Content management end users of yesteryear too often felt like children being forced to eat their liver -- they knew it was good for them (or for the Enterprise), but they would do anything they could to avoid it … even if it kept their CEO out of jail.

The stuff was so complicated and frustrating that users often refused to use it; it seemed to make things harder rather than easier and demanded that workers struggle with technology rather than attend to their tasks.

That’s not much of a business proposition is it?

So when EMC IIG (Documentum) chief Rick Devenuti took the helm of EMC’s Information Intelligence Group two years ago, he knew he had a challenge on his hands: he could either try candy-coating his product offerings or he could transform his business and all that it had to offer.

He took the harder road and set out on a mission to delight his customers.

EMC Looks to the Future

Today, at EMC’s Momentum Conference in Vienna Austria, EMC IIG launched a massive wave of Content Management products and solutions that transforms the Enterprise CMSs of yesteryear and sets a higher benchmark for the industry.

“It is the largest wave of innovation in our history,” says Devenuti. And that’s not a small claim to make given that Documentum was founded in 1990.

What’s game-changing about EMC IIG’s new solutions is that they truly meet Enterprise business users and their business partners, IT workers and others where and how they live and work.

They deliver the right information, at the right time, in the right context, at the right price in a way that is compliant and secure.

And while that may seem to be a lot of “rights” to think about, the reality is that the only thought that information workers need to focus on is what their actual work requires. Not only that, but all of the information they need to do their work is accessible and literally at their fingertips regardless of where they are and what device they are using.

“End users want to be as productive (with technology) at work as they are at home,” says Devenuti, which is the same thing as saying that using technology (even powerful content management platforms) on the job should be as intuitive as using Facebook, Linkedin or your iPad.

IIG Delivers to End Users and IT 

But it’s not only end users that Devenuti’s team wants to keep happy, the IIG team sets up IT workers to win as well. The newly released Documentum 7 platform delivers unprecedented levels of performance and is built in a cloud-friendly, cost conscious, agile fashion that is easily scalable, making IT workers look like magicians and heroes to end users and like penny pinchers to the CFO. Not a bad proposition on any account.

Below is a summary of the eight solutions rolled out today. We’ll be getting into specifics with each one during the week.

Key Announcements: Agility, Intelligence, Productivity

EMC Documentum Platform 7.0 the next-generation release of EMC’s industry-leading enterprise content management (ECM) platform. This new platform delivers breakthrough performance and scalability, while dramatically lowering total cost of ownership.