Start off the New Year with a new gig -- we've got a shopping list of hot jobs for you to browse. Our featured jobs list is a great collection of opportunities spanning specialties and continents. Here's who's hiring this week (and if you're hiring, post your open jobs here).


Director of Forrsights at Forrester (Cambridge, MA):
The Director of Forrsights is a critical member of Forrester’s business technology (BT) research team, leading its Forrsights for Business Technology product. The Forrsights team develops, executes, and analyzes 13-plus surveys of technology, business leaders, and information workers conducted annually around the world. Survey results form the basis for the Forrsights data products sold principally to technology vendor clients. This position reports to the senior vice president responsible for the BT futures research team. The Director is responsible for managing all aspects of Forrsights products, including data operations, client services, and sales. The leader of this team ensures that Forrsights produces high-quality and relevant data, meets sales targets, and provides responsive and relevant advisor service to clients.  

CEO of Jive Mobile at Jive Software (San Francisco, CA):
Define and drive Jive's mobile product and business strategy. You will be at the forefront of changing how people work inside the enterprise and with their customers and partners. Lead the way for this fantastic design and development team. Leverage the suite of existing rich native and mobile web apps, Jive iOS SDK, and significant partner relationships and budget to amplify current momentum and make Jive the recognized brand leader in enterprise mobile.

Content/Website Management

Yahoo! Sport Content Manager at Yahoo (Paris, FR): 
We are looking for an experimented EMEA Sport Editorial Content Manager to improve our editorial content offering across EMEA Sports sites. You will join our EMEA Audience team and will report to the EMEA Editorial Operation. The role needs a solid Media Sport experience and will handle all aspects of an editorial / content strategy including assessing market needs, market trends, competitive opportunities and threats, prioritizing content partners, define right acquisition strategy and developing an overall vision for your area of content ownership. In the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain you will work closely with Eurosport editorial teams to ensure that the content strategy meets the current and future needs of our customers.

Content Marketing Manager at Limelight Networks (San Francisco, CA):
As a Content Marketing Manager, you’ll be responsible for getting the right conversations in the marketplace about Limelight. We’ll give you autonomy and ownership of key conversations that create awareness and build demand. With that ownership comes the responsibility to build a brand for our business around digital presence management. You’ll become an expert. You’ll blog, tweet, talk, you’ll write and become the knowledge expert around everything digital. Your success will be determined by your consistent creativity, prolific prose, and consistency in getting our word out. You'll be measured by the hitting your deadlines, delivering quality content, and the links, traffic and leads your content generates. Like diving deep into a new market? Like learning everything there is to know about what our target markets want to hear? This job is for you. 

Editorial/Copy Writing 

Copywriter at Deep Focus (New York, NY):
Deep Focus is seeking a Copywriter. This individual will use their natural affinity for pop culture and their ability to internalize what is special about our clients’ brands to create inspiring and motivating advertising ideas and digital/social activations. We’re looking for candidates with portfolios that are as innovative as they are inspiring who want to lead an industry that changes daily. This role reports to the Creative Director. 

Editorial Manager at Blizzard Entertainment (San Francisco, CA)
Our online publishing division is looking for a groundbreaking editorial manager to set up shop and assist in coordinating and curating high quality content across all of their platforms. The position will initially focus on the StarCraft II World Championship Series, but the depth and scope of responsibility will quickly expand out on a Zerg-rush scale. At Blizzard, we are truly passionate about the products we make, and our goal is to create content that we would enjoy ourselves as gamers. We’re enthusiastic about our work and take on multiple roles in our quest to create the highest quality content possible.

Functional/Business Analysis

Business Intelligence Analyst at Hootsuite (Vancouver, CA): 
HootSuite is currently seeking a Business Intelligence Analyst in our fast-paced Vancouver office. The ideal candidate has a strong business analytics background and is able to rapidly understand and work with new technologies. This owl will be a key member of the Business Intelligence team, reporting to the to the Business Intelligence analytics team lead.