Larry Ellison probably didn’t sleep well last night.

Same for his buddy Mark Hurd.

I can picture the two of them sitting in a locked office at Oracle’s headquarters, earlier in the day, wringing their hands (I’m being nice here) while watching SAP co-founder and Chairman Hasso Plattner announce that SAP’s super-fast, in-memory database management system, SAP HANA, can now do analytics and transactions in the same database. In other words, SAP’s Business Suite will now sit on top of HANA and will be able to leverage its potential.

SAP Gives Customers Real Time Advantage 

“This kind of thing has never been done before,” says Ken Tsai, Vice President of SAP HANA Product Marketing at SAP.

Analysts seem to agree; they say that SAP stands alone in being able to deliver this capability. And many predict that its competitors won’t be able to do so for years. All they have said is that they’re working on it.

Putting Oracle aside for a moment, what this means for enterprises who use SAP, is that they’ll be able to access and react to information in real time -- while it is actually happening. And we’re not talking only about insights gained from transactional data, but from “transactional data paired with sentiment analysis, or external data, for example” says Tsai.

In other words, enterprises will not only be able to comprehend what’s happening, while it’s happening but also what’s happened in the past during a customer relationship, and perhaps then predict about how they are feeling about the current transaction.

In other words, “SAP HANA empowers you to run your business in real-time within the window of opportunity -- to transact, analyze and predict instantly and proactively on one platform,” says SAP Chief Technology Officer Vishal Sikka.

And having that edge, second by second, day after day, and transaction after transaction can help a company not only to compete but also to potentially win its market, and this is without altering its physical products at all. SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, as the solution will be called, is a game changer, not only for the software marketplace, but also for the way business is done by the enterprises who choose to use it