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Earlier in the week we identified the most influential companies working on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Using the same research from the marketing influence platform provider Appinions, let’s take a look at the top ten movers and shakers. Just like the list of top 10 companies, this also holds some surprises — not least of which is the influence of two of the top dogs from HP and BlackBerry.

About the Rankings

Before looking at who made it onto the list, it is important once again to look at the methodology to see how Appinions drew up the list.Every month, the Appinions platform reviews nearly a billion documents from offline, online and social sources to help marketers gain an understanding of whose opinions are driving market awareness and perception.

Jonah Bliss, director of marketing at Appinions, explained how their research is carried out:

We feed it [the platform] tens of millions of docs every day from everything from sources that are online and offline and from news, TV radio and social media. From this, we are able to identify what topics and what people are influential a given field and what the wider, general public is talking about."

The reason we stress this is to understand that these lists are not random. They are devised from analyzing billions of documents and listening to the chatter across many different social channels.

From this Appinions identified home automation as the most popular branch of IoT technology with companies like Apple, Google, Philips, Samsung and Belkin already involved, but also looking to get in deeper.

It also found that the most influential products can be divided into several different categories including: home automation, software platforms, connected devices, and security products. At the moment the most popular of those is home automation devices, but given what the research found out about security, it would not be a surprise if security became the top priority soon.

Top 10 Influencers

Taking all this into account the people that appeared on the list are probably not that surprising. The list is as follows: