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The problem is finding people with the skills and experience needed in development, pre-sales, sales and support positions. These skills are in addition to those of data scientists. The problem is that universities cannot suddenly modify degree courses and in any case the need is immediate, not just in five years’ time.

The recruitment industry also needs to understand these requirements. Some recent personal experience suggests that recruitment consultants have little idea about the specialist skill sets required, and there are still far too few training courses that are not run by organizations with an interest in pushing their own particular solutions.

Action Next Month

You are not going to be able to cope with the opportunities and challenges of 2013 without taking the following actions next month

  • Appoint a full-time Search Manager and make sure that search logs are reviewed in detail on at least a monthly basis.
  • Assess search satisfaction and search requirements across the organization.
  • Ensure that a senior non-IT manager is responsible for a corporate search strategy that links technology and staff investment to maintaining competitive advantage.
  • Find out what skills the organization already possesses in information and data discovery and analysis.
  • Start to build networks with other organizations using your particular search technology stack. If your vendor is reluctant to help, ask them why!
  • Plan to be at either Enterprise Search Europe or the Enterprise Search Summit in May.

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Martin White is Managing Director of Intranet Focus, Ltd. and is based in Horsham, UK. An information scientist by profession, he has been involved in information retrieval and search for nearly four decades as a consultant, author and columnist. He is the author of Enterprise Search, published by O’Reilly Media as an e-book in November.

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