OpenText Starts Moving Stack To New OpenText Cloud for Faster, Cheaper EIM #OTEW2012One of the really big announcements this week from OpenText’s customer conference in Orlando is the release of the OpenText Cloud, which according to OpenText CEO Mark J. Barrenechea in his keynote speech, is the only cloud on the market at the moment specifically for enterprise information management (EIM).

It’s hardly surprising that OpenText Cloud should focus on EIM -- after all OpenText is an EIM vendor, if nothing else -- but it is the breath of what it is being made available that is really surprising.

OpenText Cloud

From the word go, Barrenechea says, the new cloud will provide all OpenText’s offerings as cloud products and services that will run in parallel to its already extensive list of on-premises products. The result is, that as of this week enterprises will have access to more than 20 ready-to-use OpenText applications and services.

The difference with other cloud vendors, he says, is that the vast majority of them focus on providing infrastructure and applications in the cloud. OpenText, in contrast, is focusing on providing its full stack as well as specific knowledge and contextual support for deployment and maintenance, management, monitoring, security, optimization, upgrade and application management of all aspects of the cloud.

It also provides a service-level agreement on application availability, which we have seen in the past is one of the things that enterprises considering a cloud move need to look at from the very outset.

But the 20 applications and services are only the start, Barrenechea says:

The OpenText Cloud is purpose-built for EIM. Over the next two years, all OpenText software will be available both on-premises and in our Cloud. With over two million end users and 21,000 customers already in our cloud, we are making great progress."

OpenText EIM Stack

That’s a pretty impressive statement and probably the kind of thing that we’re going to be hearing a lot more of from vendors in the near future as enterprises take the advantages of cloud to heart and forget about concerns around security and the availability of applications.

For OpenText, the services it provides will be divided into four core areas: