The earth may rattle and jaws may drop in Silicon Valley this afternoon when EMC Greenplum introduces Pivotal HD, the world’s most powerful Hadoop distribution in history. (The latter according to EMC Greenplum).

And, sure, it seems like a bold claim to make, but it is well-founded. Pivotal HD’s Hadoop distribution natively integrates EMC Greenplum’s super-fast, industry leading, massively parallel processing (MPP) database with Apache Hadoop, which is widely acknowledged as the most cost-effective and flexible open source Big Data platform ever developed.

The integration leverages EMC-developed and patented “Dynamic Pipelining” technology which brings up to 100 times performance improvement in certain classes of query processing, according to EMC.

What this means for Enterprises and data workers is instant access to the Big Data-rich, real time information needed to make critical and competitive decisions on the fly. Up until now, regardless of various vendor claims, many enterprise data workers have found it frustrating to write queries that provide meaningful insights in a timely manner.

Some say that this is the reason why many Hadoop-related projects in the Enterprise space haven’t gone much beyond the pilot stage. Would-be adopters commonly claim that Hadoop platforms are hard to use, that getting anything done requires developers, coders and other technical experts who are expensive and in short supply, and that data workers and other users haven’t had the interfaces or tools needed to reap enough benefit for the effort required.

Pivotal HD was created to change all of that.

What Pivotal HD Offers

It promises to remove these and other barriers to widespread adoption through not only scalability and speed, but also by eliminating steps like moving data between systems or using connectors that require users to store data twice. Add to that that by providing the world’s first true SQL processing for Hadoop, many of today’s SQL trained analysts and users of BI tools will be able to analyze data sets stored in Hadoop from Day One. No additional training required.