Give a dozen Fortune 100 CIO’s a few scotches (or truth serum if they don’t drink), then ask them how many Big Data Apps they’re running. The likely answer will be “not a one.” 

Ask why, and they’ll start weaving tales about how the Hadoop graphic should be a whale rather than an elephant and how frustrated they are in playing the role of Captain Ahab. (And then they’ll ask whether I know anyone who can help them reel in the damn fish? And, for the record, the answer is yes.)

What they’re also dying to know is whether any Enterprises, outside of Silicon Valley, are actually running Big Data Apps at all.

Though many Hadoop distribution vendors (like Cloudera, HortonWorks, EMC Greenplum and MapR) would answer that question “yes” and point to a number of client examples, chances are that few of those in production are at brick and mortar firms. The common consensus among CIOs, at this moment, is that unless you have the money, the projects, and the means to attract the world’s most brilliant engineers, Big Data Apps aren't going to happen at your company anytime soon, regardless of how badly you want them.

Democratizing Big Data 

This no longer needs to be the case, says Todd Papaioannou, Founder and CEO of Continuuity, a well-funded, well-staffed start-up that aims to democratize the development of Big Data Apps. He and his all-star development team (they’re alumni of companies like Facebook, Yahoo!, Greenplum, Klout and the like) have built the industry’s first Big Data Application Fabric on which Java developers can build Big Data applications via simple APIs and reusable building blocks, rather than complex, error prone, command lines.

Think of Continuuity as a Next Generation application server, the Weblogic or JBoss of the Big Data age,” says Papaioannou. “We make it fast and easy for any developer to build, deploy, scale and manage Big Data apps.”

The Continuuity AppFabric is an elastically scalable Big Data application hosting fabric that runs in the Cloud or on your existing HBase/Hadoop cluster. It supports: