Gartner announced the five content management vendors that it rates as ‘Cool’ this year for a variety of different reasons. They include in alphabetical order: Colligo, Flow, Gecod, Reveille and Xait.

Gartner’s Cool Vendors

Every year Gartner publishes a list of what it describes as ‘Cool Vendors’ in a number of different IT spaces. The definition of Cool is subjective and changes subtly over the years depending on how the market is evolving.

In the case of the content management space, like all other areas related to information management, there are two principal considerations that Gartner looks for in deciding whether companies get included in the list.

Before having a look keep in mind the same caveat that Gartner publishes with all its vendor guidance reports, be they research papers, Magic Quadrants, or ‘Cool’ Vendor lists.These lists should not preclude those enterprises considering investment in content management software from researching the market outside of the vendors listed in the research.

So who are ‘Cool’ Vendors this year? In the content management space they are vendors that provide innovative solutions to users to offer them better and more efficient access to information.

The emergence of mobile devices and applications, combined with the need to create and socialize content while mobile, has forced vendors to consider new tools and infrastructure.

Content Management Market Trends

Cool Vendors in content management provide IT and business buyers with solutions to help them create, manage and access information better. There were a number of market trends this year that have either become established, or are emerging. They include:

  • Access to content from mobile devices is key and having an infrastructure that guarantees the security of that access is essential.
  • Better user experiences can be provided by ensuring real-time information sharing and streaming. We saw earlier this month that many content management vendors are moving towards customer experience management.
  • Vendors should be looking at more effective collaborative environments when considering the creation of complex documents and other content.
  • Deploying a middleware layer solution to enhance the customer's Web and mobile experience rather than reworking or replacing an existing website or portal. This approach can provide a quicker and less costly implementation.
  • Vendors also need to ensure that what they have implemented is built with the right infrastructure tools for security reasons.

All this said, keep in mind that the 5 vendors listed here are focused on providing solutions to support content on-the-go, improved collaboration capabilities and more effective management of content delivery applications.

The move to mobile is forcing many organizations to look for new products and technology while existing platforms require add-ons or upgrades to support emerging needs. On top of that, the need to provide advanced collaboration inside and outside the enterprise firewalls requires ‘cool’ ways to deliver these capabilities. In alphabetical order here are the Cool Content Management Vendors for 2013:

1. Colligo Networks

Cool Because: Colligo was one of the very first vendors to offer access to SharePoint documents through mobile devices, enabling users to store them offline for easy viewing, editing and synchronization.

It has strong access-on-the-go functionality and has partnered with most of the major mobile device management vendors to ensure data is secure and erasable from a distance. It also provides central server configuration and deployment of content by establishing “personas” that can be pushed out to mobile devices.