thing a little more than three weeks before.

Then I read the article and felt even more sorry for the vendors themselves. They have seen the competitive shift, at least in part, which is good. Their reaction, according to the Forrester article, however, is so flaccid that it's clear to me that many of them will fall into what I categorized as "dead men walking" rather than the "walking dead."

Content Centricity is No Panacea

The overarching message that seems to be woven throughout the vendor perception is that they need to move to more "Content-Centric Apps."  I agree that this is a necessary thing, but it is not even close to sufficient for several reasons that can be broken down by the types of players highlighted in the report.