Information MAnagement, Analytics,SAP Gets Sexy with Hadoop Partnerships, Big Data RoadtripWhat’s SAP doing at TechCrunch Disrupt -- it’s not exactly an Enterprise audience?

But then again, we’re living in an age of disruptive technologies -- Big Data, Cloud, Social, Mobile, Geospatial visualizations and touchpoints, the Internet of Things -- you can have an anxiety attack just thinking about it all.

Or you can be inspired.

The Big Picture from Techcrunch Disrupt

SAP, with its super-fast, in-memory HANA database and platform is helping its customers take the latter route: the company has inked deals with Hortonworks and Intel to resell their Apache Hadoop distributions, making it easy to work with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data at the same time.

They also announced a new, revolutionary, Big Data-enabled application for manufacturers the likes of which they haven’t seen before (it’s worth reading on to find out more). And, SAP has brought together its 100+ data scientists from throughout the organization, and created a center of excellence of sorts, so their customers can get counsel from experts who not only get Big Data but also have industry-specific expertise.

And that’s not all.

SAP also had something to offer the geeks in the TechCrunch Disrupt audience -- inspiration, demonstrations, competition and incentive to use data to derive meaningful insights that drive change.

The Big Data Express, bringing HANA to a city near you

And finally, there was the SAP HANA tour bus where attendees could go check-out HANA for themselves. (It also started its nationwide tour; you can soon get some hand-on experience at a city near you.)

That’s the summary of SAP’s TechCrunch activity. Here is the skinny, it will get sexier as you read:

SAP Partners with Intel, Hortonworks to Bring Big Data Capabilities to Enterprises in Short Order

With all the talk about Big Data and Hadoop, you’d think that Enterprises couldn’t stay in business without them; but here’s the cold truth, there are more companies drowning in Big Data than there are leveraging it to innovate and win business.

Earlier this year, CIO Journal reported that only 10% of the CIO’s who attended a recent conference said they were tackling Big Data, even though many of them believed it could inspire their companies to create new products and services.

Add to that, that the New York Times recently ran an article asking whether Big Data could live up to its expectations. "Is Big Data An Economic Big Dud?" read the headline.

The reality is that Big Data will one day help companies reap huge rewards, but that right now it’s “really, really hard to use.” We learned this from Continuuity CEO Jonathan Gray; he’s an Apache and HBase commiter, a Carnegie Mellon Grad, and has companies like Facebook on his resume. It’s not exactly fair to ask every Enterprise IT professional to have curriculum vitae like his. And if he thinks working with Hadoop is hard …

So what SAP is doing through its partnerships with Intel and Hortonworks is near-genius -- they’re delivering Hadoop to their customers in a more familiar wrapper and offering support from experts who Enterprise users already know and trust.

SAP’s Demand Signal Management Application Makes Manufacturers Smarter, More Informed, and Able to Act Quickly

Unlike most Big Data databases, SAP HANA can run transactions and analytics at the same time which is, no doubt, a manufacturer’s or marketer’s dream.