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EMC Documentum Leapfrogs the Competition - Frost & Sullivan Gives 5 Reasons Why

Information Management, Enterprise CMS, EMC Documentum Leapfrogs the Competition - Frost & Sullivan Gives 5 Reasons WhyWant to look like a fool? Then call EMC Documentum a legacy Enterprise Content Management system that’s too sluggish and weighed-down to keep pace with the times.

“EMC (Documentum) is now more nimble and agile than ever,” writes Mukul Krishna, an analyst with Frost & Sullivan, who has just named Documentum the winner of its 2013 Global Enterprise Content Management Product Quality Leadership Award. The ECM vendor that is more than two decades old scored top marks in five out of five categories evaluated.

Documentum Delivers On New Market Drivers

In his report, Krishna points out EMC’s ability to build upon its well-established strengths in document, records and case management by identifying and responding to new market drivers, such as unstructured and time-based content, mobility, compliance, collaboration, digital intelligence, application development and rapid application development.

Not only that, but Frost & Sullivan also says that Documentum circa 2013 has been built to operate in a broad variety of settings with an extensive set of high performance tools. It’s not a claim most ECM vendors can make.

EMC’s Non-ECM Offerings Add Value To Documentum; Enterprises Win

But that’s not all. For what many consider to be the very first time, we finally understand how Documentum benefits from being part of the EMC-family whose products facilitate things like File Sync’N’Share (via Syncplicity), Cloud Storage, Big Data and Virtualization.

EMC Documentum = Pillar For Big Data Strategy


Though we don’t usually hear about Big Data managers talking about Enterprise Content Management being key to their strategy, Frost & Sullivan says that it is (or that it should be). In fact, the analyst explains that there are four Big Data pillars which consist of Content Discovery & Management, Digital Intelligence & Analysis, User Experience and Storage.

The benefit of Documentum belonging to a vendor whose portfolio is as rich as EMC’s is that it plays nicely with its parent company’s other technologies, be they EMC Isilon (storage), EMC Kazeon (e-Discovery and file intelligence), EMC Captiva (intelligent enterprise capture), EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services (dynamic publishing), EMC Document Sciences xPression and EMC Documentum D2, (customer communications and user experience), EMC Documentum xCP and Greenplum’s Big Data database (which includes Pivotal HD) … and so on.

As a result, EMC customers are at a strategic advantage when it comes to fulfilling their Digital Intelligence and Big Data needs; it’s a claim that very few ECM vendors can make.

Drum Roll Please - EMC Documentum Beats the Competition in 5 out of 5 Criteria

Unlike Big Data technologies which are still young and often bleeding edge, Enterprise Content Management solutions are mature — they need to offer exceptional performance, reliability, strategic design, ease of use and value directly (almost) out of the box.

EMC does this better than any other ECM vendor says Frost & Sullivan. Here’s a brief synopsis of their evaluations using each of their five criteria:

Criterion 1: Product Performance - Flexibility, Modularity & Scalability

Every ECM vendor wants to grab the golden ring and they each have their own strategy to do so. Some companies try to focus on a single area of Content Management, like WCM or DAM, and try to rule that space, while others try to be all things to all people, so they acquire companies whose products will (hopefully) fill the gaps that keep presenting themselves in their portfolios.

EMC Documentum does something different, according to Frost & Sullivan. They (for the most part) organically enhance their own solutions which typically deliver "exactly what the doctor ordered." It should be noted that EMC IIG does occasionally acquire companies and solutions, but that they then become seamlessly integrated into the EMC portfolio in short order.


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