Information Management, Pivotal Fills the Big Data Productivity Gap ... They've Only Just BegunLadies and gentlemen, write this date down because the show is about to begin. Almost exactly six months after Pivotal officially began operations, the EMC and VMWare spin-off headed by Paul Maritz is unveiling its first set of Pivotal-built products.

Though their “packaging” offers a similar pitch to many other leading edge vendors who have big data plays -- “Every business is quickly becoming a software business. Software is how companies engage with customers, powered by new data insights and new devices” -- they bring something extraordinary, powerful and unique to the marketplace. Companies can now leverage more data, in real time, more easily to gain competitive advantage.

They are accomplishing this via two new offerings: Pivotal Data Dispatch (PDD) which offers on demand big data access across and beyond the Enterprise; and Pivotal HD1.1 which brings Pivotal HD together with Pivotal GemFire XD to provide real-time, in memory data services with native Hadoop integration.

The end result, in plain English, is that Pivotal is providing its customers with better and richer information, at the moment that they need it, so they can make better decisions more quickly. And though this is simple to say, it is no small task. These solutions leverage structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from transactions, social, mobile, the Internet of Things … wherever it is stored, in near real time.

Not only that, but It’s also worth adding that it accomplishes this without sacrificing the security, governance and safeguards that IT requires.

Hunches Are Good, Data Is Better

Though the aforementioned phrase belongs to celebrated author Dan Pink and not CMSWire, it epitomizes what PDD plans to bring to Enterprises and data workers -- the ability to gain more accurate insights because it allows more data to be used for analysis, more quickly.